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    The real issue with the economy.

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    Burning Killer Exclusive; An Economic Example.

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    @Sergiodadude Make a ban appeal on the main site How about not encouraging users to evade their bans? How long ago this was has no relevance to the chance of success his appeal has, and if you're complaining about the appeal process consider not getting banned to begin with? Locking.
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    What's the most fun in trading for you

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    Scott Bakula

    Wanting to purch Flaming Lantern unusuals

    Gotta say, it's pretty nice having a single effect collection.
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    MP.TF inventories in backpack rankings?

    Personally think this isn't worth spending time on. The ranking is not all that special to me
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    Jungle Inferno Contracts Pass worth buying?

    They are extremely easy and the war paints almost worthless The only reason to buy it is a Golden ConTracker
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    Is this guy a scammer? Or a gift from god?

    nothing is given for free, remenber that
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    Fallback inventory adjustment

    Title. Nearly every time I refresh the page I have my backpack open on, it reverts to the fallback inventory. It also makes it difficult to advertise certain pages of your backpack if the fallback is being used because it is more likely than not that the items you are selling will not be on that page of your fallback inventory (For example, I sell all of my stuff on page 2, but the fallback inventory shows almost nothing that I'm actually selling on that page 2, leading to confusion from other people). I was just wondering if a feature that would disable this for yourself entirely or an option that let's you start with the last good inventory as opposed to starting with the fallback would be a possible addition in the future.
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    🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥


    Youre trying to appeal even tho youre a scammer? What am i missing here?
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    im new. need help in the world of trading

    not worth getting into trading. if you want to spend time to make money, get a job.
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    Required some actions against Bots that bypassing bump time by deleting and re-creating orders

    Hey everyone! Two days ago I've reported some of the bots in Key Classifieds for the reason that mentioned in the title. And Today I wondered If there is any action against the cheaters or not. As I see it any action didn't take against them by moderators. And the number of cheaters are rising as you can see. Links of them: NoMeD Robot Ptolemaios NOODLE I think This problem might occur in any classifieds that bots involved. There should be some limitations and regulations to prevent it doing over and over again.
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    disallow buy orders higher than active sell listings on commodities

    Not only is this a horrible idea that isn't going to affect key prices, which shouldn't be your goal here if you're trying to make a non-biased point, but this would be incredibly difficult for moderators to moderate. What you're suggesting is going to require a manual process, because there's absolutely no way this is going to be an automatic process. This can be easily manipulated. "Active sell listings" can belong to users that ignore trade offers but still bump their listings. Sure you could get a mod to remove the listing, but a report requires the trade offer to go ignored for over 24 hours. Absolutely no process would be made, and by the time the listing gets removed, another couple would have already appeared. Now, imagine this, but for a couple hundred common items, like all the craft hats and all the cheap strange weapons. This site has no-where near enough staff for something as silly as this. This would require probably ten times as many report mods as we already have to actively moderate every item, and dedicating 90% of staff to a problem that shouldn't exist is a dumb idea. It's fine the way it is, no need to tamper with it. Go buy the keys and re-sell them to the bots for a small profit if it bugs you that much.
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    disallow buy orders higher than active sell listings on commodities

    Pricing is meant to represent the state of the market as a whole, not some biased view thats twisted to fit your narrative. In the case of keys specifically, most of the time buyorders are higher than unsolds is because the seller or buyer (or in some cases both) are inactive, not accepting their listed price, or have already sold the item and havent updated their bp. If an active buyer lists a price above an active seller in any other, theres generally a good reason (i.e. the seller is duped) prices listed above for a troll reason are already prohibited. Additionally, what bearing at all does a few buyers / sellers have on something with as much volume as keys. https://backpack.tf/suggestion/5cfbee68d381721d052b33c9 sales matter more. Removing buyers above unsold would hurt key sales even more because 3-4 inactive listings would tank key > ref prices. Bp staff in general have a pretty hands-off approach to what you can and cant list at because tf2 is, for the most part, a free market. They realize that if they try to dictate what you can price your stuff at, it hurts them in the long run because people are less likely to financially support a service that places undue restrictions on people who are just trying to sell their stuff. So far it's worked for them, within reason you can ask anything you want for your items and the market will dictate if it sells or not. Theres really no reason to restrict a free market, and the only ones who want to restrict it are only in it for their own personal gain because "waaah key prices are too high". Who in their right mind uses live trades to sell keys for ref.... use trade offers like a normal person. No item restriction (or... at least, nothing below what can reasonably fit in one bp) and you can script to add pages of ref with 1 click.
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    Topkek when comes asking for help but lies about the circumstances, were you expecting people to give you stuff or something?
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    Engineer Bot #6


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    Help I'm dumb

    Go here: https://backpack.tf/settings Paste your trade offer URL and then click "Save Settings". The majority of people that fail to set their trade offer URL forget to press the "Save Settings" button.
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    Specialized Kill streak eureka effect kit Price Jump

    This site uses an average of recent sales to estimate SCM item's value. Every once and a while someone will use a cheap item, like a fabricator, to transfer a large amount of SCM funds from one account to another by paying a very higher than normal price for it, which temporarily messes with bp.tf's calculated average. This fabricator in this case, has a very large recent (a few actually) sale: https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/440/Specialized Killstreak Eureka Effect Kit Fabricator Give it a few days and the value will drop back down to nothing where it belongs.
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    Refined Sink Idea: Restore Feature Fee

    This would put a microscopic dent in the whole refined metal hyperinflation situation and would be VERY annoying to any player who isn't into trading and therefore has no real reason to have refined in his inventory. Valve needs to do something though. My solution (hot take alert) -Make a refined metal shop that's basically a mann co. store clone but you pay with ref -Have exclusive items there you cant get anywhere else (strange Bill's hats, collectors earbuds chemistry sets, or just take stuff from the steam workshop) -keep said exclusive items very limited (after 1000 are bought the item is retired) -maybe make the items tradeable/marketable to give players more incentive to buy If Valve did this keys would go back to being 10 ref in a matter of weeks guaranteed. Unfortunately no one calling the shots on the TF team seems to know how to economy.
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    Why many items are glitching recently

    It‘s called fata morgana and works similar to a weather balloon.
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    New account ban stays lol
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    Torb | Elite Spell Trader™

    Is this guy a scammer? Or a gift from god?

    If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is..... This is one of the oldest scams, if he really had these magical abilities he'd be banned by valve. Block and unfriend tbh
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    Refined Sink Idea: Restore Feature Fee

    I'd also like to mention that back in 2017 uncle Dane (or some other YouTuber, I don't remember exactly) went to valve and Jill told them that the team was considering a ref sink, however they were taking their time to make sure that it would be perfect and not be abused. Valve does care about refined and although they may not say it officially they consider it important enough to want to fix this.
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    Should I use this broker

    Never trust anyone, even with high trust.
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    The Conscientious Objector question.

    Yes, that is against the rules. Your list price must be the price you will pay for a generic item, not one with decals applied. You may state a higher price for objectors with decals in the notes. The reason why some listings with "Only buying with paint x" or part x or sheen x are allowed, is because they modified their buy order to show that they really only want that specific item. See the paint icon in the top right of the listing You can do this when creating a buy order by clicking on the pencil icon here Hope this answers your question!
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    How do I make a listing for a mp.tf item

    As far as i know all you have to do is link your bp.tf to mp.tf and it should work straight off the bat. https://backpack.tf/connections enable the mp.tf settings in there then any classified that you list with the drop down shown below will show as a mp listing in your classifieds Look on the right hand side. It will show inventory type selection. Default is team fortress 2. If you select the drop down marketplace will appear in the list. Click it then anything you have on mp.tf will be visible. The option will only be visible once you have enabled the connection
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    I always feel dumb when someone instant buys something I'm auctioning on scrap.tf lik

    I always feel dumb when someone instant buys something I'm auctioning on scrap.tf like "dang I should have made it higher!"
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    do mid / high tier skins sell?

    all skins are trash. took me months to sell a strange pro ks warhawk grenade launcher. sell ur body bc its faster
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    Your appeal should be paying the victim back, not some random words after doing shit.
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    Pro TF2 trader here? Raise your hand :D

    Don’t use marketplace.tf go steal money from an ATM like a true American
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    Adolf Storms

    Kashmir Conflict

    let them kill themselves off while we all sit back and laugh
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    Marketplace.tf order refund against my will

    They prob found your payment suspicious and didnt allow you to buy on the site refunding the money. (if you didnt receive it you will prob need to wait a bit more). This is just an assumption, its better if you contact support regarding that problem.
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    What's the most fun in trading for you

    wait this is supposed to be fun?
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    🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥

    Refined Sink Idea: Restore Feature Fee

    Oh no, another one of these.
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    Is there any way to see my transactions?

    Steam app on your phone has an item history. Go to items>Trade offers>hit blue menu right side of screen> trade history
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    Wanting to purch Flaming Lantern unusuals

    he likes them why not?
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    disallow buy orders higher than active sell listings on commodities

    the price of the key and a lot of other items are being artificially inflated, and its now actually becoming an inconvenience. trades cap at ~256 items which means you no longer can buy more than four keys at a time in a live trade. backpack.tf if they care at all for the health of the economy should not allow users or bots to create buy orders higher than active sell listings in order to improve the accuracy of sales that are used as evidence for repricing and move the scope of the market from the highest buyer to the lowest seller. ive attached an image of what i'm talking about. this post should be taken seriously and acted on as fast as possible since the higher the price of the key goes the weight of any extra metal is less on the buyer considering that adding a scrap to 53.33 is not equivalent to adding a scrap (say, six years ago) to 3 ref for your buy order to be moved above the rest. i think on behalf of the trading community this would do a lot more than help, and maybe could be removed later. sadly this suggestion is 7 years late
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    Should I use this broker

    When you are about to trust your items on someone you should always check his trust, in this case - https://backpack.tf/trust/76561198273681900 Headshot is my friend and he is a trustworthy person, you can safely give your items to him. check always if you are trading the legit user and dont get pished/ added by a impersonator.
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    Well then Good Luck to the non-bot traders. And you might be consider to change the name as Botpack.tf.
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    Burning Killer Exclusive; An Economic Example.

    This is because of the multi-class crate and because the hat and effect are not 'retired' or something like that. The complete contrary happens to the hats with halloweens effects, because of the fewer on existence and most of them living with collectors. I can see the KE and the other god-tier 1gen hats will keep dropping non stop and hats like the Spellbound Antlers/Rack/Crone's will do the opposite.
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    How/where can I find out how many spelled versions of a hat exist?

    http://www.tf2tools.net/ -> tools -> applied spell frequencies The site is really old, I know for sure some of the numbers are off, but overall it's the easiest way to get the rough estimate.
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    Diamond jozu

    Ok what is this

    dont listen to the drunk dude above me.i still have no idea what he is taking as for a legit answer,its a scam.normal phishing bot scam.delete it,ignore and block them and move on
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    Need advice on a trade (sorry if this is the wrong forum to use!!)

    Thx Pixxi0us - trade done!!
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    dead mow cinco

    Contracts Available text

    tf_contract_progress_show 0
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    Diamond jozu


    ok instead of being useless idiots like the people above me,imma try and help out the best. you need to get the scammer's bp.tf profile.once done,click the red flag pic that will be beside the scammer's pic bp.tf once done,make the report but do check if the scammer is banned on this site or even on steamrep.if yes,there is no point making another report(unless the scammer is baanned but not for scamming) if not banned,make the report and provide all the evidence.i can assist you more once the report is made
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    Lieutenant Nighty

    July's Free Poster Month Event! Read DESC

    Ello! You might know me by previous events but im Lt. Nightly! Tommorow and some following days Ill be doing my Monthly Free Poster event ( this month being july). Anyway Tommorow on July 8th 2019 Around 3pm Est - July 12th 2019 Midnight Est Posters Will be free. This being the first day until the end date to leave your commissions below! Also im not trying to outbud this event. Its just a coincidence I did this event during his. Anyway also check out his event he has going on! If you need to contact me for some reason leave a comment on my profile and add me. - https://steamcommunity.com/id/LNighty/ Anyway If you made it here great! Now ill get into even more technical stuff. For your Posters Ideas Ill be doing ( Mainly in Loadout Showcase form since its easier on me however i can make some exceptions) ill need you to list your stuff in a format like this Example List Poster(Idea If you have any): Map + Location on Map(be specific please if you do want a location on the map): Loadout With Unusuals or Paints: Gun w/ or without Skin Character + Team: Pose(can be any ingame pose or custom): It Seems i forgot to put in the posters in the first edit! My bad. Anyway here are some example works More Can be found on my Artwork Page https://steamcommunity.com/id/LNighty/images/ I think that should be all to say. Leave your Commissions below! Also leave a heart for meh pls im lonely and need friends.
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    TF2 Scammer Daniii with 15 year account

    https://steamcommunity.com/app/440/tradingforum/1643167006299284662/ Seriously?
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    Hi everyone what's your trading philosophy

    You're worried about people harassing you, yet you think it's fine to harass staff members, calling Lemons a dumbass, and saying "I want to insult you so bad" (the fuck kinda statement is that anyways lol). That's total shit, mate. Get over yourself.
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    Scott Bakula

    How can I sell an item with a 2 year old price suggestion?

    Sometimes an item's price doesn't need to change for a while. For this item's case, you can take a look at the sales on the SCM. It's been selling for around 1.5 keys or so for quite some time.
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    'leave a rating' or why is this system of rating has no sense

    Off-topic but what country are you from? I love the "you must be stupid as wood" in one of your ratings
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