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    • ♥Nick♥


      Finished watching Young Justice. Anyone else think Kid Flash got sucked into the speed force instead of dying?

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      I have been playing for the first time in over 3 years, and the thing I am most mad about is valve killing sprays.

    • Angelcake


      its the nut shack anniversary 

    • ksolis01


      Thoughts on lootboxes in games? There are currently two big issues that different audience have with them. For gamers, increased progression rates by spending money on lootboxes makes it p2w. On the other hand, it is illegal for minors to gamble and pretty much any game in steam with tradable items  and has lootboxes is actually straight out is the definition of gambling.

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    • ^v^
      There are currently 164 bots running on bot.tf. This means the owner is making $1640/month from the fees (assuming all 164 are paying users.) I'm guessing off bots I've seen from folks like SugarFreeCookies (this is speculation, I don't have data for this) that the total bp value in unusual bots alone on the bot.tf network is far more than $200,000. Although it would be short-sighted and stupid to do, an exit scam certainly isn't out of the question.
    • Zeus_Junior
      You can get it with this: https://backpack.tf/api/docs/auxiliary The `Heartbeat`
    • 3.50
      Here u go m8 I've added this feature to the site as you requested Hover over anything in your backpack, click on "Tag" You can enter whatever you want, as you can see Your total for this completely free service is $349.99, payable in cash or money        
    • 3.50
      Another very late response, but I just want to clear up that I never accused anyone of anything.  I merely pointed out some well-known facts that some people apparently didn't like being reminded of.   Outpost banned him for being a suspected scammer alt.  That's a fact.  Their track record says they wouldn't do that for nothing--he's made some shady purchases for sure.   Now, I've stated multiple times that I considered it more likely that he wasn't a scammer himself, but simply didn't know/didn't care where his hats came from.  I consider that being irresponsible with his resources.  I feel that people have a responsibility to use their resources...well, responsibly.  If he buys from scammers, he's enabling theft, and perhaps even accepting stolen goods, though buying from the SCM puts Steam in the middle and complicates the issue.  Being too uneducated to know better isn't a complete excuse in my eyes, though that could be debated (and I have no wish to debate it, I'll simply accept that others' views may differ from my own).   ...long story short, the only point I was ever trying make in regards to him (possibly) being a scammer is that outpost banning him for being a suspected scammer alt carries (and should carry) more weight than random community members saying he's innocent when they know nothing for sure.  The community's opinion is worth less than nothing because the community knows nothing.  Outpost at least (I have to assume) did some digging and put together facts before coming to a conclusion.  (They also haven't shared what info they have, so they may know more than you or I know).  The average community member used neither facts nor logic in coming to their conclusion that, essentially, "he has a youtube channel and bought his hats from the SCM therefore he never did anything wrong".
    • Tako