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    TheDemon  trade.tf

    What's the Current State of the TF2 Market?

    You were pretty toxic tbh, don’t want you back
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    Should i get Backpack.tf Premium?

    It basically pays itself since you can shark new players who unboxed new hats.
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    Marketplace.tf will shutdown

    It does feel like the end of the world for those sellers who are left behind 😧
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    🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥

    fake negative reviews

    Oversexualised humanoid pony pfp id downvote you too. but you didnt scam anything.
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    New Plague in TF2 "Negotiation tactic"

    like the time when OP added me to offer below buy orders for a GE veil one of the best blocks I've issued tbh
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    PS5 Dilemma - Sell or Nah?

    buy low sell high
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    Shelley Duvall

    What's the Current State of the TF2 Market?

    what do you mean 'ignore the ban i'm working on it' lol
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    Good news

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    Vrakos Anthrakir

    New Plague in TF2 "Negotiation tactic"

    I agree that it's a bad question (and variations thereof), but I really doubt it's "New" as you say in the title.
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    Free profit for everyone

    Except this guy
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    m1lky's Blender Commissions (Updated, NSFW accepted))

    Why Blender? Well, it's because I can do a lot of things that SFM can't, for example, easily manipulate textures and how they look like, increase the poly-count on every models, make good lighting without using too much lights to simulate realism, unlike sfm. But enough with the advertising, let's get straight to the point. ⭐🌟⭐ ⭐🌟⭐ ⭐🌟⭐ ⭐🌟⭐ ⭐🌟⭐ PLEASE READ THE RULES AND FOLLOW All will be rendered in 4k Quality Animated Posters are to be downloaded in Wallpaper Engine I can't sculpt models... yet Any form of NSFW I will accept, just not animated Please understand that I use blender and do hand made post-render editing so I might take longer than you might want ⭐🌟⭐ You can contact me in Discord: m1lky#9407 Steam ❤️ Thanks for reading! Have a nice day! ❤️
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    The Wayne Train

    New Plague in TF2 "Negotiation tactic"

    Anytime someone is interested in an item, I always get the same opener, its like TF2 is the new Tinder, and I'm a hot chick, and you're playing the numbers game with "smash?" "Wanted to know how low you'd go for full pure on the XXXXXXX" "Whats the lowest you'll take on the XXXX in pure?" "Ok lets talk, Interested in XXXX, whats the lowest you'll take in pure" It's like TF2 is a Turkish bazar, and everyone who is a local, knows the prices are all scams for tourists and its the secret password phrase to get the real price. News for you people, its not My lowest price on any givin item is valuable information, why would I give that away for free, might as well be asking what I paid, what I ate for dinner, who's mother did I sleep with last night. Nonyabidniss thats who People send me this junk, its a waste of time, as if I am going to magically quicksell you my item, for nothing, just because you're paying in pure....news flash, everyone and there grandmother has pure, I have so many keys they're falling out of my ears, and do you, thats why you're offering it lol. Very curious if this annoys other people like it does me, or if this actually works for people? Should I be hitting up chic....I mean traders, with the line, is this some secret phrase that actually works? - Wayne *Edit, I plan to link this to everyone who asks me for my lowest price, and if it annoys you to, you should as well :)*
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    War Paint Price Check

    90 keys is a terrible price, dont give out terrible price checks if you dont have a clue of what you're doing
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    Yes I have 8000 bots with full backpacks ready to dump them back to 25 refined again don't worry I got this
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    A dumb idea

    I wonder what the community price would be... Yeah probably 3 ref
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    Backpack.tf Secret Santa 2020

    Backpack.tf is hosting a Secret Santa this year with help from Scrap.tf! This is a gifting event exclusive to the Backpack.tf Discord. A special thank you to Nikki for setting this up for us! The event will be automated through the site via this link: https://scrap.tf/santa/BPTF20 Registration begins November 25th and closes on December 6th. On December 6th, you will need to return to this page and confirm your registration before the end of the day in order to receive a match! You have until December 21st to give a gift; on December 25th you can unwrap your gift! This thread can serve as a way for people to post their wish lists! There's no price limit, but ideally try not to wish for something pricey😛 We recommend you bookmark this page as the only way to visit it is directly by URL.
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    Marketplace.tf will shutdown

    Boo hoo the platform with countless other substitutes to sell stuff for money will shut down this is so sad can we get 15 likes please
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    Managed to get my hands on something pretty special

    I somehow achieved 25/25 Mirt. Tales of the Cold Land trading cards. For those who don't know what steam trading cards do, they create badges when combined. The level 5 Mirt. Tales of the Cold Land requires all 25 trading cards to achieve, and when achieved the badge looks very similar to a Mann. Co key. Attached is a screenshot of the badge on the profile I originally discovered its existence on. This is special to me because the game, Mirt. Tales of the Cold Land, was ban from steam years ago and its trading cards were removed from being marketable. To say it was hard to get all 25 cards would be a huge understatement, they all had to be traded for and finding owners of even one card was nothing short of a task from hell. But I finally did it, and I am currently sitting on most likely the last full 5/5 set of Mirt trading cards that will ever exist. That being said, if you want the 500 EXP Key badge I am willing to take offers on the full set of 25 cards. I'm not much a TF2 trader so this badge would do much better on someone else's steam profile than mine. Cheers.
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    TF2 community

    Understandable. TF2 players are huge fans of everything but actually playing the game. Just gotta keep brute-forcing it or ask when you join if people would mind you capturing the point for an objective. Could also party up with friends to just outweigh a votekick by sheer numbers. Some people might complain, but it's their fault for acting like babies because somebody pushed a cart in a video game.
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    New Plague in TF2 "Negotiation tactic"

    I think the reason why some might do that is because a whole bunch of high value items are priced higher than what the seller might actually want, so in an "attempt" to squeeze out the best deal as quickly as possible, they try to ask for the lowest price (they might not get the lowest price, but a lower price). Just say that you remain firm if you plan on staying firm, otherwise give a small discount (while keeping good margins) and stay firm afterwards. If they're actually interested in the item in the first place, they won't ask you for your lowest price. P.S. - removing the "very negotiable" part in your classifieds should reduce the amount of bad offers and shows that you're confident in your item's value. People are going to try to haggle regardless of how firm you are anyways.
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    Was the trade I made fair?

    Not a terrible trade but not the most you could have gotten
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    Scott Bakula

    Was the trade I made fair?

    It was a good deal for the other person, as they got to unload a bunch of random shit off onto you.
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    Watch out for a person named "Meshach Andrew Mackay"

    bro its a very common scam and im sorry for ur loss but theres nothing that can be done. u should have asked someone b4 making the trade
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    Backpack.tf Secret Santa 2020

    For christmas I wish for love. Or a dope TF2 hat named "Burning Flames Team Captain", I guess that works too!
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    Fake negative review

    You've now reported it, made 2 forum threads and opened 4 issues in the last 5 days. These were all not replied to because we have very limited report moderators which each have limited time. Do not use derogatory terms on these forums. The rating has been removed and all you issues have been replied to. Locking
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    falsely banned

    A moderator has not replied to your last comment on your appeal yet, you will have to discuss it there. Banned scammer alts are not allowed to use the forums, so I’m locking this thread.
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    False rep for no reason

    From my experience from trading and having currently 42 + reps, I would say that you two never agreed in stone that you were going to buy it. saying "alright Ill keep you updated" isn't a trade agreement. Its implied that you were interested in buying it but sometimes buyers flake and that's okay, sucks but its not the worst problem. I'm not a mod or admin but I'd say you're fine.
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    Mint tea

    TF2 community

    Well, I'm having a big problem in TF2, what is 100% not only my problem, I'm one of that guys, what playing casual for contracts, But! when I join on server (Hightower, Badwaters...) and i start completing my contract, they kick my. Every payload/payload race contract have task where you must push and cap cart/bomb, but when I start camping they just kick me for playing game, I know, it's bad to play casual only for contract but it's very bad to kick somebody only because you want to kill more players and get more XP, I will be happy if TF2 community stop doing this sometime.
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    War Paint Price Check

    idk man, looks like 69 keys to me...
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    Scott Bakula

    Why did the prices for old halloween hats jump in price?

    The biggest thing with Halloween hats is the limited quantity. There's only so many of them out there and new ones can't be unboxed. So, with low supply and high demand, prices just keep going up.
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    Please type (or bind) "buce" in chat when you die. This literally makes my laugh out loud every time. I have no idea why it's so funny, but it is, so I'm humbly asking you to help make this a part of tf2. Thanks. For a bit of context, see this b4nny video:
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    help pls

    was an unboxing glitch lasting a short period that caused all stranges unboxed or dropped in MvM to be colored like unique weapons, but count kills like strange weapons.
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    Getting back into trading

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    TF2Outpost new alternative?

    A while ago the tf2-outpost website popped up but now it it's gone, but the same developer made the website https://tf2trade.org So my question is, why is no one using it? Bazaar.tf doesn't come close to the efficiency of tf2outpost because of their weak search engine ( cant search notes or descriptions, cant search for "any" item, no filters ) it seems like it was quite popular earlier, but now its kinda dead. Still in beta as well
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    I feel like Blizzard support tries a bit too hard

    I feel like Blizzard support tries a bit too hard
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    Draco Blaze

    I found some old shit over Thanksgiving

    I found some old shit over Thanksgiving
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    Sniper's Kangaroo Wife

    (UPDATED PRICES)✨ TF2 SFM Commissions ✨ ❄️(Christmas/Winter themed ones for SALE!)🎄✨

    Hi people! xD I'm taking custom TF2 loadout SFM commissions - bust icons, halfbodies and fullbodies! -5$ sale on Winter/Christmas themed loadout posters! ❄️🎄 Also, I'm putting TF2 characters into your photos. Here are the prices and details - https://imgur.com/a/NIEkff5 Here's the examples - https://imgur.com/a/19ptPcV If interested, send me a private message! If you have questions, ask here. (Open until 2021 January) Keep in contact about poster progress on my: Instagram - www.instagram.com/skw_sfms/ Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/SnipersKangarooWife/ Discord: Sniper's Kangaroo Wife#0266 Twitter - https://twitter.com/skw_arts?lang=en
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    Spell Tier Lists?

    Footprints: Headless Horseshoes Rotten Orange Footprints Team Spirit Footprints Gangreen Footprints Bruised Purple Footprints Violent Violet Footprints Corpse Gray Footprints paint spells: Chromatic Corruption Spectral Spectrum Sinister staining Die job Putrescent Pigmientation Weapon spells: Halloween fire pumpkin bombs (depends on the weapon) exorcism
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    fat gorilla

    Spell Tier Lists?

    i would argue headless horseshoe footprints is the highest tier footprint spell. I would also argue chromatic corruption is the highest tier paint spell. Pumpkin bombs and halloween fire is also more valuable than exorcism.
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    New Plague in TF2 "Negotiation tactic"

    If someone wants to negotiate for your item, just delete it so they wont have to lowball you 💩
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    New Plague in TF2 "Negotiation tactic"

    If the tactic works to get the other guy to make the first offer, people will use it. Especially if the other guy is dumb enough to say “the lowest they’ll take in pure”. Degenerate traders are using it, so it’s our job to find a counter tactic, not complain.
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    fat gorilla

    How does this make any sense?

    I have seen this with other weapons, specifically collector weapons. I think it just comes down to supply, I guess most festive strange mediguns have been killstreaked. Less competition for pricing with the non killstreaked version. Their is only 4 strange festive mediguns being sold, but a lot more being sold with a killstreak applied.
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    Free profit for everyone

    too poor cant afford
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    Scammer returning unusuals, I don't know how to feel about this.

    He wasn't trying to give anything back until a steamrep report was submitted. He'll likely try to appeal now that everything has been returned, unlikely that he'll be unbanned. Good riddance. https://rep.tf/76561198153874080
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    Is scrapmaking worth it now in 2020 and possibly the future?

    Just invest 20-30$ into the game if you wanna get into trading, there's no reason to even bother with scrap banking especially nowadays. Trust me, just investing that bit of money will save you probably a year of useless grinding lol
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    Was the trade I made fair?

    No idea what weird stuff these other people think but 15 is an aight sale on that disgusting hat
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    Was the trade I made fair?

    ...because he wants to know whether or not he was sharked...? 😕
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    Any alternatives for marketplace.tf & future of tf2

    MannCo.store has stiffed me before. I got $21.30 from the site for selling my Scorching Flames Brown Bomber. Prices are also intentionally misleading. You'll end up paying $2 for a key that's valued at $1.67, even though MannCo.store specifically states "ONLY" a 5% fee! But what they don't say is the other fees for arbitrary bullshit that piles up to equalling more than Marketplace.tf. They also came from MannCo.trade, which had an even worse reputation for illicit practices. So I hope that MannCo.store isn't the future if TF2 case trades. Also, about my 21 dollar sale, I was ignored completely by support.
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