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    Bot took my key for 27 refined and can't contact him

    Update: The owner contacted me, very promptly, and gave me the missing refined back.
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    Gabriel Chad Willson Esqui

    Making The Worst Possible Profile Pictures

    PRO EXAMPLES: https://imgur.com/a/xrNqWLA https://imgur.com/a/SunxkhG (Shoe's Order) https://imgur.com/a/1Jsjgqm (The Headless Horseman's Order) https://imgur.com/a/JZCK1rY (equiflixcious's Order) https://imgur.com/a/HWmv5ek (Heckin Fennec's Order) https://imgur.com/a/Hgz0m7q (Zaddy's Order) https://imgur.com/a/mMFxYpV (Canaiden's Order) https://imgur.com/a/ahTEhaR (Dante Alighieri's Order) https://imgur.com/a/BXR15ib (Komish's Order) https://imgur.com/a/gr9ddaC (please dont backstab me's Order) https://imgur.com/a/ZJJAYsm (Big Fan O' Bread's Order) https://imgur.com/a/903w4l7 (G13's Order) MY STEAM ACCOUNT IS RIGHT HERE ADD ME NOW: https://steamcommunity.com/id/GabeWillson/ PRO EXPERIENCE - 60 seconds of experience with ms paint MY EXPERTISE: ms paint google images I create actual god awful styled steam profile pictures. TIERS: * KINDA MAKE UR TUMMY HURT (184x184) if you wish to have a 184x184 image that will make your profile instantly look 10x less appealing, that will cost you commenting "+rep this guy is god awful" on my profile * EYEBALL-ASSAULTING (64x64) if you wish to have a 64x64 image that will guarantee the loss of all of others respect in you, that will cost 1 crate. * VOMIT-INDUCING (32x32) if you want a 32x32 image that will guarantee the loss of half of all your brain cells, that will cost half a scrap. I will produce any art ranging from TF2 loadouts to your very own facial structure. Purchase today!
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    How to Not Get Scammed

    How to Not Get Scammed Golden Rule 1: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Golden Rule 2: Do NOT click suspicious links from strangers. But First Before you do any kind of trade, look up your trading partner on Steamrep or on Backpack.tf. Go to their steam profile, right click on their profile, and select copy page url. Then paste it into the search bar on backpack.tf and see whether they are a scammer or not. Backpack.tf trusts are important, however +reps on people's steam profiles mean nothing and does not mean they are safe to trade with. Now let's get into different types of scams. #1 The festive(ized) weapon scam/Quick Switch/Non-craftable This is one of the most common scams out there, but a lot of people fall for it. Someone will offer a festivized weapon (most likely a scattergun), and claim that it is overpay for your hat because it is festive. A simple way you can determine if it a festive weapon or not is to simply hover over the weapon in the trade window, and it should tell you. Another variation of this scam is the craftable/non-craftable with items like the Lucky No. 42 and the flip flops and quick switch. Someone might offer a lucky no. 42 (currently going for 38 keys) for your item, but then mid trade will switch it out for the non-craftable version (selling for 3.3 keys) and you just got scammed and lost a ton of money. Same thing with the flip flops. This can also work with unusuals. Someone is selling you their burning flames unusual, but while you're putting in all the keys, they remove it and then put in a massed flies version of the same hat. The lesson here is: Just check what you're trading. #2 The Impersonator. Another very common scam. If you comment on a high profile trader's steam profile, there will be an impersonator who adds you and acts like the person who you want to trade with. Basically a scammer will try to mimic the profile of another trader or reputable person. For example, here is the impersonator, and here is the real person. An easy way to tell if it is an impersonator is that the scammer will usually link the real person's inventory, but keep their inventory private. If you click on their inventory and it's private, it's a scammer. #3 The "Your item is bugged" scam. This happened to me, and I lost about $50 worth of items to this scam. Someone will add you, saying that they are interested in your hat, but then they'll say that the item may be bugged or duped, and they need you to put it through an item verification or through an admin's inventory first. They might make a steam chat with the "Steam Admin", and the "admin" might ask you to trade the item to either them or to an item verification first before the trade can be completed. DO NOT TRADE YOUR ITEM TO ANYONE IF YOU ARE GETTING NOTHING IN RETURN. That's a golden rule of trading. So you put your item through the supposed "item verification" or "admin", then you'll get blocked by them and then items will be gone forever. A steam admin will NEVER EVER add you on steam. #4 The "I promise I'll give you...." scam. Someone might promise to give you steam wallet funds or game codes, but again, NEVER, and I mean NEVER trade your item to someone without immediately getting something in return. No matter how reputable they may make themselves out to be. They might also post a picture of themselves holding a steam gift card that they probably took straight from the internet, claiming they'll give you code after you trade the unusual. If they promise to give you a code, it's a scam. #5 The website scam/hijack. When you sign into backpack.tf, it will allow you to sign in directly through your steam account. This means that it is not a scam. If the website looks suspicious, do NOT put your steam passwords in. People can make a scam website look identical to the actual steam login page, and the second you give them your password, they will steal your account. Another scam that falls under this category is the Competitive Team scam. Someone will add you add say "Hello, we are starting a competitive TF2 team, and we need one more player, would you like to join?" Assuming you say yes, they will then say "Then please head over to (scamwebsite).com and sign up." It is a scam. This is an example of a SAFE WEBSITE. You're already logged in through steam and all you have to do is click the green sign in button. This is completely safe and will not get your account stolen or hijacked. #6 The Fake Gambling website. Someone will add you and say something along the lines of "Hi, I own this gambling website, if you help me promote it by putting it in your steam name, I can make you win the jackpot." So you think, "wow that sounds great, I can win a lot of money by only changing my name." Then you'll go onto the website, and the owner will say "You need to deposit your items before you can win the jackpot." Then you deposit to the fake gambling bot, you just got scammed, and the owner will block you on steam. If someone adds you out of nowhere and tells you to go to a website which you've never heard of, chances are it's a scam and you should just block and report them. #7 The "Dude so sorry I just accidentally reported you for having duped items" scam. The full thread This one gets a lot of people, and it is similar to the "Your items are bugged" scam, but it works a little different. Someone will add you and start apologizing for accidentally reporting you for having duped items and scamming. A new player would say "Oh my goodness, what do I do." They'll say, don't worry I'll bring a steam admin into this chat. The steam admin will talk in partially broken english and they'll send you this threatening image. He will say, if you don't cooperate, I'll have no choice but to delete your account. He'll say that you need to put your items through an item verification to prove your items aren't duped. It will look something like this. Basically an "item checker bot". Again, a steam admin will never get involved with you, and a steam admin will never add you. A steam admin will never ask for your items, and do not ever give your items away without getting anything in return. The scammer does not have the power to delete your account. Nobody accidentally reported you, you didn't scam anyone, and your items aren't bugged. This is all part of the scam. Just immediately block the person who "reported" you, block the fake steam admin, and block the fake item checker bot. Then you report them. But in regards to this entire scam, there is nothing wrong with owning dupes, steam doesn't care if you own dupes and will never contact you about owning dupes. Block anyone who tries to coerce you in any way, shape, or form. #8 The Fake Bot scam. Someone will add you and say that they want to pay for your items with money. They'll offer an absurdly high price, and you're thinking, wow that's great, what a deal for me. Then they'll say "we need to do it on a secure website, how about marketplace.tf." Nothing seems wrong with that, marketplace is a very good site for selling items for money. So you tell the scammer that you're depositing your items on the website. Then second you tell the scammer that, a marketplace bot will send you a trade offer for your items. This bot is a fake. It is either one of the scammer's accomplices, or the scammer's alt account. It is easy to fall for this scam because it doesn't really seem like a scam. But it is. A way to know is to just check the steamrep profile or backpack of the "marketplace.tf" bot, and it will probably say that it is a scammer. #9 API Key Scam Link to full API Guide This is a big one. An API scam is when someone gets access to your account through a third-party website, such as the scam websites discussed above. After gaining access to your account, the scammers can then make an API for you. This will allow them to be able to manage your steam profile, and more importantly, send/accept trades. The hijacker can manage all of your trades with an API key. Both incoming trades, and can send trades. The scammer can then send a trade from your account directly to them, and your items will be gone forever. Well how do I avoid this you might ask? Go to https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey and make sure that the domain name is blank. If you do have an API Key, you need to revoke it as soon as possible. To do this, simply click "Revoke My Steam Web Api Key." Scammers can get access to your account from websites like I talked about above, websites are not official steam pages, but rather altered to look as much like a regular steam login page as possible. If you think someone has stolen your account, the best thing to do is to immediately change your steam password by going to https://store.steampowered.com/account. You can also click "deauthorize all other devices" by going to https://store.steampowered.com/twofactor/manage. That is all I can think of right now. Please let me know if there is anything I missed, I would like to continuously update this guide as time goes on and new scams appear. But I hope this helps people.
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    -Guide- Winter 2019 War Paint Case Item Breakdown

    copying the wiki to make steam community posts really is a sad level of self absorbed irony the only information on that entire thread that isn't wiki lifted is the twitch shill and self promotion
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    [Fixed] TF2 Effects Tier List/Guide. (2020)

    Created pre-scream fortress 2019 If I were to revise this now i'd probably move time warp and gbh and frostbite up a tier
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    Does anyone know who currently owns the arcana masters yellow belt?

    Lets not
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    How much could I get for this?

    That would be absurdly high xP. It could probably go for 25 keys at most. I'd say list it for 35, see what kinda offers you get, and if someone makes an offer at like 25 or higher, I'd take it 100%
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    Marketplace.tf replacement?

    mannco.store tried to give me 3 bucks for my unusual taunt worth 10 keys.... yeah no.
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    why was this accepted

    this is funny coming from a price manipulator like you.. This is a small study proving the current trend in backpack.tf. Drawing a parallel with the real world, it is worth noting how easily "rich and famous" politicians can get rid of competitors without consequences through the action of their authority, often bought. Due to their "authority" and "success", Payback and his friends are trying to get rid of me furiously, pointing out the rules and their violation, while they themselves do not comply with the requirements of the Trade Marketplace "Backpack.tf". It can be easily proofed just by checking their and other "famous" personalities listings. Because of its toxicity and contempt for the "lower strata of society." Therefore, I believe that Payback, and his gang, should be punished by law, in connection with their actions that do not comply with the rules of the "Backpack.tf" marketplace, because there is no place for monopolists.
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    ryan coke

    Please help

    There must be a rule against begging?
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    Add a Mercenary - Elite Grade Search

    Add a mercenary - elite grade search to backpack.tf classified listings. And for skins too, add a civilian grade through elite grade. This would make finding things a lot easier.
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    Making The Worst Possible Profile Pictures

    Thank you, I hate it!
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    -Guide- Winter 2019 War Paint Case Item Breakdown

    Hey guys, if you wanna see a way better guide for this, check out the people that actually did the work https://p337.info/tfview/
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    Does anyone know who currently owns the arcana masters yellow belt?

    Yeah, like little data-trails people leave on their steam profiles, like for instance 2 seconds into yours(just an example here, please don't get freaked out) i've found your youtube, i'm sure with some more effort i could attempt to find a facebook, or a linknd or instagram or something - -link- again, this is just an example of what i'm trying to say. Also i found your instagram, this is what i mean by datatrails people leave a small information here and there can lead to things like this, but i won't link your instagram to protect your identity(if you want it protected), i only linked your old youtube beacuse i doubt you use it anymore(if that's okay)
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    What will happen on election day?

    either donald trump will win or joe biden will win
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    Vrakos Anthrakir


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    Free 2 Play Scootz

    2019 Unusuals - Value Increase?

    That’s kinda like asking what the weather will be like in a month. U have a general idea but there’s no way to be sure. On one hand, the effects can still be unboxed so in theory the value should decrease in value over time. However, looking at effects like EOTL and robo effects, it’s proven that over time, old effects can increase in value even if they’re still unboxable. That being said, the effects have to be decent which is subjective. Also 2019 effects were unboxed in far larger numbers than EOTL or robo effects. So I would lean more on them decreasing rather than increasing. But honestly u really never know, miscs and old Halloween’s are like triple what they were a year ago so anything can happen.
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    https://steamcharts.com/app/440 last 30 days peak online simultaneously is just shy of 97k last 30 days average 67k if you seriously think that a peak is the total number of people who played the game that day, I'm not sure where we begin. I think somewhere around grade 5, but I have no interest in providing remedial elementary education. Dota peaks can be observed here https://steamcharts.com/app/570 The monthly uniques for dota are listed here https://blog.dota2.com/?l=english so we see about 700k in peak and >10 times that in monthly uniques we see average about 450k so >15 time that in monthly uniques CSGO peaks here https://steamcharts.com/app/730 Monthly uniques here https://blog.counter-strike.net/ so we see peaks almost 1million and >20 times that in monthly uniques we see average about 650k and >30 times that in monthly uniques using the low end (dota multipliers) we get 97k * 10 = 970,000 monthly unique tf2 players or 67k * 15 = 1,050,000 monthly unique tf2 players as crude estimates so you're looking at a dead head/playercount percentage of ~0.2% so while you talk like you know anything, I have data. Data that says, you are wrong.
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    The first step would be buying about a dozen more keys.
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    Please help

    I need an after dark but no one even bots are selling it for a good price the cheapest is 12.66 ref. Please send me 1
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    -Guide- Winter 2019 War Paint Case Item Breakdown

    Are you the VNN of "item guides"
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    I'm trying to sell a Signed item but..

    who the hell is mister swipes
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    I need help guys

    First, I am not a kid. Second, when you are scammed and all your things were taking, you will feel my feeling and you will need someone to support you. If you have a good and useful comment, say it, and if you do not have it, shut up. I wish everyone like you would happen to them what happened to me😡
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    FP jh34ghu43gu

    Update killstreak item pricing to consider base item price

    Killstreak items, impossible to price but the current averaging of scm sales is pretty alright at giving low end estimates. That's great and all for most items but when running into rarer items this price is often a terrible representation especially if scm sales are few and far between. Obviously I'm using my own inventory as an example but I'm sure other items exist (probably other collector items). The example I have is professional killstreak collector scottish handshakes. SCM valuation places them at ~17 keys due to quicksells to buy orders from over a year ago. That prices them at a cool 43% of what a non-killstreak one is currently priced at which can lead to sharking for uninformed players that might acquired these items years ago before quitting and recently coming back to clean inventory (and obviously "undervalues" my inventory by a cool 726 keys ) . I think it'd be an easy fix to add a check where if the scm last sale is older than the base item's price and is less than the base item then the base item's price would be used instead. Maybe just a price comparison if the date of sales is not easily accessible with how it's setup and then revert back to the scm price if the base item price is over a year old.
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    What will happen on election day?

    Trump wins and the world is thrown into chaos
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    Scott Bakula

    When are we gonna price Summer 2020 Cosmetic Items?

    When they stabilize enough for someone to make a valid suggestion on them. Prices on this site don't just appear out of the ether.
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    I'm trying to sell a Signed item but..

    Bruh, you can literally BUY his sign for 20 refs + giftapult. Why in the world someone would buy this from you for 30 keys?
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    Jean Arthur

    I need help guys

    Take the L, learn from your mistakes, and move on.
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    A poll for "The worst spell in the game"

    I really enjoy voices from below, it's fun to spam meme voice lines in a super low voice. I'm like a walking talking YTP.
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    ryan coke

    What will happen on election day?

    Trump 2020, baby.
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    What will happen on election day?

    either way america will be thrown into a civil war and china will win
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    Scott Bakula

    unusual trading

    8 keys gets you a bottom of the barrel hat or two bottom of the barrel taunts. It's still possible to make profit, but your entire capital will be invested into a singular item, making it harder to generate profit as all your eggs are in one basket. As for what to avoid or get, it really comes down to experience with watching the market and negotiating. You can make profit with anything, but what's important is knowing how much you can flip an item for and how quick. Make a wrong choice there and you are stuck with the item until you are willing to take the loss and try again. Knowing when to cut your losses is one of the most important things to learn when trading; Having an item that's not selling costs both time and potential profit, so it can be better to take the short term loss to reduce the overall costs. Learning how to properly offer and counteroffer with others without insulting them is also important. In low tier trades, item overpay and sweets are where you make profit, not something like buying a hat for 8 keys then selling it for 9. For what's desired, it's pretty obvious looking at the average prices on a hat to see what people want (i.e. a person typically wants an unusual Team Captain, not a Gym Rat). It is easier to sell a good hat with a bad effect, than a bad hat with a good effect. And for taunts, they can be worth it, but you can easily lose your shirt on them. Profit is easier when you stick with the limited effects instead of the standard ones. Honestly, I'd suggest buying about 12-15 more keys before starting. The more capital you have, the easier it is to generate profit.
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    MFB Goobie

    WTH is happening to rare stranges?

    The crates these come from are limited in supply, and super expensive. The one that contains the gunslinger, machina and kritzkrieg (salvaged mann co supply crate 30) has buy orders for 22 keys. There's 10 of them on the community market for 80 bucks each. crate 50 contains the pda and original. Same story for that one, 17 on the market, 55 bucks minimum.
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    Please trade

    how do people figure out how to make a forum account and create a post but can't use the search bar or classifieds
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    How much could I get for this?

  38. 7 points

    how many keys painted craftable pencil pusher cost

    Well well well ill take the 48 keys offer i got then xd
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    Dante Alighieri

    Making The Worst Possible Profile Pictures

    smelly maen made me stupid picture but I liek. 69/420
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    Making The Worst Possible Profile Pictures

    idk what to say, he's kinda like picasso +rep
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    Scott Bakula

    Please help

    If all you want to do is flip it and not use it, just pick a different item out of the hundreds available to flip for that third of a penny profit.
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    Bob the Unsymmetrical

    I'm trying to sell a Signed item but..

    Imagine paying extra for gift tags
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    Interesting Ice-cream

    I'm trying to sell a Signed item but..

    Just create another account called MrSwipez and gift it back to you from that account. If people doubt its from the guy, you can show the histories to disproof them
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    SFM+Photoshop commissions open!

    Henlo! m1lky here, I make SFM art, with hand made photoshop post-processing, for fun! I'd love to make posters for y'all for a price to make the time making these worth! Enough introduction, lets get straight to the point: ---------------- PAY AFTER SFM VERSION (BEFORE PHOTOSHOP EDITING) (This is to avoid scamming) Contact me in: Discord: m1lky#9407 Prices: • 2 TF2 Keys ($4) - Profile Pictures • 4 TF2 Keys ($8) - Loadout Showcase/PC Wallpaper • 4 TF2 Keys ($8) - Loadout Showcase/Phone Wallpaper In money, you can pay me via Paypal. I'll send the email once you messaged me personally ---------------- STYLES: Dark, Cartoon, Cinematic Examples: PROFILE PICTURES PC WALLPAPER PHONE WALLPAPER ---------------- Note: All will be rendered in 4k quality Thanks for listening!
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    Would unusual trading in 2020 be worth it?

    Disagree completely. I manually manage around 200 buy orders for unusuals at a time and get overcut by a scrap to a ref every 30 minutes to hour or so. I have to update them dozens of times a day. They also use these buy orders to obtain things which they then quicksell cheaper than anyone else can afford to, still turning profit in a fraction of the time it'd take a human to do and completely throwing margins for non-bot traders into a disarray. Oftentimes something I'm selling will be undercut by a bot and I won't make the one sale I would on it, and it sits that much longer. Also, even if I have the highest buy order, people will still sell to a bot instead of waiting for a few minutes for me to confirm the order, check the history of the hat, and correct offer price. Bots have made people incredibly impatient when it comes to trading and expect an instant response. I've had 4 unusual offers come in today that were sold within 1-5 minutes instead to a bot for at least a key less that I personally verified. On top of all that, some bot owners donate to increase their amount of listings possible. I have seen some bots have upwards of 11,000 buy orders spread across hats, though most tend to have a few hundred to a few thousand. The amount of time I put into managing 100-200 buy orders already would be considered nuts by most, I can't imagine manually updating that many buy orders.
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    FP jh34ghu43gu

    Price check: Unusual Haunted Metal Scrap

    That's a 2 year old price for a rare item that are mostly in collector or dead backpacks, pretty sure you could get more if you're patient enough to wait for the right buyer to come around. If you want cash quick yea go ahead and list for 56 but personally I'd shoot for 100 and work my way down after a few months of no offers. If you're going the quick sell route this guy looks like he has a haunted scrap collection going so you could see what he offers https://steamcommunity.com/id/dpi_erico/ (I'd also buy it for 56 right now if you wanna add me... :c )
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    Adolf Storms

    Key Price

    it's been beat 2 death already. search forum
  48. 6 points

    When are we gonna price Summer 2020 Cosmetic Items?

    as soon as the price fairy gets off her lazy ass
  49. 6 points

    Please help

    The site doesn't accept new sellers; you can still buy things, even if you have not bought anything before. That's the point of still selling items "from a small list of hand-selected sellers" after December 15th.
  50. 6 points

    -Guide- Winter 2019 War Paint Case Item Breakdown

    I agree tf2wiki does a great job ngl
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