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    Bots need to be banned or limited

    This is getting out of control. If you don't have any coding experience or want to turn your account into a bot, you won't be able to do much on this site. Putting up a buy order results in instant counters by multiple bots. Same goes for selling. Turning a profit is out of the question. You need to buy from the bots and sell to them, otherwise your options are limited. Bots auto bump their trades, have auto pricing, and auto acceptance. Backpack.tf needs to offer similar features or at the very least limit the functionality of bot users. No one should be able to automatically dominate the markets like this - whether it be one person using a hypothetical super trading bot or a few people using regular bots like now. The playing field needs to be leveled in some way. Everyone should have the ability to do what they want given the same opportunities.
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    Why have Tour of Duty Tickets gone up over $1 in ref?

    It's pretty stable at 0.04$
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    Ban for undercutting price by 0.11

    I remember this part in the rules was confusing for me as well, but it is not about undercutting at all. This is for bots that own multiple identical items and make separate listings for them (unlike e.g. Bot.tf banking which only creates one listing but can sell any item). Then backpack.tf "folds" those listings together and you can see "2x / 3x ..." next to item name: This rule prohibits bots from bypassing this "folding".
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    Ban for undercutting price by 0.11

    There's already a lot of people complaining about quicksellers selling for too low. As for undercutting/overcutting - I think there should be some restrictions on expensive items, for example in real life auctions you cannot bid 1000.01$ to beat someone with a 1000$ bid, it usually goes up in 1%-10% of the item value.
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    Fix overpriced weapons

    Sorry to say there isn't a easy or simple fix to this. Since lower tier skins and fabricators rely on the SCM for prices.
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    ЯR Bots - An Easy Trade Bot

    Hello there! I would like to introduce to you all ЯR Bots! After a year or so in continuous development, I am happy to release to you all a TF2 Trade Bot. I have privately used this bot for a year and fixed many issues whilst adding many features which I think may be useful to the owner of the bots. Features of ЯR Bot: - Ability to post listings on Backpack.tf (both buy and sell) - FREE Automatic Price updates! - Yes! This is free, unlike other bot services which require payment for auto pricing. If you want you can continuously request the bot to reprice its items! - Custom Owner Controls. - Send invitations to users to join a unique group. - Extensive Monitoring Tools - through the use of Discord live trade photos are sent, whilst through Steam, the owner gets detailed trade receipts including the information about the other user who just traded your bot. - SteamRep Scammer check - Display statistics of your bot, regarding trades, accepted and declined. - And so much more! See ЯR Bots in action: Currently have two ЯR Bots which have been used for trading and testing: SpeedyBot: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198154777866 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198154777866 HappyBot: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198177957865 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198177957865 Their live trades can be seen in the discord group - current bot trades section (https://discord.gg/M9ftkpY) About me: - Available mostly all the times, able to help with any issues or questions. - A dedicated worker, striving to improve ЯR Bot in any way. Always happy to take suggestions to add more features requested by bot owners! - Have 6 years on Steam. - 11 +rep's on backpack.tf, mostly based on brokering high-value items for others, refunding items and as well as fixing issues with the bots - Clean on SteamRep - Have played and I still am playing in many leagues in competitive TF2 including OzFortress and UGC League How to get ЯR Bot: You will have to contact me! Information below. This bot will be available to anyone and will be distributed in a similar fashion to how Bot.tf works, but a bit different. The only difference is, you provide the steam account you wish to be your trade bot OR you can choose to use one of my steam accounts. After that, you will be in the driving seat! Your ЯR Bot will be hosted on a VPS provided by me (just like Bot.tf). Meaning it will be running 24/7! More trades done!! Pricing: Will be a subscription based. Contact me for further information. I can assure you that it will be the best pricing currently offered. Lets talk: Have any question or query whether it be big or small don't hesitate! I am always ready to help. Contact me here: Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/rockeyroad1415/ Discord: rockeyroad#9399 My Discord Group where you can see ЯR Bots in action: https://discord.gg/M9ftkpY Chat Soon! Rockey
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    Is this website legit?

    Hey, this guy is talking to me claiming he is helping to develop this gambling site. He tells me to choose a participant, and they always win. It has proven to be true the couple times I have done it. The website is {link removed}. It wants me to log in and deposit a $10 item, and he says he will rig it so I will win. Is this legit? It seems too good to be true. If anyone has experience with the site I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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    What is with spelled items

    spells are legacy items, those can't be applied now, since 2015 u can't get spells, and if u have one in your inventory, as soon as u log in it will disappear instantly. So having spelled items are rare, and they are cool-looking. There is a glitch tho, if u have spells in our inventory which u can apply, and u haven't logged into tf2 since then, then you can glitch it somehow, and with this glitches u can make post-2015 items spelled. There is a Chromatic Corruption Catastrophic Companion, which sold for 1000 keys.
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    In the new world of trading, post crate depression, quickbuying for a certain percentage is almost a myth now. Almost every hat (Non-graded, aka, not from a case) are devalued to most traders to nothing but bp.tf buy others, and this even effected some hats that weren't even unboxed during the event. I wouldn't advertise buying unusuals at a certain percentage, as everything is almost just, buy orders now lol. Which is kinda unfortunate
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    Festive Vs Festivized

    Festivized items have their own Stats pages where you can see top 5 Sell orders and top 5 Buy orders. For example https://backpack.tf/stats/Unique/Festivized Grenade Launcher/Tradable/Craftable You can open it by finding at least on Festivized item on Classifieds and choosing "Stats" in the popup, or adding "Festivized " (with space) into URL of normal stats page
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    mike <3

    Festive Vs Festivized

    He means he wants to find FESTIVIZED, not Festive. Afaik you can't search for FESTIVIZED versions of weapons. To find them, you have to search for either the Unique or Strange quality of the weapon you want and look for where it says "Festivized" in the item's name, i.e. :
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    Fix overpriced weapons

    Just don't trade skins
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    mike <3

    Are trading bots good for the economy?

    Bots are neutral for the economy. The convenience and large presence definitely has contributed to more trading overall, since obviously if you want a hat, you'd rather get it instantly from a bot than wait 8 hours for JoeMama1337 to respond to their trade offer or sit in a trade server for 3 hours spamming "wtb <hat> trade me!". - On the other hand, they completely and utterly dominate the low-end non-unusual trading scene. "Scrap 2 Unusual" is pretty much a thing of the past. However, I'd argue that they haven't killed it nearly as much as the inflation of Key-to-Refined prices have. It's odd, but it seems that everyone points fingers at the bots and not the simple fact that profit margins continuously shrink due to metal becoming less and less valuable. In 2013/2014, getting 5 refined of profit in a full day of hanging out on trade servers and posting classifieds was essentially 0.7-1.0 keys, which was great if you're trading at the low end. But now, due to the massive inflation of key to metal prices, making 5 refined of profit is less than 1/10th of a key. It's 15-20 cents of profit for hours of work. It's not worth the time or effort. When keys were single digit metal prices, you could reasonable go scrap to unusual in a relatively short amount of time, but now, you'd be lucky to go scrap to 1 key in a month of nonstop continuous trading. Even if bots were totally eliminated and banned by Valve and all trading sites, keys will stay 50+ refined and your profit margins won't be worth it. Yes, you could still make okay profit at the low end when key prices were surging to 20-40 refined and bots weren't quite as widespread, but even then, 99% of the time when you flip a hat for profit, you're only getting a couple scrap to a reclaimed at best, maybe upwards of a refined for higher-metal-value hats, but those margins never grew along with the actual metal prices of keys. Bots are here to stay. Eventually in all economies, real life or otherwise, convenience eventually takes over and leads to large changes in the way commerce operates. The rise of online shopping websites such as Amazon is evidence of this in our real world economy in the 21st century. Note that this isn't some "KEYS SHOULD BE 3 REF AGAIN" rant, because not only does that no longer make any sense, but it's literally impossible to shift the market in that way without Valve implementing an absolutely amazing refined sink (which if that did happen, idle farm bots would come back in huge numbers and TF2's pop would be 100K+ every day because of it.), but simply pointing out that there's more to the story of the death of low-end trading than just "bots are bad" or "bots are good".
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    Are trading bots good for the economy?

    They are convenient, but they also make life a lot harder for beginners that want to start from wep drops and get to unusuals without investing real world currency. Using dropped metal to get into unu trading was possible years ago but today not so much.
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    Are trading bots good for the economy?

    Trading was fun back in a day when they didn't exist. Ever since bots started becoming a thing, trading pretty much died in my eyes. Now you're lucky to have an actual human offer on your item.
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    Ban for undercutting price by 0.11

    lets just ban people from selling stuff
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    Ban for undercutting price by 0.11

    Lmao at "big traders" getting mad over bots. Imagine stomping everyone in the game and being perfectly fine with it, then crying and asking devs to restrict the game when someone stomps YOU.
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    Ban for undercutting price by 0.11

    If a ban on 0.11 undercuts is put into place, people will just undercut by 0.22. What do you do then, ban 0.22 undercuts? If that keeps happening over and over, the undercut minimum would eventually get so big that there'd be a sea of complaining over having to drop your prices too low to compete. If someone "can't trade" without an autolisting bot, then they should get an autolisting bot.
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    FP jh34ghu43gu

    How fast can I trade an item I buy from steam?

    Pls fix the backpack.tf homepage latest thread box I'm tired of looking at this thread
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    Coronovirus Information from an ICU Doctor

    Polar is my hero !!!!!! https://i.imgur.com/9rqN8rr.png
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    Broken unusual effect

    Hi guys, I am aware of the Morning glory , DaD effects that are broken. But i just acquired a Burning Flames unusual and it is broken as well. My previous scorching hat worked perfectly, but now with this burning flames unusual the effect appears around the stomach of my character. I try to adjust the effect,to untick the adjust option .... restart tf2, nothing works. Any ideas ? 🤒
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    Is this website legit?

    Not sure I follow ... I did say "willing to scam" meaning that this "gambling scam" victim is thinking they are about to scam someone else with these "rigged bets".
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    Broken unusual effect

    Looks nice imo
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    Back again doing SFM Commissions!

    Oh, thank you! I didn't see that, damn im blind lmao
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    Is it even worth trading under 1 key?

    dont start with anything under 20 keys. believe me i started from 10 ref 2 years ago and now i feel that grind was not AT ALL worth it. wouldve been far easier if i had invested more
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    Director of Memes

    Why do people care if an item is duped?

    They're exactly the same, except steam support duplicated it. No other difference. People shouldn't care. Why does duping devalue the item?
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    So trading for me has been slow for a couple of days.

    That's nice. Also try to buy tf2 skins for cheap with festivizers and killstreaks on them, it can make u sweet profits.
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    Are trading bots good for the economy?

    Yes, they prop up quicksell prices. The more liquid your investments, the more willing you are to invest.
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    Are trading bots good for the economy?

    Only positive thing i’d say is they offer fast trades which lest you get rid of the items you don’t want. Other than that, they just make everything harder.
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    Ban for undercutting price by 0.11

    That's right, that's right. Selling stuff is kinda cringe ngl.
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    🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥

    Ban for undercutting price by 0.11

    Well this is a different thing, for unusual buy orders over like 40 keys, overcutting by 0.11 ref is rediculous
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    🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥

    Ban for undercutting price by 0.11

    Why own a bot to sell an item when you can sell an item to a bot
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    Cool Fez

    ЯR Bots - An Easy Trade Bot

    You can run tf2-automatic on a pi or a spare phone via Termux. Once you setup the list its there, but if you wanna risk your items with an anon, well thats up to you. Just saying its not that hard.
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    Ban for undercutting price by 0.11

    Same thing goes for buy orders. Like i put one for 50 keys and it automatically gets outbidden by 0.11 ref. No idea why this site is still allowing this kind of stuff happen.
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    Ban for undercutting price by 0.11

    Undercut em back, dunno wuts the problem with that.
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    Ban for undercutting price by 0.11

    If only a damn script didn't exist... I dare bot owners to check their 5000+ listings to see who's over/undercutting them
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    Sniper Noob

    Bots need to be banned or limited

    Just for the record, most of these restrictions could be done by simply limiting the rates at which users can hit particular API endpoints. Obviously it would require some well thought-out details on what the limits should be, what endpoints, etc., but if you designed the API in such a way that it was intended to enforce certain rules it could all be done programmatically. Bot users would have no choice but to oblige without any intervention from staff. The added benefit is bot users would not have to program around each specific rule either, they would only have to design their bots to utilize retry rate backoff logic across the board.
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    Woifi The Viking

    How to make profit thread

    Feel free to ask for tips and pointers on how to make profit here. This is not a place to ask if the last trade you made was ok, but rather, it's meant for people who are new to TF2 and who need some general advice on what to look for and what to avoid. This is the place to discuss when to craft and when to unbox, or if you should unbox at all. When to hoard Salvaged Stranges, when to sell those Christmas hats and every market trend in between. Will merge other threads into this. So please don't make new ones about any of this topics.
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    Do you guys think the coronavirus will affect the economy?

    world is gonna end soon
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    Yo. Nuclear Throne is currently 90% off on Steam for the next 20 hours. I would HIGHL

    Yo. Nuclear Throne is currently 90% off on Steam for the next 20 hours. I would HIGHLY reccomend checking it out if you are a roguelike fan. Absolutely nutty value in these nutty times. https://store.steampowered.com/app/242680/Nuclear_Throne/
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    Retarded Asian Programer

    Trading in current TF2

    1.since 2018 .... um ... idk, i wasn´t here then 2. It´s VERY HARD ´cause o fbots and (of course) the crate depression making 3rd Gens basically worthless 3.If you believe in yourself, you can make profit anywhere... i guess, it didn´t work for me
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    Top 12 Special for 2019

    LuckyLukeTF2 is back with the Top 12 special for 2019! Just like previous years, this edition features all of the #1 plays from each monthly episode for the year of 2019! Check out the action above or on LuckyLukeTF2's YouTube channel here! View the full article
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    Fun fact, the top 100 backpacks (according to https://backpack.tf/top/backpacks ) have a total of ~9,053.55 pure metal, 27,382 pure keys and ~84,201,007 refined (~1,534,026 keys, or 1,549,805 keys / $3,368,084.15 according to the site page) in total backpack value Yeah this isn't that much of a fun fact BUUUT... YEAH!
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    Dazed & Confused

    I'm making 5 Free Posters in a different style [OPEN]

    Sorry about the delay, @henroo, here's your artwork. If you want anything adjusting/changing be sure to mention it, since I have the file in an easily editable format.
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    Marketplace.tf worst site.

    So yesterday i bought 50 keys and 40 tour ticket. I did 3 orders first bought 11 keys , then 40 keys , then tour duty. Well ten i got the message that they need to review okay i waited. After 8-10 hours thry review well dunno why but i got 11 keys , other two orders i need to provide documents , i provided documents and waited , my document got rejected cuz "We did not receive any document to verify the billing address you have provided. Please upload a photo of mail sent to the billing address you have on file for your card. Examples could be a utility bill, bank statement, magazine subscription, package label, or other official letter. Thank you!" I am 19 lol don't have any billing ect. So don't now what to do .
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    Naming pink horace

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    im delaying my suicide because of the pyro update

    im delaying my suicide because of the pyro update
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    ЯR Bots - An Easy Trade Bot

    How can we be sure that there is no secret code inside which will steal all our items later? There are lots of various known cases of people being scammed by a "trade bot". I would not trust any bot especially with russian letters in it's name. Russian people are always shady hackers
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    Bots need to be banned or limited

    Not Zol hes actually bae <3 everyone else probably but Zol he's a bot with a heart
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    token is invalid when attempting to heartbeat bp.tf api

    No idea
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