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    Valve to censor anime sexual content.luls

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    Protection for new unboxers from "sharks".

    No this is not going to eliminate all sharking altogether as that is impossible, but it's way better than nothing at all. (Just an idea, not perfected at all) The Problem: There's been a huge increase in the number of people using premium search as a tool to find inexperienced unboxers just to get good deals as these unboxers have no idea the worth of their item. I've seen cases where within half an hour of a valuable unbox there are already 4 "sharkers" adding them on steam to try to squeeze as much profit as they can out of them. Action has been taken in the form of a -trust on users who are known to use this method, however lots of these inexperienced unboxers haven't even logged into backpack.tf before, so this I feel isn't enough. Common method I'm seeing is highballing an Unpriced item at a super high price and I've noticed lots of newer traders think that just because a high tier trader has listed for that price that it must be worth that much. Basically manipulation, but the "sharker" hasn't said anything. My Solution: My suggestion would be to have protected users that their profiles can not be tracked through premium search. Protected users could include: - Never logged into backpack.tf or other major trading websites - This I feel is the best idea as people who have not logged into a trading website before likely aren't trading altogether/don't know how to trade at all. This would not effect normal traders too much as if they aren't trading, then you won't be able to get the hat anyway. Also the easiest one to implement. - Low time spent on steam - Low backpack value/huge increase in backpack value after an unbox - High Value item being searched combined with any of the above reasons This protection could be turned off as soon as the user passes a certain mark that considers them to be experienced enough (not entirely sure how this would work as of now). Other Solutions: - Banning people from using prem search altogether who are deemed to be using it wrongfully - A [Request Price Check] Feature on the site that creates a page where users appointed by backpack.tf mods can comment and give accurate price checks. Could even work like a price suggestion by taking in all of the people's opinions on price and then giving a final range on price. Again, just some ideas I thought I'd share, so definitely not perfected. Other thoughts and ideas would help too.
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    Scott Bakula

    Have you ever encountered this type of trader?

    You give a guy a shitty lowball offer and are surprised his response isn't full of sunshine and rainbows?
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    Lower the key price

    Okay, in my opinion the key price at the moment is too high. The price should be around 10 ref, more or less, because there are new players and is very hard for them. And 27 ref is exaggerated, way too high for new players. This is just my opinion so yeah, no hate.
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    Swastika on Conscientious Objector, a common item among TF2 players and traders.

    Nothing good ever comes from censoring people. Just because something offends you or bothers really means nothing at all and should not be used as a reason to ban people. Jokes you don't find funny or things you think are in bad taste are purely subjective. African drug lords are pretty bad, not a very nice thing to be going around calling yourself, maybe we should slap you with a ban for something so vile..Wait no, that's a stupid idea.
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    Was Pixxi0us ban fair?

    I think the ban is totally justified. The history probably didn't show up because POSE had a private inventory at the time you traded or was set to "friends only" Besides the creation of the account was really recent and has 0 hours of TF2. Low steam level. Things that are clearly stated in the "guide for background checks" which is also linked in the community rules listed here. https://backpack.tf/rules Also avoiding a ban wasn't the brightest idea either. Bans are there so you learn your lesson. By avoiding it you clearly don't feel bad about it nor did you learn your lesson. Just because you helped the community it also doesn't necessarily mean you should be treated differently from other users. If you break the rules, you should deserve the same punishment. https://backpack.tf/u/76561198085269574 mighty bob contributed about 10x the amount of suggestions but he still is banned because rules wouldn't be rules if they were biased. Sure trading with a scammer might be a minor mistake but we make mistakes to avoid them. Your big mistake was not learning from your mistake. Even if a ban is "permanent" you can appeal them after a certain period of time. There are also plenty of people that still trade even whilst banned on backpack.tf Either way thats just my opinion. Best of luck with your trades.
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    Valve to censor anime sexual content.luls

    And nothing of value was lost.
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    This player, Joxu is making all the prices change, is this fair? There should be a limit with the price suggestions. will the bots decide TF2 economy?
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    Welcome to the internet my friend!
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    Contest Entry #4

    My Entry :- How it looks on the website...
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    Scott Bakula


    If a person is submitting proper evidence, why on earth would we want their contributions limited? You may not personally like when a particular item's price changes, but that doesn't change the fact that the price on the site was no longer reflecting the current market and needed to be updated.
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    Scott Bakula

    ability to view how much you bought items for

    Valve's already implemented this. It's called your trade history.
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    Swastika on Conscientious Objector, a common item among TF2 players and traders.

    Yeah, whats up with that shit ? like people find the holocaust, the death of millions of people, psychopath nation that almost destroyed the world, a funny thing ? why isn't no one doing a god damn thing ? I do understand that you cant do much about people exposing their support towards those stuff on the chat or mic, but i encountered lots of people owning a freaking Objector with a Swastika logo on it, what the hell is going on ? why are those people not freaking banned yet ? maybe they have the right to own everything they want and do what they want with their objectors, but in my opinion, as long as it relates to something as sad and destructive as the holocaust, there are no excuses, should be banned. World War 2 is not a freaking joke, its probably the most cruel thing that happened in the history of this planet, not just for the Jews but for the entire world, so cut if off, and whoever giggles about it and thinks its funny to own an Objector with Swastika on it, should try to giggle when he will be perm banned.
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    Refund 1 month subscription, bought a hour ago.

    Hey a hour ago I Bought 1 month subscription with 3 keys and I’d like a refund. I couldn’t find ANY videos only about this so I looked for some posts. It says you get acces to exclusive deals but it’s just a bouncy of bots listing overprices I teams because prices haven’t been updated. And there is also not a lot of search filters more than price and other small stuff that doesn’t really help me. I would like a refund of 3 lets please. Thanks.
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    Refund 1 month subscription, bought a hour ago.

    Anyway I'm pretty sure your SOL on a refund. It was your own fault, these are the terms and conditions that are linked above the payment button.
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    A Delicious Cashew

    Was Pixxi0us ban fair?

    A temp ban for trading with scammers a second time is more than fair. You were banned for trading with scammers a few months ago, where we linked you our guide for background checks. You were told this in your appeal. You still chose to evade your ban, which we do not take kindly. Your permanent ban for ban evasion stands.
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    A Delicious Cashew

    So I got banned

    If you believe you should be unbanned, feel free to make an appeal on the main site. Making a forum thread will accomplish nothing
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    Contest Entry #2

    Uploaded from Discord in 4k
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    Contest Entry

    Here's the 4K : This, is how it will look's like on site:
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    Refund 1 month subscription, bought a hour ago.

    Politics, Religion and Science
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    Torb | Elite Spell Trader™

    Have you ever encountered this type of trader?

    yea i just encountered someone trying to say that double spells adds a tremendous amount of value, oh wait it was u
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    Well known bot autobumping trade while never being online

    What would be unfair about that? It's doing everything it would if online. The only difference is that it has a gray outline instead of a blue/green one...
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    Contest Entry

    An Exceptionally Ambitious Flying Pyro Image preview: Site preview: Merge colour: #12151A
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    Refund 1 month subscription, bought a hour ago.

    This is religion based. You see, premium subscription is really the initiation fee to the church of Geel.
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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    My +rep was removed!

    Trust is for risky trades, not regular item for item trading.
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    ḎℰѦÐ! Boom

    Have you ever encountered this type of trader?

    You tried to trade a 38 key hat for a 85 key hat, when you paid 27 in taunts? (oob having sellers previously at 11 and the katozky recently priced at 16) Bruh. Don't try to callout other users when you're in the wrong
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    AJ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    "Bad" Luck?

    Tip: Always check why whoever adds you has a minus rep here because in recent light of several events, a few people have minus reps for unbalanced trades
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    Santa Heavy


    Here's an update for y'all as well.
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    Protection for new unboxers from "sharks".

    I've been pretty lucky with my unusual unboxes recently. I unboxed a Strange Scorching Translator and an IAPTM Duck Billed Hatypus within the last two days, both of which are unpriced. Within less than 12 hours of getting the duck hat I was getting adds left and right from people wanting to offer on it, and judging from the subject of the thread i'm guessing they used Premium to find me. I know for a fact that these people don't really give a damn about my unusuals; they just want to make a quick profit. This shit is really putting me off trading. I'm not much into it anyways and am more interested in the core TF2 gameplay and the competitive scene, but now I have even less of a desire to get into the trading lingo if there is no genuine interest in the items being traded.
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    Top Inventories Rankings

    Erm is it just me or has the top inventories system recently modified to showing up based on community prices rather than backpack.tf prices? Also is there a way to change that?
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    Contest Entry #1

    Uploaded in 1080p via discord. Couldn't upload in 4k. 4k will be provided if this poster passes Preview here: https://gyazo.com/3be4578c7384cf22d18fc908bb779789
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    Jaroslaweye Jarzabk

    Unusualifiers, choose your level!

    Thought you were dead
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    ability to view how much you bought items for

    Here u go m8 I've added this feature to the site as you requested Hover over anything in your backpack, click on "Tag" You can enter whatever you want, as you can see Your total for this completely free service is $349.99, payable in cash or money
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    kind of ironic coming from an African drug lord, but yeah its kinda fucked
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    Contest Entry Pt.1

    i know it's bad but i tried
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    Valve to censor anime sexual content.luls

    'bout time, it's supposed to be a gaming/entertainment platform, not a smut factory.
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    Contest Entry Pt.2

    Part 2/2
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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    backpack.tf automatic help thread

    Attn: "Fixed" versions of automatic may put you at risk, and it highly advisable that you do not use automatic if you don't know what you're doing.
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    The problem in cs go gambling is that they cannot control children from gambling unlike in casinos where there is an age restriction. This overturned ban will not change anything in regards to skin/online gambling.
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    Have you ever encountered this type of trader?

    Good job my man. You look at recent sales. There is only 1 recent trade which is yours. The other hats weren't even traded in 600+ days including your hat. You don't even have premium, so i don't know how did you check recent sales. 👍👍 🔊 We all have encountered your type of trader. 🕪 👌👌
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    Have you ever encountered this type of trader?

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    Scott Bakula

    Teach me a profitable trading guide

    Step 1: Buy Low Step 2: Sell High Step 3: Repeat In all seriousness though, there is already a guide on the forums: Now, you can build up from what you have, but as you can only get low-tier items (and not very many of them at that) with your current backpack, profits will be very small and harder/slower to come by, as you'll be in direct competition with most bots. You won't see large profits until you can leave the refined-based markets and enter the key-based ones. That's why the most common advice for new traders is to start with an initial capital investment (8-10 keys minimum, 12-16 recommended, 18-20 optimal), so they can skip the base toil and jump straight into low-tier unusual trading. Now, scrap to unusual is still possible in today's economy, but it's rarely worth it as the return is pitiful for your time invested.
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    Fire ̷̨●̷̨°

    Protection for new unboxers from "sharks".

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    Can someone give me a quick rundown about state of unusual trading?

    High tiers are mostly dropping in price. Low tiers are dominated by bots. Mid tiers mostly too. Unusual taunts are shit with 0 demand. Unusual weapons are mostly hard to sell too. Also you can already see many unusual hats below 8 keys. Basically stick only to hats. They're still good to go.
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    Unusualifiers, choose your level!

    If you're thinking of trying your luck with an unusualifier please get yourself a level 100 taunt! I'm trying to collect Holy Grail taunts that are level 100 (overpaying). If you know any unboxers please spread the word. I'm going to stop unusualifying myself. I seem to be lucky but only with screaming tiger & fountain of delight. I can even help get the unique level 100 taunt prior for you to us with your unusualifiers. 26/50 Level 100 Holy Grail Taunts: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561197972383519 (First page) Thanks for taking the time. Strife
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    The way I see it: 1. We took a turn to be a more p.c world but forgot to stop and are still spiraling. Now a lot of random people get real offended by stupid shit and we must sympathize -being so p.c and all. After a day without being able to say trivial shit like: (content deleted to not hurt someones feeling), it will get ugly when you get on the web. I think this song says it perfect if you change "everyone" to "no one" 2. ..or theres just a lot of Hindus and Buddhists that loves to play TF2. The swastika is a 5000 year old sacred symbol after all! Would Jews obliterate/expunge(?) the Star of David if it was used by Mao?? or Stalin?? Which segues nice to: Holocaust was bad, but common be serious... It barely makes top 3 in term of death toll Mao Zedong. Over 75 Million killed Joseph Stalin. Est. 20-25 Million killed Adolf Hitler. 12 Million (50-55% Jews, 45-50% non-Jews When it comes to Genocide(% of population wiped) I recommend googling, most have names to hard for me to remember Tutsi Native Americans Pygmies Kazakhs Chechen and others totally gone just in the last century
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    Scam site/fixed lotto

    i guess my dumb act was enough to keep them on the hook. dunno where to post this, feel free to move or delete if its not ok here https://tf2top.com/# Never tell your password to anyone. Sunday, May 20, 2018 owly: hi Original recipes™: hey whats up? Original recipes™: do u play a lot of tf2 ? owly: i do Original recipes™ is now Online. Original recipes™: cool, cuz im searching for some experienced players in this game and i saw you have tonns of hours in it Original recipes™: how long have you been playin it? few years? owly: yea, probably 5 or so Original recipes™: decent tho Original recipes™: Bro, the thing is im helping to run a tf2 site and i was wondeing if you wanna became a part of it for some weekly payments? owly: lmao owly: you want me to pay you so you can host a site for yourself? owly: whatever drug you take on the daily lmk i need like 10 of em Original recipes™: lol Original recipes™: im no so dump Original recipes™: reverse it owly: ???? Original recipes™: all u need is to add our site to your nickname or profile and write a small review about it in next few days Original recipes™: thats it Original recipes™: and you'll be paid about 50$ per week in tf2 skins owly: give me the site link owly: sorry i got alot of sun earlier and im dead Original recipes™: https://tf2top.com/ Original recipes™: thats ok, i had a long day too Original recipes™: here is the site Original recipes™: you can make your nickname like "owly | http://tf2top.com " Original recipes™: and i'll show you all the payment details, ok? Original recipes™: or you can change it after i show you everything owly: computers being slow still tryna open chrome owly: ok so do i have to use the site? Original recipes™: kk, i'll show you the payment example with the site Original recipes™: do u see participants on it? owly: yea Original recipes™: ok, lets wait for countdown owly: ok Original recipes™: choose some one with about 5-10% Original recipes™: and tell me his name owly: uhh stavdog? Original recipes™: watch it owly: huh Original recipes™: and its done Original recipes™: So i can make you a winner once a week, but after you win we'll make it 50\50, ok? Original recipes™: we can choose once again to prove it wasnt luck owly: i dont want to have to play my own items to get stuff tho. i want all of my items owly: can i get the items today for this week? id be more likely to help out Original recipes™: i was afk for a minute or so Original recipes™: sry owly: thats ok Original recipes™: there is no chance for you to loose. I'll make you win with 100% cuz you'll be the one who takes the prizes with my part in it Original recipes™: so you are not loosing any single item owly: ok owly: so i deposit items into the site then add them to the pot? Original recipes™: nah, after you deposite it - your'll automatically appear in the current pot Original recipes™: so i'll tell you the poit to join. it has to be 500$+ so there will be good parts for me and you owly: id rather not add my unusuals, playing rn. can i just add a doller or something? Original recipes™: ok, but as i said - we need to have some good % so it wone be suspicious if you win for the others. Can you bet smth like 15-20$ so if we'll have 500$ pot - you'll still have about 3-4% owly: i mean if you wanted to send me something to bet with otherwise idk, i dont wanna lose anything u know Original recipes™: you wont loose anything, as i said. i'll make you win, cuz here is the delema Original recipes™: by making you win - im risking, im risking with our community, means im risking with our rep Original recipes™: and im not even saying that im risking with my part of huge pot Original recipes™: so i can totally guarantee you win owly: yea but why risk it for me, who you dont know? seems weird :v Original recipes™: thats simple. My offer is fair enough and we can make it every week. So, you have two options - take a win once with 100% and block me, or take 50% every week Original recipes™: i guess second one is better anyway owly: id rather just passivly advertise your site w my name change, i used to bet and i lost like so much, even if its fixed i had a bad experience Original recipes™: dont you wanna try with small bet? Original recipes™: we can get a small win first Original recipes™: just get in with 10$ to a pot of 100$ Original recipes™: and you'll se you win owly: honestly i have to say no, if you loaned me the 10$ id do it but i told myself i wouldnt bet Original recipes™: take a look Original recipes™: moon wins Original recipes™: see? Original recipes™: no chance you loose owly: yea i know its just the principle Original recipes™: look, dont get me wrong Original recipes™: im not offering you to play Original recipes™: im offering you a win, thats just a 100% you'll get paid Original recipes™: i appreciate you have a principles , but they dont have to be that wide Original recipes™: you are not gambling, bro Original recipes™: thats the main thing owly: for all i know you might just take mt 10$ tho owly: i dont know you or the site :/ Original recipes™: i would not ask you to risk, since i dont know you Original recipes™: yeah, take a 10 to loose 250? owly: or maybe i just lose 10$ :/ Original recipes™: thats just your bad experience about gambling owly: i just dont wanna lose my items, i like my loadouts Original recipes™: you'll have more of them Original recipes™: so Original recipes™: let me sup it up owly: ? Original recipes™: i can recommend you to stop being a pussy about it. I gave you all proofs you'll be a winner and everything works automatically, so no one can fix or change bots inv Original recipes™: we can take a small pot once Original recipes™: then you'll see it works as fine as i said Original recipes™: min bet is 5, but i cant make you win with that, cuz system is always checking for a min bet wins Original recipes™: so, would we make a 10$ dream together? owly: let me see what items i have to spare Original recipes™: decoration is about 2.5$ each Original recipes™: for the tree owly: decoration? Original recipes™: The Festivizer Original recipes™: have you decided? owly: honestly this is too shady, especially w/out the site having a fourm or anything. all my senses are telling me you're trying to scam me owly: also the chat seems random, is anyone even saying anything? Original recipes™: ask them owly: if you own the site why dont you have tf2 inventory Original recipes™: first of all - im mod, im not the owner. Then, i said that im selling all my items, cuz im only recruiting ppl Original recipes™: or hiring owly: you have no mention of the site on your profile, woudnt you want to have a link to get people to go there? Original recipes™: im not having a lot of friends at my friend list and im not playing tf2 so that will be useless. But i can put it down somewhere Original recipes™: bro, are we getting into the game or what? Original recipes™: i cant taking control of winner system for that long owly: you dont fill me with confidence. your steam profile has no history, no games, or i cant see them, you claim to be able to fix a lotto but its always the same people betting, and you cant go to their steam profiles thru the site. its shifty Original recipes™ is now Online. Original recipes™: since you said you are looking for items to bet - im trying to control it Original recipes™: i can send you my main owly: ok Original recipes™: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198109332166 Original recipes™: thats where im playing games Original recipes™: if i ever do that owly: still no items owly: :/ Original recipes™: im SELLING IT Original recipes™: i dont play tf2 Original recipes™: i dont play games at all Original recipes™: i dont need them Original recipes™: damn man, stop be toxic aout that Original recipes™: i dont give a shit about your 10$ Original recipes™: you make me spend a lot of time on you Original recipes™: you were saying that you are searching for the items to bet Original recipes™: make a bet , or we are done Original recipes™: rly, i gave you all proofs i could Original recipes™: i gave you a guarantee you'll win if you enter it Original recipes™: now you are asking about items in game i dont even play owly: lmao do you think im retarded? im wasting your time on purpose because you are so blantly trying to scam. it was fun playing dumb w u, have fun suckn dick. also screenshotting this chat and reporting the site. good luck nerd Original recipes™ is now Offline.
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    Refund 1 month subscription, bought a hour ago.

    Premium is worth it, but assuming by your bp value and this post, you have no idea what premium really does. With a bp worth that little though it was sort of foolish to use your only keys on a website and not items to trade. You can get a lot more value out of 3 keys trading at your level than premium will give you. Edit: Also why did you put this in Politics, Religion and Science, there is a web site issues forum...
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    Unusual opinion time

    just get some nuts and bolts for each class, so you have 9 unusuals instead of 1 expensive unusual
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    joxU= expert prince manipulator!