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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    New Rules for Background Checks

    Introduction I will again start with a disclaimer that these are the rules for backpack.tf and do not apply to any other site. The cutoff in item values for which we expect traders to complete a background check is 15 keys value on either side of the trade (so, for example, if you buy a 30 key hat for 14 keys you still need to do a background check). For trades under 15 keys in value, we do not require that you complete a background check. Feel free to post any questions or concerns below. Changes After a lot of discussion, some of which you can find here and here we have decided to make some fairly big changes to the old system. The main one is that we are scrapping the concept of an "obvious alt" when it comes to banning for trading with scammers. While I stand by the spirit of it and the ability of traders to look at accounts and make judgement about red flags, the community broadly finds the criteria too subjective and difficult to work with. It also hinders bot trading a significant amount, and while I know many hate bots, many use them too. Overall, the red flags for an obvious alt are definitely something you should be aware of, but it no longer seems reasonable or practical to punish users for trading with accounts who may meet some criteria but are not banned alts. In the same vein, we have decided to stop penalising for trades with site-banned users, even if the ban is for a scam or scam-related offence. The rationale for this change is that now that we are Steamrep partners and can apply our own marks, any account with sufficient evidence against them to be banned for scamming would be given a mark too. If they are site banned for scamming only, that by definition implies a lower standard of evidence or an offence outside of Steamrep investigative policy, which exists for good reason. We are also going to modify ban durations a little to give mods some leeway to give shorter or longer bans to users based on the value of the trade. So you won't get the same length of ban for buying a 50 key hat as a 500 key hat. Lastly, we will no longer be banning users for accessing gambling sites, even if scammers are also using those sites. The rules - All trades above 15 keys in value on either side of the trade must be background checked. - If the account you would trade with is marked on Steamrep, you cannot complete the trade. - If a trader accidentally fails to meet these expectations, they will receive a temporary ban, escalating with number of offences (see ban durations below). - If a trader knowingly fails to meet these expectations and is found to intentionally trade with Steamrep-marked scammers, the ban will instantly be a permanent one. - If a trader is found to be regularly buying items from accounts banned on backpack.tf as a scammer, scammer alt, or scammer fence they may receive a ban even if those accounts are not marked on Steamrep. - Brokering for a user who is site-banned for any reason will remain against the rules. - Temp bans will "expire" after 1 year without a ban, so whether you're on your first or second offence if you go without a ban for 1+ year and then are reported again for the same thing, we will treat it as a new ban and start at first offence again. This does not apply to permanent bans. - Ban evasion during any ban for trading with scammers will be permanent, as with any other site ban. Ban durations: - 1st offence: 3 days - 3 months - 2nd offence: 1 month - 6 months - 3rd offence: permanent (appeal-able after 1 year) Reporting All reports will need to include evidence of a two way trade or they may be closed by moderators. We simply do not have the time to be digging into accounts ourselves, if you are making a report you need to do the work first. Reports with single item histories are not acceptable. Reporting traders who are regularly buying items from backpack.tf-banned scammers, scammer alts, or fences, will require the reporter to compile a body of evidence that demonstrates a clear pattern. This will then be assessed by mods. As with reporting single trades, a small number of item histories but no evidence of two way trades will not be sufficient for us to ban someone. Summary We believe that these changes move strongly in the direction of lessening punishment for accidents while still allowing the site and mods to discourage people from going all out regularly trading with scammers. We welcome any feedback. Trading with scammers bans under the old rules can now be appealed, but the above rules will still apply. If you'd like to ask a question about something specific in private, feel free to PM me or any of the report mods: Teeny Tiny Cat OverduePixels Marty Birdman Smokey ѕιи Zeus _inu
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    Mister WorldCast

    Minor request: SteamRep Icons

    But Mister WorldCast what do you mean by this? Simple. Lets say a user was reported on steamrep for suspicious scamming that hasnt been approved yet. When I visit the guys profile on backpack.tf It says his rep is normal. But when you check the guys steam rep it has a question mark shield saying that this user was reported and awaiting to see if its approved or not. •Example A: Maybe instead of a word saying “NORMAL” in the guys backpack.tf profile. It could say along the lines of “REPORTED” if the user is reported with maybe a yellow color behind the bar and maybe a question mark shield (similar to the admins tag) and the “CAUTION” tag. •Example B: But why? I could compare with the Caution Tag. Why do we put the caution tag there? To provide information. This could give us leading information about the user via the backpack.tf site. Or maybe its an outdated thing and im just suggesting now. Designs: Here are some mediocre designs I made on the “Reported” idea tag as well as remakes on the “scammer” and “caution” tags to give you a good idea, besides the admin tag one which can have a simple checkmark. im sorry •Final Notes: Just an idea I had in the back of my head for a while and wanted to put it out there and see how it goes. I do like to note, obviously I suck at being a drawer/designer and just wanted to make an idea on how it can look like and put my skills to the test. So, What do you think? Yeh? Meh? Any other suggestions on this? Would love to hear thoughts on this.
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    Beware of fake soundsmith selling TW Dapper

    i take it u also have retarded
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    Scott Bakula

    Cheater's Lamet

    Buying and selling Steam Accounts is against both Steam's ToS and the rules of this site. Don't try to cheat to get an item awarded to people who didn't cheat.
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    ᴾᴾᴹ Shuffle Spy 7309

    How are item prices ultimately determined?

    From an economic standpoint, the prices of items are determined by market equilibrium between buyers and sellers. If the price people will pay is lower than what others are willing to sell for, then nothing will sell until the buyers' prices rise or the sellers' prices drop. From a suggestion standpoint, item prices are determined based on sales, using sellers and buyers in the event that a) there are no sales (there's a whole non-Unusual suggestion guide here https://forums.backpack.tf/topic/36705-rules-for-non-unusual-suggestions/) or b) they suggest certain sales are outliers. Item prices aren't necessarily determined by the value of Refined and Keys. Refined is priced now, unless I'm wrong, by dividing the cash sale price of Keys by their price in Refined. If Keys rise from, say, 42 Refined to 43 Refined, then the price of Refined will often drop and vice versa. When the price of Refined drops, people can buy more Refined, and subsequently are often willing to pay more Refined for items to get rid of all of their Refined.
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    How a Paypal scammer is thriving on Backpack.tf

    ( My previous post: Paypal scammers exploiting backpack.tf trusts ) I'm posting this because we need to shatter some illusions. If you think you can trust Backpack.tf trust pages - you're wrong. If you think your safety might be top priority for BP staff ... well, think again. In Sep 2018 I saw this report about Paypal scammer "Matics" and I remember being surprised at how someone can trust $730 or even $1400 to some new unknown account with basically zero BP history. The signs of that account being a PayPal scammer were plainly obvious to me and I thought I could try make some difference. You see, I was young and naive back then. On Oct 20, 2018 I created a report (private) about an account with obviously fake 10+ trusts (just enough to start scamming). 2 days later Mods banned the account, then applied SteamRep mark indicating it was the same person as "Matics". I probably prevented someone from being scammed that week. Unfortunately this turned out to be my only success. On Nov 9, 2018 I created a report (private) about another account. The next day came a report saying that someone was already scammed on Nov 5. On Jan 4, 2019 I reported (private) "Cuze" account with exactly the same patterns as before. However, this time a Mod started to explain to me how all my listed points are invalid if we look at them separately one by one and how this is a completely legit account. 5 days later we had this forum post about $670 scam. Um ... okay, I thought. Just a one time hiccup. Happens. Finally, on Feb 17, 2019 I reported (private) "Dior" account which had exactly the same patterns as all his previous accounts: practically empty inventory fake TF2/CS:GO/Dota2 hours obviously fake 15+ trusts all coming from completely private Steam accounts I also pointed out this snapshot which contains: 60 keys coming directly from several different previous accounts of "Matics" 9 Scream Fortress/Munition crates coming from Dior back to another of those banned accounts. I also demonstrated that a lot of items from yet another of those accounts were also in Dior's possession. The report was somehow rejected. I left -trust for this account, it was removed. I left another -trust explaining all the issues with these fake trusts in great details, it was removed too. Apparently only big established traders are allowed to do that ( see -trust at the bottom). I explained my concerns in both Dior's posts in Cash Trading forum. His response? Making another thread. Okay, I replied in his new thread too. Then my post was deleted and I received a Forum ban from Teeny for "spamming". But wait, for someone to actually "spam" like this you need enough threads to do that, right? This was already 3rd Dior's thread in that forum while rules clearly say "users are currently limited to two threads each". You'd think admins are supposed to know and enforce the rules ... Later when Dior made thread #5 in the same forum I finally discovered this rule and reported that thread. A Mod responded to him with something like "oh please don't make anymore". I asked in Discord wouldn't the proper action be to delete the threads that break the rule and was told "they're locked now". Sorry but I fail to understand how exactly "locking" is helpful here. Those ads did not need replies, they said "contact me on Steam" and they served their purpose just fine while being locked. Then some time after that Dior apparently negotiated something with Mods and they deleted ... do you think the new threads that were actually breaking the rule? Of course not! The old ones with my replies in them. Now there wasn't even a hint of suspicion anywhere on this shiny scammer's account. Dior also (after I mentioned those fake TF2/Dota2 hours in my post) simply removed both games from his Steam account. However, his new forum post was still saying "+15 trust ... Over 7777 hours in TF2". I asked Teeny if at least this part can be somehow contested. Nope. Yes, you read this right. Not only I was not allowed to express my opinion on forum but also was prohibited even from pointing out an outright lie. The following weeks were pretty uneventful. Just some people were getting scammed. Not a big deal, right? I was occasionally checking Dior's trust page and seeing -trusts from victims that were then promptly removed by Mods. Some victims actually made reports but were unwilling to follow or unable to prove it correctly. After all, this was usually the first time for them vs several years of Dior's scamming experience. Then the account was finally banned on March 21, one month after my report.
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    Roulette site Scammer adds me, decide to fuck with him a bit

    "I have fallen for this scam before [...] Later loser" Weird flex but okay
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    Type of behaviour you hate

    When they ask you to reserve an item so they can buy it later (sometimes offering to pay extra) and changing their minds later on. It's very rude and very common. Here are some other things from a similar thread I came up with: People who "add you to trade" and ghost you when you tell them to just send a trade offer. People who can't even match bp.tf buy orders when offering on your item.  "You're selling your item for 20 keys pure? Let me offer you this cancer unusual priced at 20 keys then!" Someone sends you a lowball offer, you decline, and they KEEP RE-SENDING IT. Anyone who trash talks your prices unwarranted in general, get a freakin' life would you... 
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    Beware of fake soundsmith selling TW Dapper

    A. His profile was private before this B. Having someone’s name =/= impersonating then C. why is it your problem? D. Collectible* E. Nowhere in his advertisement did he say he was soundsmith think before you post, it gets you places
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    It's official. Mechawreck is a pedo.

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    Help me reviving TF2 in Portugal

    All right, all right... This may look like some sort of self-promotion, and well, it kinda is. BUT if you clicked this you probably wanna know more, right? Here goes, then: As stupid as it may sound, I'm the only TF2 content creator in Portugal nowadays. You're probably thinking "There's no way that's possible, we all know Farinz". Well, the thing is... Farinz is nowhere to be found, so I'm single-handedly trying to revive TF2 in Portugal, or maybe just make it a little bit more relevant withing the portuguese gaming community. So, ladies and gents, all I'm asking you to do is to support my livestreams on Twitch anyway you can. My main goal isn't to promote myself, but rather make the world notice that TF2 in Portugal is still alive and kicking, and maybe some more portuguese gamers will begin (or return) playing TF2 once again, and perhaps create content related to the game. This is a game I absolutely love, and that's why I decided to take this path. Will you help me walk it? Twitch link: https://www.twitch.tv/brfcitizen
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    Scott Bakula

    How to deal with garbage unusuals?

    You need to look at how in-date the suggestions and how successful other sellers are as well, as the market can easily shift over the months. Look at the Fedora, the other seller on backpack.tf has been trying to sell the hat at that price for 5 moths with no success. It clearly is no longet the 22 key hat it was a year ago. Or look at the Nobel Nickel, whose suggestion is 2 years outdated. There's a seller on the SCM for ~18 keys, with the hat being unsold for over a month. And the Cadaver's Cranium does have an in-date price, but it's lower that what you're selling for plus there is another seller with an even lower price out there. To sum it up, your hats are not selling because you are pricing them higher than the market would demand (I even collect G. Fetti and would not pay those prices). Your options are to take the lesson and loss and move on, or sit on the hats as they rot in your backpack.
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    Scott Bakula

    Is this a glitch?

    I'm pretty sure his confusion was more because he had enough, it was just in keys, not both keys and metal. So from his perspective, It's like being told you don't have enough to make a $3.75 purchase when you have a $5 bill.
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    What's the most patriotic "AMERICA!" hat for soldier?

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    How I Got Scammed To Figure Out A Scammer's Main (Impulse Post aka He Isnt a Scammer)

    This isn't a buzzfeed unsolved episode so please stop
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    Type of behaviour you hate

    People that trades you/adds you to ask you to offer on their items. Unless real quicksells of course
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    Need help determining the trade that took place

    I know that part. What I don't know is what marketplace bought it for.
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    TF2 Outpost back???

    I mean it looks nice and all, but I won't be using it certainly until steamrep can vouch for it.
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    Scott Bakula

    How do I check how long ago a listing was created?

    On the listing, where it says "bumped X ago", click that.
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    Best steam conversations

    How NOT to get rid of unwanted garbage
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    High tier effect on robo hat VS low/mid tier effect on high tier hat

    why not https://gyazo.com/4e4b82ff6d1291b7d4ec13b9c331c09d
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    High tier effect on robo hat VS low/mid tier effect on high tier hat

    Mid tier effect on high tier hat.
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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    Scammer marked after I traded with them.

    The same thing did not happen to you. You traded an obvious scammer alt. He traded a regular account who went on to scam people. There is a difference.
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    Solution for Rare & Unpriced high + Godtier weapons?

    let me get to the point, I think it would be a great idea to allow price suggestions no matter when the sale happened on unpriced High tier Unusual weapons that are potentially 1 of 1 or 1 of 2, I know that there is supposedly a feature in the works to allow stuff to be priced as an out of date upon being accepted. However I'd like to put an example of where I feel like a price should be okay despite being out of date: https://backpack.tf/suggestion/58d283c9e338772298421f3b ^I made this as soon as the website allowed Unusual Weapons to be priced back in the day but got told to resuggest when a feature that allowed stuff to be priced as out of date got implemented. Now as far as i'm aware my MW Strange Unusual Hot Torqued to hell wrench is a 1 of 1(and according to premium search), I feel like as I paid 350 keys pure + my old wrench with verification of it as 150 keys pure (my opinion) with the buyer accepting it instead of 200 pure, this sale should still be very valid in my opinion considering it's a 1 of 1 and basically a full pure trade, but mainly because I'm also a collector that doesn't intend to sell it, but would still like climbing the ranks on most valued backpacks as i'd very easily make top 50 if my unpriced stuff actually were priced. Not to mention I've had the wrench for above 3 years now. I figured in situations like this and similar to it, it should technically be allowed to do that price suggestion as it would help fill out especially a lot of 1 of 1, or even 1 of 2 rare Unusual items prices on the website. I might even want to go trough my older trades, steam market history etc to price a few of the other unpriced Unusual Weapons I got, if this were allowed. I figured that it may not do anything that I post this suggestion, but I felt like I might as well post it so that either this is put into consideration or the out of date pricing gets more priority as it have been 2+ years since I heard about the feature being planned for implementation.
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    Beware of fake soundsmith selling TW Dapper

    https://backpack.tf/item/1687031410 This guy is a FAKE soundsmith trying to sell a Time Warp Dr. Dapper's Topper at an insane cost because he's impersonating as Soundsmith. Just wanted to let people know before they try and "snag" this "collectable". This is the REAL Soundsmith's TW Dapper: https://backpack.tf/item/5137380590
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    Beware of fake soundsmith selling TW Dapper

    man this is a stupid thread. nothing says he's impersonating anyone. time warp dapper is a hat that is already overpriced due to soundsmith. His name is probably soundsmith because he's probably trying to troll as him on servers.
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    Help me reviving TF2 in Portugal

    Actually I'm thinking of the other 10+million people living in Portugal right now. Sure they don't all play but assuming you're the only Portuguese content creator is a bit far and tbh this kinda does sound like self-promotion lol
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    Scott Bakula

    Marketplace.tf issues

    https://marketplace.tf/support While Marketplace.tf and Backpack.tf are owned by the same person, they are separate sites. You need to speak with the Marketplace people for help with their site.
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    Open discussion on rules for trading with scammers (Part 2)

    There's already tons of people who purposely trade with scammers abusing benefit of the doubt, removing the rule will just flood the market with stolen goods. As an anecdote, I've heard once or twice people on Vatican/Firepowered bragging about a nice buy they got from a scammer "because it was only a day ban". Don't think for a second 90% of these profit traders wouldn't do it all the time if they could. The rules are fair the way they are now in terms of legitimate accidental buying; making it more lenient would just serve to cause problems at this point
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    Mrs TS


    For starters, this is not the place to report someone. Secondly, you need more proof than just what you say. Screenshots of any chats you had, screenshots of the persons profile proving which exact account you were having this conversation with. etc etc etc. And lastly I must say, for a 13 year old, you sure do have a potty mouth. PS, here is a guide for reporting people. Give it a peek to see what you need to do to effectively get a report approved.
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    TF2 Outpost back???

    Not the same owners, I can't trust on a site that use the name of a dead site and also allow scammers. The real TF2Outpost had cero tolerance with scammers/trading with them.
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    How to deal with garbage unusuals?

    delete all ur garbage
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    Scott Bakula

    Traded with a dude who just got banned, am I at risk?

    I will say you missed once big part of the homework: You didn't look at the steam profile itself. https://steamcommunity.com/id/2gudformrclean888434553/ Go there, and you see a Level 2 account with 2 games. That just screams that the account is an alt or a fence, and shouldn't really be traded with.
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    Changes to "watch suggestion"

    I had this in the discord but I thought I'd also post it here to see if the asleep people who didn't see it on discord agree On the option to "watch suggestions" on an item, can we get notified when a suggestion is MADE (or opened)? not just accepted? Specifically on unusuals anyway Rafios input: Wiz4rds input:
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    High tier effect on robo hat VS low/mid tier effect on high tier hat

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    Fall of Globalization

    Sometimes I wonder, if left unfed will the trolls die off?
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    Exam questions be like: https://prnt.sc/nnzso2

    Exam questions be like: https://prnt.sc/nnzso2
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    Chad Stock Scattergun vs Virgin Force-a-Nature

    Now for a ahorter argument. stock vs degreasser. stock wins because degreasser is ugly
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    Roulette site Scammer adds me, decide to fuck with him a bit

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    Help me reviving TF2 in Portugal

    I know a friend of mine in Portugal who would like to play tf2, but his internet is so shit he can’t even install it
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    Type of behaviour you hate

    >list item at X price >get added >"Are you quickselling your stuff?" >mfw
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    Scott Bakula

    Disregarding price and generation, Cloud 9 or Circling heart?

    Cloud 9 easily. I really don't think any of the 3rd Gen effects are bad, they just got a bad rep because they aren't 1st gen.
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    Open discussion on rules for trading with scammers (Part 2)

    What are the BENEFITS of removing this rule...? That's all I have to ask.
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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    Guide for Reporting on the Main Site

    Clarification/update on a couple of rules for user reports. We have been getting a rather extreme amount of reports either for trading with scammers or on alleged scammer alts that include little to no evidence. One or two item histories are not sufficient to make reports of this nature. If you are reporting someone for trading with Steamrep-tagged scammers, you need to show evidence of a two way trade. If you are reporting someone for regularly trading with backpack.tf-banned scammers, scammer alts, or scammer fences, you need to include enough two-way trades to demonstrate a clear pattern. If you a reporting a scammer alt, you need to clearly explain what leads you to believe this account is an alt and include any/all evidence you have gathered. From now on, mods will be much harsher in closing reports of this type which do not have sufficient proof included. If you are found to be repeatedly making lazy/invalid reports, you may receive a ban from the issue tracker.
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    Teeny Tiny Cat

    TF2 Outpost back???

    Not sure you can really call yourself a developer if you just straight up copy something.
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    Diamond jozu

    Minor request: SteamRep Icons

    i've gotta upvote this idea. nice drawings as well
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    That’s because no one noticed until now? That’s like complaining about getting a speeding ticket when you’ve never had problems in the past while driving well over the limit.
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    ᴾᴾᴹ Shuffle Spy 7309

    Scammer marked after I traded with them.

    What do you mean by "them saying a similar PayPal shpiel?" Normally that'd be a red flag in today's trading scene.
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    Open discussion on rules for trading with scammers (Part 2)

    I say just gut the rule in it's entirety. At this point the rule is the equivalent of this pic... Newer trading sites, sites that have no real regulation of scammers using their services, and bots have created so many loopholes for scammers, they don't even need to use BP anymore to sell off their items.
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