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    • 🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥

      🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥

      Ayo! Ive needed a new pan for a while now and am kinda getting sick of these cheap pans needing replacement so soon, all i wanna do is cook my mf egg in peace. So i come to the only community that i can turn to with a grave request... Please lend me a Golden Pan and i will pay the money back in 8 years time.



























    • ;human


      Hello fellow gamers, I have recently found myself once again attached to Team Fortress 2 during quarantine as many do. Throughout playing community servers and Casual matches, I often imagine myself with a shiny Golden Frying Pan, as using the regular Frying Pan has been fortifying that belief. You're already reading this with possible anger or disbelief that I would even think about making such an idiotic post, correct? This post is seeking those who possess the eligible Golden Frying Pan and are open to lending it to a fellow TF2er. Again, you are most likely reading in anger, resentment, or possible cringe yet I'm not fooling or joking with anyone including myself. I have no motives whatsoever to keep a Golden Frying Pan, I simply wish to obtain one for a short while to fiddle around with, as I'm speaking as a human here. As many people have noticed throughout Team Fortress 2 and Steam in general, there are many ill-minded individuals willing to scam, swindle, or otherwise deceit users to acquire essentially whatever they desire. Take the words to describe an alleged scammer and take the antonyms of those words to describe me. Once again, I have no incentive to acquire a Golden Frying Pan other than my ego. I'm not going to sit here and sap you forward by describing how the Golden Frying Pan has been my childhood dream ever since I installed TF2, or that I'd give anything to simply hold one for a second, because that's simply not true. If you request for me to take down this post, I'll be sure to do so. Not because I have no hope that I'll achieve my goal of finding a possible generous lender, but because I don't want to be known as a madman, scammer, kid with cancer, etc. These are labels that are quickly given to people online without second thoughts. I'm going to first understand how people react to the post, and then possibly reconsider this fantasy. If you've read this far and you're talented and or lucky enough to personally own a Golden Frying Pan, and you're feeling generous enough to lend it for a short while, please do not hesitate to contact me in any way possible. If you have any questions or you would like to talk just in general, again, please do not hesitate to contact me.

      Thank you for reading and considering.

    • JayTee
    • Uncertain


      Buy orders for a whole bunch of unusuals have been tanking lately (even the good ones that had near 100% price), any reason/theory for this?

    • YeahImAndrew
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    • Captainfluffy
      havent really updated my drivers for 3 month's, everything is stil working fine  
    • Vrakos Anthrakir
      Why would any individual throw away their metal now in order to make that metal (that they won't have because they threw it away) worth more in the future?  Besides, how would you convince the community to throw away metal at a rate higher than the rate at which it's created?   Neither option is preferable (or worthwhile considering), there's nothing the community can do to 'fix' the ratio, only valve can do something (implement a worthwhile metal sink, etc.)
    • Zeus_Junior
      Well yes its very easy to do so, the only issue is getting people to throw away such an amount of refined that it'll actually make a dent. But I doubt that will happen
    • Flamadin
      Reminds me of Harrison Ford in that Jack Ryan movie.   He asks about buying a helicopter in Columbia, sure for 2 meelion dollores.   Then he says how about I just take it for a test drive, sure just leave a deposit of 2 meelion dollores.
    • ConnorTheScout
      You should lend me a golden pan 
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