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  1. Today
  2. Baloo


    Hello yes, I would like to buy car for $600


  3. JayTee


    Steam support is garbage wow

    1. ǍгᴄᴀɴД.t✖t


      *cough* water is wet *cough*

  4. ♥Nick♥


    I recently found out SNL skits are fucking hilarious. I've been watching a bunch of SNL videos since last Friday.

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    2. ♥Nick♥


      I really like the ones with Kenan in them, like the Family Feud, Lobster Diner, and Scared Straight

    3. Scott Bakula

      Scott Bakula

      You gotta go further back. Get the good stuff from the peaks in the 80's and 90's


    4. Mrs TS

      Mrs TS

      My favorites have to include CELEBRITY JEOPARDY.  Its a running gag with Sean Connery and a bunch of other 'stars' vs Alex Trebek. The Tom Hanks one has to be one of the best of all time. 


  5. Yesterday
  6. Vrakos Anthrakir

    Vrakos Anthrakir

    anyone got the bottf stats for Strange Rust Botkiller Wrench Mk.I

    1. Zeus_Junior
    2. Vrakos Anthrakir

      Vrakos Anthrakir

      thanks :v

  7. JayTee


    Whats in the free version of hitman 2?

    1. Tako


      It's just a demo version of the game really

  8. Last week
  9. Not Applicable

    Not Applicable

    Could anyone with a knowledge of unusual weapons price check this for me? https://backpack.tf/item/7302502867

    1. WaTTs


      Anywhere from 50-70, 70 being the BIN price on classifieds. Depends on how desperate the person is to sell it, but FT is QS at 34 so i'd say 50 for MW is a good offer from a sellers perspective. 

    2. Not Applicable

      Not Applicable

      Cheers, accepted the offer

  10. Vince


    Hey everyone... long time no see

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    2. JayTee



    3. A Delicious Cashew

      A Delicious Cashew


    4. Weedoof


      hey look who's back

  11. JayTee


    Rip stan lee, will definitely miss the man

    1. mastikhor


      why ?

    2. Zeus_Junior


      Because he died? :thinking:

    3. phenompak



  12. ♥Nick♥



    1. Torb | Elite Spell Trader™

      Torb | Elite Spell Trader™


    2. SapienS



  13. Baloo


    anyone know of a collector interested in buying a gifted scrap metal?

  14. rafiozol


    i think keys should be 2.33 ref



    1. ǍгᴄᴀɴД.t✖t


      Obligatory I would be more than happy to buy them from you for 2.33ref

    2. rafiozol


      dont have keys

    3. SapienS


      Well i still remember when i used to buy them at 2.66 ref :(

  15. xxBonsai99xx


    We should ban the next person that complains about the ref to key ratio.

    They are causing mental harm to anyone with a brain.


    1. Weedoof


      keys r too expensive!!!!!!! lower them NOW!!!!1!!1!!!!one!!!1


  16. Kimika-chan


    can we get a dark theme for bp.tf

    as well as scrap

    as well as for marketplace.

    can we just get dark theme for everything


    1. ǍгᴄᴀɴД.t✖t


      I've been using an extension for Chrome called "Dark Reader"

      I recommend some people check it out for people interested in dark modes were sites don't offer them.

    2. Kimika-chan


      Thanks babe.



    On marketplace.tf there should be a way to block any buyers that require "pending review" from buying your items. When I quicksell keys I am doing it to get money fast, so putting my order in review totally counteracts that method, and as of right now it is completely out of my control as the seller.

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    2. Torb | Elite Spell Trader™

      Torb | Elite Spell Trader™

      First time buying, size of purchase, new payment method, etc. These are all factors which play into it. I'm just not sure how they'd put it into practice, as they'd have to predetermine who and who doesn't get held, and given size of purchase and payment method are factors, i'm not sure how they'd be able to predetermine who can buy your stuff when some of that stuff comes right before you pay for the stuff.

    3. LookAtMyChicken


      If you don't want stuff being put on hold, then perhaps you can opt into being liable for chargebacks, I think we'd have no problem releasing orders to you under such pretense. OR, you can sell to buy orders, which is already predetermined as 'safe' funds. OR call J.G Wentworth at 877-CASH-NOW.

    4. FLAIMBOT_


      @LookAtMyChicken Thats not what I am saying at all. Im not saying marketplace.tf should drop all security measures and allow funds from anyone to pass through with no inspection... I just meant there should be a way to block first time buyers if that is what puts it on hold


      So basically a "Sell only to verified buyers" options? idk. Just an idea. If its not possible or not gonna happen, w/e. But it's something that I personally would like.

  18. unstopaBULLY


    Need to buy $20 itunes asap

    Trusted buyer, so you go second

    Will pay in unusuals and or keys or whatever


  19. mastikhor


    Anyone watching Magnus VS Caruana ?

  20. Diamond jozu

    Diamond jozu

    its strange how the drop rate for csgo is so hard than tf2 even after csgo getting a 7 days ban trade.i uncased 1 case and got a bad fn skin.i did this on my alt acc.i uncase 3 tf2 crates and got 1 elite hat,1 strange commando misc,1 blue with 2 strange parts.valve should really do something with their drop rate.

    1. JayTee


      im not even sure what you're trying to say

    2. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      in other words,drop rate of getting good stuff in csgo cases should be as good as tf2.

  21. JayTee


    Kinda liking how roaring rockets is getting common, making it the same (or even cheaper) then whirlwind/cyclone making it easy to have a nice looking taunt effect for cheap.

    1. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      take roaring rockets as showstopper v.2 only shittier as the effects dont show alot

    2. JayTee


      @Diamond jozu #stillbetterthencyclone

    3. Narcifiend


      The unbox rate for Roaring Rockets is actually 3 out of 9 (Roaring and Spooky being listed extra times on an unusualifier is not a bug), so that's pretty much why they're so common. But yeah, better than the cyclones at least.

  22. humann


    Is tf2scamsite.com legit? 

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    2. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      seems legit.the site seems to be honest about itself

    3. ksolis01



    4. Lo-Rez


      i have a theory that the people asking about these 'new' scam sites (i.e. is so-and-so legit?) are actually using those posts as a way to advertise their new scam site. but i could be wrong.

  23. rafiozol



  24. Rambro


    Remember when the forums used to not be dead?

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    2. FishtheFish



    3. Zeus_Junior


      Ily really ❤️

    4. ksolis01


      You're dead

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