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  2. is TF2 economy overpriced?

    i always believed that the economy is kind of stupid and overpriced. inflation is too high and items too expensive. so i set up this poll to get your opinions on it! be sure to answer honestly!
  3. I need help

    Power surge is not that great but BOA is an all class hat so it's still pretty desirable. Cloudy moon is a high tier effect but like most Halloween effects, they're overprecided because there are not many sells. Not gonna talk about the massed flies, you can't barelly see it on game... In my opinion, a straight downgrade if you take it.
  4. The sollution to this issue is to use some common sense and block the impersonators. You can put as many warnings as you want but people will still get scammed
  5. Today
  6. I need help

    patience is key ye know. I would say don't accept lowball offers if he isn't paying full pure. because, quickselling is a thing. Just my opinion
  7. Just ignore any random add
  8. not too useful.anyone can be impersonated.impersonation scam is too common.it cant be stopped
  9. I need help

    Decline it. If hes pressuring you to make your decission. Making a trade under pressure would only lead to a bad trade. Plus if you got that many offers already you should wait a little longer because BoA is a nice unu to have.
  10. I like this idea i think its really good. The real challenge tho is implementation :3 Very hard but definitely not imposible. I wonder what they'll do.
  11. [Open] Confused...

    guide had been removed by the author luls
  12. But anybody can be impersonated, so this doesn't really serve a point. Hundreds of traders put a message on their steam profile saying "i dont have alts, i dont use opskins, i dont use steam admins ect yada yada yada" and people still fall for it when the warnings in plain sight. What makes you think this will work any better?
  13. I don't know about this. I've spent some time in the top 200, and never experienced any increase in scammer adds from that. I'd assume that's high enough to see the increase if there was going to be one--anyone using the list to target people should at least have the stamina to get through a couple hundred. Here's my experiences in regards to scammers adding me: I get a small number, probably 5 or fewer per month that seem to be completely random, and that number seems to hold pretty steady no matter what I do. But I experience a sharp increase if I add or comment on the profile of any of the best-known traders. It seems that scammers lurk around popular/top traders and send friend invites to their friends, or to people who leave comments on their profile. Cleaning my friends list also helped a lot--anyone on your friends list who has scammers in their friends list could be causing those adds. In your situation, look at this: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198351118640 This bot is on your friends list. He has 20 banned friends, some of whom are outright trade-banned scammers. Any of them could very easily be using the bot's huge (>1,500) friends list, including you, as a list of targets for scamming--especially the ones who are trade banned and have no other reason for being friends with a bot that they can't trade with. And once they have that list of accounts, they can keep creating new accounts and trying different scamming methods on all >1,500 people. While I can't say for sure that the top inventories list isn't the source of any of the adds, I can guarantee that being taken off any and all lists won't stop the scammers adding you completely: I have an alt with a private inventory that I just use for storage (I don't play or trade on it), and it still gets scammer invites.
  14. I need help

    Id decline easily, sounds like a lowball. the brotherhood of arms sounds pretty terrible but doesnt mean you gotta sell it for cheap
  15. That isnt a good solution involving scammers. Moreso all you can do is just ignore the impersonator and move on with your life. Ik it is really hard to deal with, but you just gotta deal with them anyways.
  16. Absolutely. Anyone who thinks they are learning how to negotiate in the real world based on most negotiations I see on this game are deluded. There is some benefit in learning some marketing skills, however.
  17. I need help

    the jeepcap guy's only giving me 12 hours to decide...
  18. Yesterday
  19. Having a small backpack, I get added by scammers every day. I can't imagine what you guys go through.
  20. I need help

    I'd wait for a few more answers from some more experienced people. But from what I can see, both fall way short of current BoA price. No recent sales suggest you may get more from it. However, lets look at the 2 offers: CH Rifleman has a outdated price, with sellers down to 120 keys. The Jeepcap is 2 wees indate, but the Rack is outdated, which could be compounded if it is duped. The jeepcap offer is better in my opinion, but to be honest, you'd probably be able to get more. But its up to you.
  21. ksolis01

    I got an Atomizer named "Dragon Dildo" today in a trade. 

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    3. Scott Bakula

      Scott Bakula

      I prefer my Fists of Steel renamed "Tyrannosaurus Rex Masturbation Aid".

    4. 3.50


      Since we're on the topic: Boston Basher = "anything's a dildo if you're brave enough"

  22. Many people with expensive backpacks do not like being on the top listed backpacks page. It heavily increases the number of people adding you to scam you. Could we please get an opt out system either where the user is hidden on the list ie displaying 'hidden user' or that they aren't considered on the list ie it skips them, I find both would be appropriate solutions.
  23. I need help

    I'm only just now coming back to trading so can't say which you should do. If value seems to be about even and histories look nice (no dupes, scammers) I've found its easier to sell smaller unusuals for pure than one large one. Though usually takes more times. At the end of the day following other people's advice often hurt me more than just going with my instict. The best thing you can do is try not to rely on other traders as their mistake could easily get you burned. I have burned many times by this.
  24. Earlier today I was added by an impersonator who claimed to be a high tier trader, and linked to "his rep thread". I did not click it but instead manually typed it in. It showed the high tier trader's repution obviously, then going back to the steam profile I looked him up and of course they were different people. What I'm suggesting is when you look at someones repuation thread if they are known to have impersonators warn people of this. There are many users who wouldn't think to look up the user themself, unless it gave such a warning. This suggestion doesn't keep established traders much safer but I imagine it would keep newer players and newer traders less likely getting scammed.
  25. Guide for Reporting on the Main Site

    Upload them to an image hosting site like imgur.com
  26. Guide for Reporting on the Main Site

    How exactly do you put the addition of images into a report?
  27. ♥Nick♥


    1. ksolis01


      I orgasmed to this yesterday.

  28. Pricing problems.

    Currently I'm looking at another hat. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to buy that Capper. A few other hats I see in your inventory also look nice, but I'm gonna try and tie up loose ends before I do anything.
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