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    • CecilyLovesYou<3™


      PC peace sign KE, preferably if someone can do a price suggestion on it too, can't find any sales and I think its way overpriced


      Latest sale is like a mass trade with many hats and I can't find anything else

    • HyperToe™


      Anyone interested in some level 2 unique weapons? info here : 




      Buying cars is such a pain in the ass. I knew it wasn't going to be as easy as negotiating for a virtual hat in TF2, but I didn't think it was going to be THIS hard!


      I have people selling 2-year-old (almost 3) Civics for 10% off their original price. What happened to "A car loses 10% of it's value the second you drive off the lot."???

    • JayTee


      Why is the blue microphone company such asses. Their blue yeti pro is giving me BSODS and i contact them, they tell me to return it as it must be an internal issue (even though i told them it was a driver one, they dismissed me bringing it up again saying it has to be internal even though the crashes are due to the drivers). Then ask me to ship it to the nearest warehouse (Return Issue Hong Kong) which I checked in the post office was $68 (aud). Really? I contacted them saying I can't afford that (because I can't and thats a lot of money) yet they are like "we cover the replacement and shipping back to u", like seriously?


      TLDR: I got a faulty mic yet they want me to pay $68 to send it back

    • ♥Nick♥


      Anyone else notice that when you order from a chinese restaurant the employees are usually rude. I've been to quite few restaurants over the years and each one has rude employees.

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    • Zeus_Junior
      Scrap.tf bots dont use backpacktf, there is no use in banning them. backpack.tf moderators are not "killing" bot trading.
        If this is the case, it would not pass the test of "obvious scammer alt" so its unlikely you will be banned for trading with a user like this   This is not at all relevant tho....   You're correct, minimum amount is 15 keys (since thats what you can get banned for) but bot owners can set the check limit to as low as 7 keys. During the hold the bot owner can accept/decline the trade or the detectives can add the user to a certain list of users that wont need to be checked again.    
    • Teeny Tiny Cat
        Traders refusing to trade with them, via bots or manually, will make it harder. If they can offload them to automated sites so easily for the same price why do they ever sell to you guys?   Honestly, have a think about what you're saying in this thread. You want to avoid doing background checks and buy cheap items from scammer alts so you can make profit. We're not talking about forgiving errors here, you're literally asking us to okay you buying stuff from scammers. How does that seem okay to you?
    • Kate
      Having a permanent ban instead of 2 weeks maximum ban for this violation will not make it harder for scammers to offload their items They can still offload stolen goods on automated trading sites just for a little bit less than if they sell them in classifieds. It only make it harder for traders with automated trading systems to work. This is pretty much the whole point of this 3 months lasting discussion. This is insane.
    • sjobenrit
      (I am not English, sorry for my grammar) How can you make Profit as a small trader? I just started again, with this BP'https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198202483873 can someone give me some tips which of my items I can sell easily and for a good price? thank you.
    • Teeny Tiny Cat
        I'm sorry that your personal circumstances are difficult but that really has nothing to do with anything. The rules aren't about you, they're the same for everybody and they serve a clear purpose. The rules didn't change, we have always banned bots for trading with obvious alts. A permanent ban only comes after you've had TWO warnings, and we go further and still allow people to appeal it. 4 chances is more than fair.     Yes it's an obvious alt. The account had nothing in it's backpack besides the unusual you bought, which had come directly from another banned scammer alt. It has 0 hours in tf2 and minimal hours in CSGO. If you'd actually done a background check, I don't doubt that you would have picked up on that. If a scammer buys a normal looking account that won't be an OBVIOUS ALT so you won't be banned. Your arguments don't even make sense.   The fact that bots are way more common than they used to be is absolutely no reason to loosen the rules or requirements for our users. You say scammers mean more than traders, but the entire purpose of this rule is to make it harder for scammers to offload their stolen items. I don't really get what you don't understand about that. All you need to do is background check trades over 15 keys. Plenty of users AND bots manage to do this. If you choose to prioritise deals over avoiding scammers then be aware that not using this site anymore may be a consequence of that.