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    Got a weird offer on my highest tiered hat. Need advice.

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    Diamond jozu

    Bots need to stop manipulating the prices of items

    *sees OP's name* oh boiiii
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    Strange Specialized Killstreak Unusual Hat Price Suggestion

    > Puts 50 key kit on hat > Loses 90 keys in value F
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    Interesting Ice-cream

    Bring back Halloween spells Petition

    I think there are a quite a number of people who would not want them back.
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    Bots need to stop manipulating the prices of items

    Bot or not, the market decides the price of items.
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    Personally I'd rather spend that money on 523 packets of christmas tree shaped salted pretzels, but hey, you do you
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    Ban appeal

    So you scammed someone cause you got scammed. Well this community wont welcome you anymore.
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    financial decisions

    Buy some books and broaden your perspective, so you can prepare for the future.
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    Price this good hat

    I'd say around 2 pairs of uncraftable flip flops
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    Got a weird offer on my highest tiered hat. Need advice.

    I've just reported him for being a possible scammer alt, so... more reason to not trade
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    "Worth it" is very subjective. On the one hand, some people would argue that spending any amount of money on pixels is never worth it. On the other hand, if you have the disposable income and spending it on TF2 will make you happier than the other things you can do with it, then it doesn't make sense not to do it. There's also the fact that money spent on TF2 items isn't money flushed down the toilet; it's at least partially recoverable. If you ever get tired of the game or need the money, you have the option of cashing out. Aussies in particular are very close to pure, and you could probably sell them quickly for 90% of what you paid for them, if the need/desire arose. I would definitely steer someone away from plundering their savings to buy hats, for example; but in your case, selling something that you use for entertainment (your Switch) to get something else that you want more makes perfect sense.
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    Scott Bakula

    What's going on?

    There's also the fact that it's the holiday season and the staff have lives and jobs outside of this website.
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    if there's one thing i'm glad for in the trading scene nowadays is that people no lon

    if there's one thing i'm glad for in the trading scene nowadays is that people no longer discriminate between max's heads because of their level anymore
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    Ban appeal

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    Marketplace.tf vs Mannco.store

    Is that even a question? LMAO Is no one going to mention those $20,000 in items that we're lost from mannco.store because their moderators can just change prices of any items without sparta even mentioning it?
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    Jesus was crucified in the USA/NA

    Thats how easy it is to convince you of something? Just put dramatic music over some partially related speeches and have some powerpoint transitions fly across the screen? You must be a pleasure to trade with..
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    Smissmas is here!

    Millennials? In MY TF2? They have it so easy with bonus unbox rates and cheaper Keys! Back in my day you unboxed a weapon with $2.50 and didn't complain!
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    Scott Bakula

    Sinner shades

    Considering that you've listed them higher than what they actually sell for on the market, coupled with the fact that they only sell around a dozen or so per day, I can't really consider that crashing the market.
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    Bots need to stop manipulating the prices of items

    It's time for bots to stop manipulating the price of items, as the owners of the bots are making the prices higher and higher, causing incorrect prices and being a pain in the ass to deal with. It's causing cosmetics like the strange tsar platinum or strange commissar's coat to be double or 1.5x the normal price. This site is to accurately price the cost of the hats, but if bots completely control the economy, this site might as well not exist anymore. What can be done about this is that first, we need to stop counting trades between two bots. This will reflect incorrect trades, and we need to remove that. Second, we need to be less reliant on bot.tf for trades. If bot.tf has sales, that's fine, but we also need sales between real people at the same price to prove that that is the correct price. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and I hope something will be done about price manipulation.
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    Bring back Halloween spells Petition

    Valve should re introduce vintage items, I WOULD LOVE to have a vintage potassium bonnet. Fuck the vintage collectors. I'd LOVE for them to re-introduce vintage items! OMG so many new cosmetics would look amazing being vintage. I'd love to be able to have some of my newer hats with vintage quality too. Ya ya blah blah blah something about vintage traders/collectors or some bullshit that no one cares about blah blah blah Self-centered a-holes that only think about trading much? It would be epic to have a vintage potasium bonnet. so many undiscovered possibilities. Mmmmm
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    How do we make price suggestions now after tf2outpost is gone?

    Tf2outpost was the most garbage site, and good thing they closed it down. As for suggestions, you can find other ways to get item sales. And no, keys aren't rising.
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    Whats a good free game capture software that doesn't put watermarks on videos?

    use an Unregistered Hypercam 2
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    So, this is what I got today...

    If you don't have a clue about the price then don't say anything.
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    Wanting to buy: Green Black Hole Halogen Head Lamp.

    It is owned by https://backpack.tf/u/76561198137683896 an easy way to track down hats when they aren't on the market is to look at price sugs, new and old and if there is a backpack.tf compare link then you can click it, find the item you are looking for in the compare, go to the history on it and then use that to find the current owner. Hope this helps.