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    I eat, Jon its what I do

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    Shitposting is an art, and a way of life on the internet, come share your favorite shitpost worthy moments and memes, make it as cancerous as possible. but make sure its acceptable and within the boundaries of backpack.tf rules and guidelines.
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    Talk about NBA, your teams, whatever. Try not to shitpost plz.

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    Only big ballers allowed

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    it will cost you 1 key to join this club, payable to lord swag

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    fanclub for the worst site on the interwebs

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    Website with TF2, CSGO & Steam trading guides. Now with a club *yay*

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    real hat club

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    w o r d s w i t h t h e l e t t e r s s p a c e d o u t

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    We are dumb people writing dumb stuff. We allow only the finest normemelords and jesters into the Collection. Post your finest memes, your funniest jokes, your dumbest questions, and you just may be invited or accepted. Or just say you seriously believe yourself to be an idiot I guess that's fine

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    A club for suggesters.

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    Only cool kids, no meanies :) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/bucetscams http://steamcommunity.com/groups/bucket_screenshots

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    Are you WOKE? Get out of the grass, sheeple! Your truths are lies told to you by the hundreth time!

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    I'm gonna throw you out the god damn Window

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    This is just a test

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    haha kek

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    Soon you will see the extent of my failings...

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    for all the soft girls out there... boys allowed too but only if they're soft

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    Discussion related to Scrap.TF: the home of scrap banking, hat banking, promo banking, raffles, and much, much more!