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Don't understand why people think having one mismatched pair means you have to refresh. They're fairly easy to fix, though I kind of have a bias since I used to love doing slide games when I was little.  :P

99% of the game for me was figuring out that 'find' was a command.

so much this, I got frustrated and started randomly clicking on different directions hoping to run into the medic until I gave up and as a last resort typed in 'find medic'. I spent over 15 minutes yesterday not realizing I could locate teammates using find ;~;

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I had 1 pair wrong, played around for like 5 minutes nothing. Refreshed two times and beat it.


I barely can remember the slide games I played ~15 years ago. At least not how to switch the wrong pair.

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Light II:









a1, b2, d4, e5, a5, b4, d2, e1, a3, c1, e3, c5.



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$.post('/crystal/complete', {scope: 'event', event: 'lights', public_key: 'MjE1MDU3NTUwMDg5MTE=', private_key: moves}, function(data){
					data = JSON.parse(data);

So turns out this got rolled back  :ph34r:

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Got all 11 points today. Lights II was easy as pie: I actually did it in school during free period. Then it was the damn Slider. I had no idea that it was unwinnable most of the times I tried, and thus I kept trying to rotate the pieces forever. It was really frustrating, but thankfully I found out the "trick" and got it within minutes.

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