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    What happened with dark salmon injustice paint?

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    i got scammed...

    Lol. Why even start a conversation with him? Good bye unusual. Cheers.
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    Kind of confused on painted cosmetics

    Don't worry, the person called you "retard", he was talking about himself. Painted stuff are kind of hard to sell, if you don't know how to sell them properly. Most of the time, painted hats/miscs don't go for full price, and there isn't that much people who is buying them. U have a Lime Law - I checked on it, there is buyers as high as 15 ref - 12 ref, lowest seller at 21 ref (unsold for 11 days), using this informations i would say, ur hat could be sold for around 15-18 ref, but will be hard to find a buyer, since the buyer at 15 ref isn't a bot, and the person gets a lot of offers, may not accept urs, but try sending him an offer, hoping he will accept at 15 ref. No sites count paint, nor trading bots. Only people who trade with them. Hope i helped.
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    ryan coke

    PC on this hot Doe

    Hey dude, don't forget about the 2020 Cap and Gown Ordering Assembly at 11/6/2019, 10:20 AM – 11:00 AM in the cafeteria!!
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    Update 'Rules for Non-Unusual Suggestions'

    This is aimed specifically at the rule regarding rounding, rather than the entire thread. However, it may be the case that there are other parts of the rules that could do with an update. From the rules, it states the following: I'd like to recommend that this is updated, so that higher valued non-unusual items should be rounded to the nearest key Especially when you have sales that aren't for pure, rounding to such a precise figure hinders far more than it helps. The rules were written a long time ago and if you've spent even a short amount of time browsing the list of new suggestions, it's pretty much agreed upon by suggesters and mods alike to round these higher prices to a whole number. The rules should therefore be updated to reflect this. Here's a few examples of accepted suggestions that were rounded: https://backpack.tf/suggestion/5dc0bfc6d381721a103603d7 https://backpack.tf/suggestion/5db69010d381720fe610f0db https://backpack.tf/suggestion/5dabbef6d38172462c7115b6 Consensus that people agree and feel an update is warranted:
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    Tornado Kunai

    tornado kunai
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    Should I Start Trading Unusuals?

    I highly recommend you look up some common tf2 scam methods so you don't get cucked like the other idiot who made a post about him being scammed earlier 😕
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    What happened with dark salmon injustice paint?

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    Can you browse items on backpack.tf by the spells they have on them?

    Hello, backpack.tf does not support applied values of spelled items, instead spelled items are priced by rarity and desirability, but its easy to get sharked out of your items if you just assume what they are worth or let someone tell you what they are worth. Most of those spectrum cosmetics can range anywhere from 2-8 keys. Exorcism adds somewhere between 25 ref-1 key(sometimes more depending on rarity) Halloween Fire adds around 2-3 Keys(rarity affects prices) Pumpkin Bombs add around 2 keys.(rarity affects prices) the max's heads can probably sell for alot more than what you would be offered. if you need help pricing items there is several discords for spell trading and steam groups. https://discord.gg/HxwMW7b https://discord.gg/Sg2ckbJ https://steamcommunity.com/groups/TF2Spell http://www.tf2tools.net/utilities/spells-doubles I would advise making your inventory open to public before joining any server/group. Hope this helps.
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    My fear about Unusual prices

    You don't seem to understand the difference between virtual item economies and real ones very well, so let me address some of these concerns: These Halloween hats are too rare to even be properly valued. Backpack.tf pricing does not put hard value on hats. If in your opinion something is improperly valued, well, it doesn't matter what you think because the site provides the prices of what the items are actually being sold for, rather than what people think it should be. It works much like a car buying site, in which a good deal is estimated based on what the item in question has, like i said, actually sold for. In the case of (good) Halloween unusuals, the price of which is understandably high- much like a vintage sports car of which very few models exist, and are largely the domain of wealthy collectors. Would you go to a car buying site and make this same fearful argument that the price of Ferrari 250 GT's is unsustainable and are a bubble that's going to burst? No. That's not how any of this works. Rare items are not currency nor are they the only unusuals on the market, and there's no irrevocable economy-destroying harm caused by them not being affordable to the 'trading masses', aside from some sour grapes which i largely think this thread and it's replies are about. They go up and up in price with no ceiling and are bought up by loaded collectors and then never sold again, or sold very infrequently where they go for an even more insane price. Correct. If people are willing to pay these prices, then that's what they'll be reported as selling for. That doesn't mean you're forced to, nor is the backpack.tf price report a hard value assigned to the item- Seeing as it also has the ability to go DOWN if the current owner sells it for less. Which quite frankly happens more than you'd think. That's why people wait years for hats to move to owners who want to sell them, or people with realistic asking prices. Welcome to the world of high-tier trading, where one of the key points is purposefully not paying astronomical buyouts unless you actually want the item for that price. They are too rare for their own good. And yes, the only way to fix this problem is to bring back old Halloween effects, which I expect Valve to do to fix the H'ween hat bubble.' Wait a second. What problem? Who's own good? The wellbeing of a one-off virtual item, who's existence can only be fully realized by being traded commonly? Or for you, the trader who benefits in either situation of the bubble bursting and value going down, or valve re-releasing the old effects (which actually did happen once, yet here we are). We're not bloody stupid. This is classic status-quo changing political rhetoric that has existed since ancient greece: -Want a solution to a personal problem (your desired hat being out of your price range) -Frame your personal problem as a broad social problem (A bubble that will cause all the items you want to be less valuable to be, conveniently, less valuable, and a game-wide problem that warrants and you expect valve fixing, so you better sell for cheaper now before it happens! Not worth messing with unless you want a big risk!!) -Get on a soapbox and preach this line of thinking in hopes of getting a conversation started and valve taking notice and providing a solution to your "problem" (this thread). Yes, rare Halloween unusuals are expensive, often hoarded by collectors, but the only conceivable problem with this is when people collect the many variants of the same hat, depriving the market (and more importantly the players heads in-game!) of items they themselves couldn't possibly wear all at once just for the sake of having a complete set, in that case is like you've said, dead to the economy, in-game visuals and lost value. Same thing with people who've been banned or have deleted the game permanently with valuable items. The latter two's inventories should be auctioned off storage-unit style to players who actually play, so there can at least be something regained by the playerbase. Yes, it bothers me that people who own these things often don't play the game, but not enough to write a big pesudodialectic about it in some price site forum. I really shouldn't have had to say this. The problem you're describing is largely a personal one, and really how collector's markets work.
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    Someone who i've never met gave me a birthday gift, so shoutout Whisper!

    Someone who i've never met gave me a birthday gift, so shoutout Whisper!
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    Price check

    nah, they have a pretty justified price imo. but maybe sell it for 20 keys if you want to be quick, if you're fine with that
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    The CS:GO key update and how it can affect TF2

    I don't think you read the post. They're not making ALL keys untradable, just ones purchased from the in-game store from this point on. So any key that exists currently on 1. The Steam Community Market or 2. People's Inventories, remains tradable.
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    Skinny Traver

    Is running from lost crabs scamming?

    true i guess. but i gave him these items in the end. why would i do that thing agan? so i can get a trade ban or something? no fam no.he promised thathe would not give me a -rep agan. but he still did it.
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    2019 Halloween Effect Tier List

    *personal opinion 1 - Twisted Radiance and variants 2 - Wicked Wood & Ghastly Grove 3- The Fifth Dimension 4 - Vortex and variants 5 - Abyssal Aura and variants
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    PC Mystical Medley Shellmet

    80 to 100 keys tops. 120 keys or more if you find a good buyer
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    Adolf Storms

    Would you say this hat is themed?

    the leaves are green not fall colors. but that doesn't make a hat 'themed' . burning flames burning bandana, peace sign peacenick, bubble bubble pipe.... now those are themed. any aviation hat with cloud effects isn't a themed hat. a themed hat is a hat and effect that have an obvious similarity. like if the head hedge had green leaves floating down like a gfetti effect it would be themed. or if there was an effect named hedge trimmer so it was hedge trimmer head hedge. that's a theme green effect and green hat isn't a theme. otherwise every painted hat that matched the color of the effect would be themed omg
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    I log in from time to time because I always tell myself that I need to cash in my backpack for like ~$200 since I'd be better off with that money rather than a bunch of cool hats, a shit ton of white paint, and a bunch of Quackenbirdts, but I haven't made a trade in years and I'm pretty fucking lazy to do anything about it. $200 covers gas for a month y'know? But man, looking at this website again takes me back. I made most of my suggestions when I was 13-14. I don't know what got me hooked but it was pretty fun to fuck with the market and make some decent money at the same time since I couldn't get a job at the time. This suggestion was made after my first year here and I can't believe I priced over 600 things in that time. I wanna say that I have a bunch of memorable moments from my "suggesting career" or whatever the hell I should call it, but I can hardly remember shit and I didn't wanna sift through 120 pages of price suggestions, especially when I have a dozen pages of Dota 2 suggestions that I abused super hard to repwhore when Dota 2 pricing was briefly a thing. I think I made 2 suggestions for currency like keys and buds, which I felt was my peak. The thing that I remember the most was being the #6 top contributor on the list and that felt pretty good. I'm still on there now, but at #71 l0l. Basically, I had a vague memory of having a good time. I think I stopped price suggesting since I started high school and it was a stupid college prep type of thing so that ate up most of my time. I also got a bit bored of tf2 since most of the servers I was a regular on died and Steam added that stupid 2-step authentication shit which pissed me off. I had also been playing since tf2 went f2p, so I had been playing for a good 2-3 years at that point. I got a PS4 so I play on that pretty regularly and I got an actually good PC now. I also started playing League of Legends around this time too, so if you ever saw a guy named NotPan on League that kicked your ass (or fed), that was me. I remember I used to play all my games on some shitty budget laptop but I was still pretty fucking good (not on league though, I'm a gold scrub). I think I logged into Steam every once in a while as well and I definitely felt bad as some of my old friends hit me up and I didn't remember them too much. A lot of life shit happened and I don't remember a lot of things anymore (or maybe my memory is just incredibly shitty), but all those names on my friends list are pretty familiar and I'm sure I had some good memories with them back then. I've been wanting to write something like this for a while and I finally got around to it. I don't know if anyone will read this, but if you did then I hope you enjoyed it. I'll probably come back to write more shit about going to college. forks up bois ps: I gotta put a pic of myself meeting the voice of the sniper somewhere down the line. he acted in a play I watched with my class 2 years ago and I saw him walking down the street and booked it out of the bus and got a pic with him. Man of La Mancha was sick too btw I'd recommend it
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    Something Special For Someone Special question?

    They indeed can be wrapped and traded, afaik they are the only item that's Non-tradeable and is still able to be wrapped. For pricing id say use the standard 100 usd to keys conversion.
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    Do scammers in high tier unusual histories decrease its value?

    keep in mind being vac banned =/ scammer.
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    Adolf Storms

    How to hide all listings?

    go to "my profile" and at the bottom there is a couple tabs marked "sell" and "buy orders" under them click hide https://backpack.tf/u/76561198266614530 edit: guessing u found it since u have none lol
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    ryan coke

    Unusual appraisal

    Personally, I think that would be a great, and logical decision.
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    I would like some feedback for my recent SFM images.

    You're getting really good at an insane rate. Keep killing it!
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    We're making buds great again

    I never get the point of this, why do so many people try to "bring back" buds, it's nothing but a pain in the arse. If you want something relatively stable, stick with keys, and if you want to save inventory space and have huge chunks of "pure", cash exists. Hell, I pretty much ONLY trade for cash now. Buds are nothing but a worse alternative.
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    so someone at my university accidentally replied all to an email that was sent out to all students in the engineering department and within five minutes the entire thread delved into madness. Then someone added every other dept in the school to it. it's been half an hour and the chain's at 200+ replies and showing no signs of slowing. I fuckin love it lmao
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    Diamond jozu


    forgot to mention but he wont give you back your items nor will valve give back.there's a reason why valve introduced the Steam Mobile Authentication
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    What are the most bizarre (glitched) items that have ever existed in TF2?

    When it comes to bizare rare and weird items, there are a fuckton of them in existance that would fall into that category. Normal pan, Normal australiums and stranges, stranges without kill counters, the weird upgrade to premium map stamp thingy, level 0 australiums and so on are all pretty darn "weird" because of their origins. For my contribution to this thread, i have this: This is a stockpile crate that once was used to get the normal bats. Its no longer possible to open them and get a normal bat, but back in the days a guy called Black Rain and some of his friends created a couple normal bats with a glitch involving this crate. The glitch is fixed and the normal bats are now rare collectibles, along with the long forgotten crates.
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    mr. o.g.

    My fear about Unusual prices

    Lol ..how many times have we heard this in the past ~10 yrs?? Bats..bats...bats. Secret is v. Nice too.
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    Hold onto Bewitched Zoom Broom?

    meh, if you like it then keep it. if you want the most money out of it, sell it. that simple
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    Hold onto Bewitched Zoom Broom?

    Imo, you should sell it the moment it becomes tradable My reason being that more unusualifiers are going to be unboxed and whilst the prices haven't been set, you can sell them high depending on the other sellers
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    The CS:GO key update and how it can affect TF2

    "Omg TF2 is dead! Panic sell everything this is the end guys it's over!" I'd like to see buds become a currency again, the heavily outdated "click and drag items into the trade window" system is a nightmare for trades with more than just a couple pages of items/pure. Even if buds only ended up being 2-3 keys like they are now, it's still way nicer to drag those instead of dragging 2-3x as many keys.
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    Imagine the sydney sweeper with aoe

    That's.... what it used to do.
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    Hot or Cool?

    Hot, is hot.
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    Is this End Game Set

    Whats your favorite dessert?
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    ->♕1. Master M™♕<-

    Post your Halloween Unboxing Loot Here

    ~220-250 cases. 6 Unusuals + 6 Unusualifiers.
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    [PC] Just unboxed a Strange-unu Twisted Radiance Patriot peak

    it worth 50 key but i can give 100 add me its good deal for you))
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    knife is under priced

    https://backpack.tf/stats/Strange/Festive Knife/Tradable/Craftable https://backpack.tf/stats/Strange/Festivized Knife/Tradable/Craftable They might look the same but in fact are different items. Unfortunate decision by Valve that opened the way for a very popular scam ( reports of just one scammer ).
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    Good deal or no?

    55 euros = ~61.4 USD. Keys on SCM are $2.35 USD, and on Marketplace tend to average at $1.82. Although at SCM key prices that's 26-27 keys, at bp.tf and Marketplace.tf key prices, that's 34-35. Pricing/values work a bit different for SCM sales, I know, but it's worth saying you'd be paying the same price on the SCM for that hat as you would paying for 34 keys from Marketplace and buying the hat for pure if that was the price OP decided to list at. Even then, there's a Vivid Plasma attendant on Marketplace.tf for $39.99, which would be ~22 keys. https://marketplace.tf/items/tf2/213;5;u16
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    does anyone have rats to donate for our giant halloween 2019 backpack.tf rat stew cau

    does anyone have rats to donate for our giant halloween 2019 backpack.tf rat stew cauldron
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    Doctor Waffle

    Is this a fair asking price for my unusual?

    Hey, this is my first post here. Go me. Anyways, I recently unboxed an unusual Convict Cap with the Fifth Dimension effect, which, to nobody's surprise, is unpriced. Rather than just asking "what should I sell it for when it becomes tradable" with no thought of my own, I'm gonna at least try my shot at pricing it myself. I'm still very new to TF2 trading, so if you think I missed the mark, please let me know. I'll try to explain my thought process if looking at that helps correct my pricing, however. So my first thought was to check the backpack.tf listings for existing unusual Heavy hats to try and find a good starting price. Starting off with the hat itself, I'm personally not a huge fan of it. The black stripes clash a little bit with the color schemes of TF2, but nothing a little paint can't fix - still, it doesn't fit too well with most of Heavy's miscs, not to mention it's mercenary grade. It's not completely ugly, though, so I'm pricing it as a low mid/high low tier hat, so somewhere around the pricing of the Sinner's Shade, Polar Bear, and Copper's Hard Top. However, the effect itself, to me at least, seems absolutely GORGEOUS. It may not fit with the hat all too well, but the effect is amazing. It has a pretty space theme, and the actual constellations (at least that's what I call them) inside are an amazing detail. All in all, I'd say the effect is definitely high-tier AND is a halloween-exclusive, but the effect is diminished a little bit by the clashing themes of the hats (space convict?) and how new it is (as it will likely be unboxed in greater qualities). I decided to use the Chiroptera Venenata (32 keys) & Clairvoyance Sinner's Shade (approx 30.5 keys) to estimate a pricing since both are Halloween Unusual effects. While I believe 5th dimension looks a bit cooler, like I said, it's a new effect, so I decided to bring the mark down slightly. TL;DR, for a 5th Dimension Convict Cap, does somewhere in the 35-30 key range sound fair as a starting price to ask, or did I under/overprice?
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    pricing unpriced unusual?

    If you traded for it and it's unpriced, make a suggestion roughly equivalent to what you paid. That will be it's price.
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    The Devil's Deal (AKA Bewitched Skullcracker Price Check)

    15 to 20 keys. Could be higher since it looks like spellbound
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    What happened with dark salmon injustice paint?

    It costs $1.99 in the mann co. store (thankfully). Notice the community market buy orders don't exceed $2. Even after selling it for $2.10, the seller will receive less than $1.99 after the 13-15% community market transaction fee. The only reason for spending $2.10 or more that I see is to have a craftable version.
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    Post your Halloween Unboxing Loot Here

    Got 3 unusualifiers from 200 cases too. Though, not finished unboxing.
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    personal worst experience trading?

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    personal worst experience trading?

    all of low tier trading. Can't tell you how many hours have been wasted trying to haggle off a few cents on an item worth less than $10, doesn't rly make good practice for real trading and just wastes time
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    [PC] New All-Class Unusual

    Lmao, 400 is way too high, don't exaggerate
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    Post your Halloween Unboxing Loot Here

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    How to unban ur hijacked account

    Locking now, if you have any questions feel free to send me a message
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