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    What makes an unusual overpriced?

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    Petition to Ban Sharkers from premium

    Sharkers have been adding new users and providing them exceptionally small offers. One example is Jhej, who scammed a rotation sensation for 160 keys and is selling for 600. This guy deserves a ban, and teeny tiny cat noticed that, so why is nothing being done about it? https://backpack.tf/trust/76561198120467518 EDIT: Just to clarify, I didn't mean a ban from backpack.tf, I meant that the people who have consistently sharked people in the past should be unable to use the premium SEARCH feature.
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    The TF2 Economy Is Dying

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    How much is the hat i unboxed

    I can confirm that literally everyone else got an unusual Patriot Peak. What did you do different, to be literally the only one left out? Did you send personal hate mail to GabeN? Regardless, that does suck. I'm sorry you got stuck with an unusual all-class with a Halloween effect.
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    Petition to Ban Sharkers from premium

    Fancy quotes and words aside, I don’t think you understand why mew made this post. I agree with you on the point where in most cases, it’s difficult to draw a line as to what would be considered as a savvy trader and who would be considered a manipulative shark. However, as you said in your post, the same names come up in every sharking discussion, and don’t you think there’s a reason for that? I feel as though in this case the rotation buy is barely acceptable as it’s jhepot’s choice to sell for for whatever he wants to sell. I do agree with mew though that the more action should be taken against those who have clearly abused the system multiple times.
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    What makes an unusual overpriced?

    Can you get similar hats with the same effect for much less? Is its price long outdated? Are there many people quickselling the hat? These are just a few questions to ask when you want to consider whether a hat is overpriced or not. Usually hats are overpriced because their price hasn’t been updated in a long time, and more copies of that unusual have been unboxed, but the price hasn’t been updated yet. For example, some collector can pay a crazy amount for a 1 of 1 massed flies unusual. However, somewhere down the line, several more are unboxed, so the hat isn’t as “rare and desirable” anymore, and nobody wants to pay the same ludicrous amount that collector paid.
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    AJ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    What should i buy with $110, a jacket or an unusual?

    I think we have to see if the jacket is duped or not I mean has it got a scammer in the history, a gifted tag or perhaps, god forbid, an ugly paint already applied.... yk, gotta measure this stuff up
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    Did anyone's backpack just tank?

    I love how no one bats an eye when the value of their bp increases on the key chart from the ever "increasing" price of keys *ahem* ref value decreasing, but as soon as they see a drop from the price of ref decreasing everyone loses their minds.
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    Useless Piece of Trivia

    Is this a good time for a throwback to that one time i bought a smoking pot for 420 ref
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    Wanted to bring attention to new halloween unboxing and users.

    Like every new update, people, like some high-tier traders seem to be on the hunt. For what? Just some new halloween effects they can snag off inexperienced users, and then resell for large amounts. I know it's 'buyer beware' and such, but is it really that hard to pay a fair price? These hats aren't able to be priced by users yet due to lack of sales, and users are inconveniencing people by sharking these high-tier new effects. https://backpack.tf/suggestion/5bd0e550cf6c7556217987fd Guess it's just a personal pet peeve, but profiting off others' inexperience is a pretty low thing to do.
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    Petition to Ban Sharkers from premium

    Imagine quoting Ayn Rand or some shit in an effort to defend scammers on a TF2 trading website. If you're going to make assumptions like "OH WELL YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS" maybe you should look into the situation more. The same people are brought up every time because they keep sharking unusuals. They haven't received any sort of punishment for continuing to abuse the system and people are upset about it. Why is offering a fair price for an unusual so hard for you to comprehend? How can a price be inflated if it's literally the only tradeable one in the game? Sharks specifically target users with low value backpacks. Do you think sharks don't know what they're doing? What a terrible argument. He just had keys before the event. It looks like he doesn't use bp.tf very much, if at all. Since you have him added maybe you should ask him how he feels about getting sharked.
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    What should i buy with $110, a jacket or an unusual?

    Do you need a jacket? Yes? - Then buy the jacket No? - Then buy the Unusual You need both? - Then buy 110 lotto tickets, win 1.6 Billion, then buy Unusual.
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    How much is the hat i unboxed

    2 keys, but I'll give you 3.
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    Making SFM Avatars/Posters!

    Hello! Im doing commisions! It would be 15-20 ref for an avatar. I can do Cinematic Poster+Avatar for 1 key. im good at making posters. really. Have a wonderful day!
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    Petition to Ban Sharkers from premium

    How bout we just pan Jjeh Pot altogether /thread
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    Wanted to bring attention to new halloween unboxing and users.

    Repeat sharkers should be banned from using premium search imo
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    Worst trade offers

    This thread went from : "Worst Trade Offers" to "ALL Declined Trade Offers"
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    Recenly i was hacked

    https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198104938248 >1.2 hours on tf2 >$0 inventory >Free2Pay >Never changed name >Level 0 account Please explain to me which part of your account you are most worried about losing
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    I was banned over a year ago, any chance at an appeal?

    ->>>>>> https://backpack.tf/trust/76561198137988709 <<<<<<-
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    The TF2 Economy Is Dying

    There is nothing wrong about low tier trading, the numbers are just getting bigger. That's what happens when you're using a commodity which amount is constantly rising with no cost as a currency.
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    Killstreaker Desirability

    Hypno Beams is godtier and everything else is due to personal preference / what matches people's loadouts/unusuals.
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    Adolf Storms

    Idk Im just up for hire

    lmao pimping yourself out for ref #life fails
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    How much is the hat i unboxed

    If I was a betting man, I wouldn't bet on it being a joke, having seen OP's previous posts.
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    is this site legit?

    DO NOT USE/SUPPORT TF2 GAMBLING SITES, PERIOD. Yes, TF2Hunt is legit & you can be banned for "trading with scammers" but just because it's legit doesn't mean you should try it. Not worth the risk of being banned just for measly scrap profit. Besides if tf2 gambling increases, Valve will consider doing something that may impact the economy (no 7 day untradable items thanks) & nonetheless, is still a shady site that puts its user at a lot of risk. As some mentioned, their bots can get trade banned so no guarantee you'll get your items back. Security isn't even one of their strong points, I know of some security breaches yet I don't know if they put in effort to prevent them. The risk heavily outweighs the reward, don't support such unregulated gambling.