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    I’m in the top 10 😮


    1. Mrs TS

      Mrs TS

      Welcome to the Top 10.....its where all the cool kids hang out.   🤪

  3. JayTee




  4. rafiozol



  5. Last week
  6. thecityburns2day


    tf2 market is dead! Real market is in shoes now! 1.4k between three pairs .

  7. JayTee


    > famous sports team makes team branded hijab

    > Actual muslims: This is great!

    > Other people: "Omg this is so oppressive and so wrong, anything to make a buck, subjugate women!



    1. Weedoof


      i've always found it mildly entertaining when people get offended on behalf of others.

    2. The Tea Overlord

      The Tea Overlord

      Actual muslim men*

      The hijab is a symbol of female oppression, and middle eastern women are already going for that so you don't have to wear hijabs

    3. JayTee


      @The Tea Overlord nup, it was actually women, I didn't see any muslim men comment on it

  8. JayTee


    holy fuck impersonators are getting out of control, some dude just wanted to buy a scattergun kit off me and left a comment and got added by 4 impersonators.

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    2. JayTee


      @Julia Problem is, I don't have any room on my friends list lol and I don't like people adding me without telling me.. so idk

    3. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      make a group steam so people can comment or better way is to give your discord ID on steam and then people can contact you via that way


    4. DanielDee


      If you have the trade listed on classifieds here then it could well be from them. I am getting a spate of phishers add me every day after bumping my trades

  9. Mrs TS

    Mrs TS

    Does anyone make a keyboard like the Logitech G510S that has the clock built in to it?


    1. FLAIMBOT_


      that sounds pretty cool

    2. Mrs TS

      Mrs TS

      Yea, it also shows news headlines and such, playlists......  this one is tired though and they only make refurbished ones so Im looking for a replacement.

    3. JayTee


      Lol theres a brand new one... for $431.43... lmao.


      What's wrong with refurb ones? :o 


      This looks like really good condition https://www.ebay.com/p/Logitech-G510s-920-004967-Wired-Keyboard/166778207

  10. Diamond jozu

    Diamond jozu

    hmmm,i called out a dude who was banned on steamrep for scamming on the steam forums as he wanted to do paypal trades.


    an hour later,some dude commented on that thread and said 'why did you block me'.he lost skins worth 400$.


    its 2019 and people are like this...

    1. FLAIMBOT_


      "You can't fix stupid. Theres not a pill you can take, or a class you can go to."

  11. Offline


    To me, the L'Etranger's shooting sound sounds like you're holding a piece of paper in the air and then hitting it with a ruler or a pencil. Does anyone else think so too?

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    2. Zeus_Junior



    3. Uncle Dang

      Uncle Dang

      and it does similar damage

    4. ѕιи


      that's not a knife I've heard before. Did TF2 get updated or something?

  12. Diamond jozu

    • Diamond jozu
    • Torb

    +rep good nasi goreng babi








    tldr dont get me wrong but i just stated the comment about any interaction to save mod's time

    1. rafiozol


      are u trying to make him drop a diss on u

    2. Zeus_Junior


      We *really* prefer screenshots from the steam client. Which is why you almost always see us ask for those before jumping to the getMessageLog because its just so much easier to read. Best case scenario the log is only used to confirm the identity.


      I assume you're talking about this report ?

      Opening the screenshot directly (and not just clicking on it on imgur) shows a far more detailed and easy to read version. For impersonation we can ban if there are links to the impersonated's account/inventory since that shows they are clearly acting as if they were someone else.

      If there is no link then theres usually not enough proof to show intent to defraud.


      Only exception being for SR Greentags. If you copy name/pic of those without linking you get banned too

    3. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      i didnt rly want to argue as it was my mistake but usually i do make jokes or tease to torb.idk how or why he suddenly forgot me

  13. Earlier
  14. Weedoof


    sans is in smash. what the fuck. i know he's just a mii costume but still

    1. ǍгᴄᴀɴД.t✖t


      Banjo release on that day

      Terry Bogard revealed

      Everyone: I sleep


      Sans costume and in Smash

      Everyone: WOKE THE FRICK UP 

    2. leftyy


      eh im more excited for luigi's mansion 3. I don't really care about a stupid reskin of the gunner

  15. JayTee


    rep.tf down!

  16. rafiozol


    liquid no era, never had an era.

  17. Tako


    50% Sea, 50% weeb

  18. ѕιи


    This is so funny without context





    1. rafiozol


      boomer humor

  19. Eajnihs


    Anyone have a smissmass caribou for sale.

    1. FLAIMBOT_
    2. Eajnihs


      lol it's double the price now, not even interested anymore

    3. FLAIMBOT_


      its not gonna double.  too many out there. soon as a couple current owners see the listings theyll undercut and theyll get undercutted and it will be back to normal

  20. JayTee


    I think I'm being blackballed by my bank...

    1. FLAIMBOT_



    2. Vrakos Anthrakir

      Vrakos Anthrakir


  21. rafiozol



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    2. unstopaBULLY


      I be helping the mods out

    3. Zeus_Junior


      No you're not

      You're just spamming on a report

    4. unstopaBULLY


      fake news bruh

  22. rafiozol


    brad ama when

  23. Eajnihs


    donation bot is full by the way ERROR 15

    1. Erik


      Should be fixed.

  24. Eajnihs


    has a marketplace bot ever been trade banned before?

  25. yousoup

    • yousoup
    • Brad Pitt

    Weres brad

    1. puddingkip


      having a life

    2. rafiozol


    3. yousoup


      haha damn that's the man retired from TF2 as i presume might hop on once in a while doing other stuff with mobile gaming.

  26. JayTee


    Can I report someone for trying to bribe me to take down a suggestion of their hat?

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    2. Uncle Dang

      Uncle Dang

      Jesus christ, I say this crap as a joke in vatican and some other servers and now people are actually doing it unironically

    3. rafiozol


      snitching is bad so no

    4. JayTee


      @Uncle Dang Lol, I've been offered a bribe many times over the years to take a hat down, haven't accepted one yet though lol 1) thats dumb 2) thats dumb 3) its normally like a few keys like bruh nah

  27. rafiozol


    theres a get rich quick scheme and dont get banned on backpack.tf


    read whatever happened here https://backpack.tf/issue/5d683062d3817252bd3f2083




    feel free to voice your opinion about this on discord

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    2. ǍгᴄᴀɴД.t✖t


      I'm gonna play devil's advocate here. 


      Autopricers are extremely clutch that give you a huge advantage over others and with a clear weakness with buy orders. It's an obvious risk that is ultimately your responsibility if you want to use it much like how if a bot traded with a scammer, it's still your liability. "Oh boo hoo, people are taking advantage of my risky automation - pls ban" anything that requires doing something automatic task is always in itself a bad idea because of possible "issues" (it will never be perfect - a risk you accepted when you used it). The script is to outbid buyers and that's exactly what it did, outbid buyers.


       If you don't like it, then just either don't place buy order for rare hats or do the research yourself before placing a buy order. I immediately dedicated to never use an auto[ricer because of how obvious someone else could use it to there advantage. It's not like people who know the rules could get some friends to make it less suss than Danny and will probably get away with it.


      However that parts that are in your favour is I don't understand why it's considered morally bad rather than price manipulation, knowing that you don't have to accept it if it's a 1 off and this issue D. Alex raised that is quite similar https://backpack.tf/issue/5b2940ffcf6c7552b741cdf2 (albeit it's a bot that doesn't have the free will to decline the 1 off scenario)

    3. Basic


      Who wants to price suggest these 'sales' to see how they handle this?

    4. Uncle Dang

      Uncle Dang

      As Arcana alluded to, it's not the robot's fault. It's just doing what you told it to do :P

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