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    • raZ
      It needs to go. It's ineffective in how it can be enforced, so getting banned for it feels like luck of the draw and is probably extremely infuriating if you a. Didn't know (or couldn't know, a lot of scammers try to look as legit as possible), or b. know someone ewlse that has gotten away with it completely unscathed. I myself remember purchasing an unusual about a year or two ago off the SCM, and since Steam removed the ability to check seller profiles, I was unaware I purchased the unusual from a scammer, and when I tried to trade it on a community server, people consistently brought up the fact the previous owner was marked on bp.tf. I didn't get banned for this, but no one who could ban me for such a thing ever inquired. It makes absolutely no sense because its enforcement is limited, and in the end, as you mentioned, no other site does this and it has little to no impact on whether scammers can sell their items. If anything, if I know a user is a fence for a scammer, I'll know I can get better deals from them (that's not to say I have engaged with or sought out fencers, but the prospect is there) and negotiate a better price because their profit margin is most likely much higher if the scammer sold for dirt cheap, which is a common occurrence.    TLD Limited enforcement, unjust balance in bans, little impact on scammers in the first place, thus it has no place.   Solution? Place an automatic "trust flag" across the header of a bp.tf profile for a steam account that doesn't meet the criteria of a standard user (hours, number of trades, relative inventory worth), and auto-mark inventories that are private until they remove private and appeal (outpost does this, had that happen to me when I was trying to stop scam accounts from adding me for my unusual, but it also meant I couldnt post on that site, so I appealed and reopened my inv). If some % of your trades within the past, say, 6 months, are with people that have a trust flag for not meeting standard criteria, You should have a "high risk" mark placed on your profile for regularly dealing with low quality accounts, indicating to others that you yourself may be a scammer. If some % of your trades are with already marked accounts in the last 6 months, you should get an automatic negative trust for fencing. The time limit of 6 months is arbitrary but by making it check the last 6 months in periods (so updating only every half year, not checking the last 6 months every month) means a high risk or negative trust ding would remain there until the next check. You may argue that fencers would try to abuse this by limiting their sketchy trades, but by not disclosing the % threshold or making it volatile each period, this can be avoided.
    • Vrakos Anthrakir
      you guys are looking at it the wrong way, who cares how much money he made, I'm just impressed that people can still scrap bank and earn something these days
    • BING0BONG0
      Neat! I never did it, but I imagine scrapbanking just for fun would be kinda cool.
    • Vagisil
      Crazy how a strange is worth just as much as the unusual
    • Diamond jozu
      unfortunately even as strange+lovely effect,its worth bp.tf price.   strange unu burstchester isnt considered a separate unlike others since the unusual itself is an unusualifier so we can always get a strange one and the unusualifier separately.   the bp.tf price is 7-9 keys
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