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  1. Yesterday
  2. ksolis01

    I got an Atomizer named "Dragon Dildo" today in a trade. 

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    2. ksolis01



    3. Scott Bakula

      Scott Bakula

      I prefer my Fists of Steel renamed "Tyrannosaurus Rex Masturbation Aid".

    4. 3.50


      Since we're on the topic: Boston Basher = "anything's a dildo if you're brave enough"

  3. ♥Nick♥


    1. ksolis01


      I orgasmed to this yesterday.

  4. phenompak


    1. ksolis01


      Oh yeah. That sweet $0.003 profit. Let me just do this 233,333.333 more times to get a decent gaming computer.

    2. Happysedits


      priorities straight

    3. human__



  5. Hawko

    Hey guys, long time now see.


    Got a question, who reviews the reports for ratings on the backpack.tf profile?


    I've been trying to dispute a rating for a long time (3 years) and would just like to talk to someone about it :)

    1. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      i know this is kinda late but the people who does the reviews of reports on bp.tf are usually the 'admins'.not the mods


      example of admin is 'Carnage'


      example of mod is 'sin'


      things have been resolved anyways

  6. Kevin the Chicken God

    TIL there's an insert key on the keyboard

    1. Weedoof


      i wonder what it does

    2. ksolis01


      Insert my ass.



















    3. Kevin the Chicken God

      Kevin the Chicken God

      pls no

  7. `Yahiamice

    posted a clip on the fortnite subreddit and...



    1. FLAIMBOT_


      I've seen your name on the FortniteBR subreddit and just assumed it was a different person.... :o

    2. FLAIMBOT_
    3. `Yahiamice



  8. Diamond jozu

    steam level 55 already.done levelling up.ugh

    1. unstopaBULLY


      Lol I got to steam level 100, and I leveled up everything manually

    2. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      good job

  9. A Delicious Cashew

    Joined steam 6 years ago :o

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    2. tardlife


      Soon 12 years for me, holy crap..

    3. Zeus_Junior


      9 days ago 4 years, damn

    4. phenompak


      only 3 years :(

  10. Last week
  11. Scott Bakula

    Finally reached a great milestone: 100 unusuals owned. And #100 was a solid addition: A Strange Brown Bomber (G. Fetti of course).


    Still have a little further to go before getting 100 fetti hats though.

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    2. Scott Bakula

      Scott Bakula

      No, but I am counting my unusual war paint, which doesn't show up when you filter only unusuals.

    3. 3.50


      Ohhh, gotcha.  Never mind then :3

    4. Erik



  12. Apeiron

    I don't have a clue about CSGO trading. The only thing that I was doing is buying CSGO keys and getting TF2 keys and refs for them. I'm seeing that TF2 keys gained advantage over CSGO keys lately. What happened?

    1. 3.50


      First, all CSGO items now have a one-week cooldown after being traded (just like if you buy them from the SCM).  Then, OPSkins got all their CSGO accounts shut down. 


      So now CSGO items are harder and slower to trade, meaning they're less appealing to anyone who wants to trade for profit.  Also the main site for cashing out CSGO items is no longer an option, whereas @Geel is still happily taking 10% of your money via MP whenever you want to cash out TF2 items.


      This all happened because CSGO is a terrible game and the main reason people wanted CSGO items in the first place was as a currency to gamble with, and association with gambling always results in negative attention sooner or later.

    2. Apeiron


      Thanks for the enlightenment.

  13. Grimes

    Key price dropping? Never thought i'd see the day.

    1. FLAIMBOT_


      give it a week theyll be back up.

    2. 3.50


      When they shut down the metal farms, the relentless force driving metal value down was removed.  Now it's essentially free to find its actual value, and stabilize there, or fluctuate as it sees fit.

    3. Rambro


      Already going back up lol

  14. Findiculous

    Price Check: Scorching Hong Kong Cone?

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    2. Grimes


      depending on how recent the bp.tf price is, its probably gonna go lower.

    3. Findiculous


      11 month old price. So a drop is imminent i guess?

    4. 3.50


      It's dropped for sure.  Here's a strange one:




      Looks like it may have sold for ~440 pure +


      (can't be over 100)


      (old-ass price but [email protected] has an open sugg. @ 180-205)


      I'd call that less than 750 mixed

  15. ksolis01

    How do you guys deal with helicopter parents? I am close to considering to moving out and will probably start saving money to do this. Problem though is that they will disown me if I do. 

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    2. Grimes


      maybe convince them to go to family group counselling with you?

    3. ksolis01



      That would never happen. Bad experiences since my brother went to a pyscologist and it lead to the wrong person being arrested. It is just the environment they were raised where the parent is always right, they are very conservative in how a family is run. I know I don’t have it as bad as others but can’t help that I missed a significant part of my life and will continue to do so, for instance, them making it clear I couldn’t try out for a sport in high school.

    4. tardlife


      Sounds rough! If possible getting your own place is a great idea

  16. Apeiron


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    2. Apeiron



    3. Grimes


      fuck thats good

    4. Apo


      Calling out other users on the classifieds in your classifieds listing is reportable, too.


      I learned this when I had a buy listing up that someone kept upping me by 1 key, and I put "Will always pay more than X person" and had the listing removed.

  17. Zeus_Junior

    oh shit what did i do

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    2. Zeus_Junior


      Thats sort of my perspective of it

      I've probably made it sound worse than i meant it tho

    3. Teeny Tiny Cat

      Teeny Tiny Cat

      just because you did nothing as a community mod doesn't mean they do nothing.

    4. Zeus_Junior



      But i've already edited my post, did not mean it to sound that way

    • Naandi
    • puddingkip

    Hello, i acknowledge the warning, but i dont know, the guy's profile link was been remowed, i just linked he again, for me in the future, if i have to use it... Thank you, to (google translate)-> ,,spelled my attention" for this problem, fix, or idk, i will never made that mistake again!

  18. Grimes

    https://imgur.com/nKfsBEd So i just unboxed this, Price check? hahahahahaahhaah

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    2. Grimes


      70% water, 30% meme

    3. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      saw a scorching getting re-priced somewhere 300ish.so its gonna be 250 keyish.good job lad!

    4. Mew2!


      I'd say maybe a burning team captain

      (this is obviously just a joke)

  19. thecityburns2day

    What kind of snacks/drinks should I toss in my work locker

    1. Grimes


      Starburst and Redbull

    2. Wokath



    3. tardlife




    Prime Day has been a wreck so far.

    The website was totally broken for the first hour, I still can't search 5 hours into it, and nothing I even want is on sale. <_<

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    2. thecityburns2day


      prime day is always bust.

    3. Weedoof


      Are you surprised?

    4. FLAIMBOT_


      @Weedoof tbh no, but I got my hopes up thinking I was gonna make my $100 back.


      At least I got the prime.. fortnite.. skins ... ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  21. Gabe

    *SNAP* Yep. This one's going in my cringe compilation.4aqICau.png?1

    1. Apo


      why would u decline his offer u cancer

    2. Apo


      how DARE you

    3. FLAIMBOT_


      at the end he realized he was being WAY too edgy so he tacked on "good sir"

  22. Klappar

    Came back after 3 years, thought keys would be 60 ref (I remember them being worth 16 at that time), but the way buds dropped that much is so weird

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    2. Grimes


      The value of refined will never stop dropping thanks to free weapons drops .

    3. ǍгᴄᴀɴД.t✖t


      @Grimes Wait till ref can be used to craft unusual in the next 20 years

    4. HarryG


      basic econ

  23. Mew2!

    am i the only one who hasn't found an easy way to make profit yet?

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    2. 3.50


      Yes.  There are more ways to make profit, requiring less effort, than ever before.

    3. Apeiron


      tf2 is ded.

    4. Rambro


      What with all the trading bots roaming around, I would say yeah

  24. Mengh facepalms.

    How would a video series covering an in-depth and easy-to-understand guide to making, programming and setting up steam trading bots (and its variations) be received?


    I'd fear that people would just cheat their way by just taking the code of the final product without watching the videos, rather than actually going through the videos and learning it step-by-step.

    1. ♥Nick♥


      You would be correct in thinking that. People will likely be looking for the easy way. If all they have to do is go to the end of the video and copy/paste some text then they will likely do that.

  25. Piterek


    1. unstopaBULLY
    2. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      shit,i forgot about your prediction!

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