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  2. Hello! As the title says, i'm willing to make a commission for a drawn profile picture. Currently looking for a semi-professional artist that is willing to be paid in (tf2) keys. Post some examples or your portfolio below and i'll contact whoerever i see fit for my commission. Have a nice day!
  3. Baloo

    Using bot.tf as your whole proof is dumb. If it only records sales from its own bots, and sales are only visible to those who pay for the service, then its essentially proprietary information. Additionally, whatever happened to the rule way back that suggestions could be based solely on bot sales due to their inherent convenience nor Steam Community Market?

    1. ḎℰѦÐ! Boom

      ḎℰѦÐ! Boom

      Times are changing.

    2. Zeus_Junior


      If theres no other sales, then why not just use bottf sales. (for unusuals)

      90% of the bots in the non unusual classifieds are from bottf, the other 10% are most likely self made and usually match the price of the bottf bots.

      You could get sales from people, but thats so much harder as most people that trade uniques / vintage etc do it on a large scale, like backpack buyers

  4. iirc, only people in this steam group can sell ref https://steamcommunity.com/groups/marketplacesellers you cannot join this group anymore. it was closed beta sellers.
  5. I was scammed and need help

    why dont you just share the story here and we'd be able to help you rather than the steam discussion.there's less toxic people here
  6. I was scammed and need help

    Have you ever heard of Steamrep.com its a reliable site for situations like these but it won't help you get your stuff, but it will warn people about the scammer
  7. Yesterday
  8. I was scammed and need help

    Unfortunately there's not much we or anyone else can do after getting scammed, sorry. Get screenshots of chatlogs if you have them, report whoever scammed you, and be sure not to let it happen again.
  9. My discord is Vulpis#1219 and i got scammed out of items. I need help.
  10. How much for this S.Unusal? (Recently unboxed)

    It still happens though. When I unboxed a sunbeams coldsnap cap I had 3 different people add me who asked about it before I posted about it anywhere.
  11. When you sign up to become a seller, there is a page they only show you once (yes, apparently there's no way to see it again). Among other things, it says Also see thread from 2017 (answer by ThePickleCat) and reddit post.
  12. I want to sell refined on the site but it says I need to become an approved seller. How do I do that?
  13. Auroz

    66 pure keys VS cloud9 hong kong cone

    1. WaTTs


      Keep cone. Lots of quickbuyers at 66, could get 75 for it imho

  14. Probably confused it with autobump (donation/premium) not realizing that bot bumps its listings without it.
  15. What's exactly unfair about the bot trading as intended?
  16. What would be unfair about that? It's doing everything it would if online. The only difference is that it has a gray outline instead of a blue/green one...
  17. Making SFM Posters n Stuff v?????

    Yes, I did mean it as a compliment! Sorry if it came across as anything else.
  18. Oh well what can we do. Items cant be restored by steam. Good thing it was a cheap 12 key unusual.
  19. Found a scammer/impersonator of Darth chicken gaming

    Fell for the oldest trick in the book
  20. Well on more recent news i fell for it. After an absence of like 5 months from tf2 trading... Well done me .. There go all the money i sank into the game
  21. Valve to censor anime sexual content.luls

    Because parents can sue them
  22. Valve to censor anime sexual content.luls

    Keeping a good public image. There is more and more anime ecchi and hentai being published on Steam and while this move is not profitable in the short term, it prevents the platform from being considered by the general public primarily as a place for NEETs to purchase smut in the long term.
  23. If it accepts trades then yea, bots can be run in offline mode
  24. Piterek

    Oh goy, the Jewish butthurt on reddit right now is just golden.

    1. AdamWTS


      oy vey shut it down

      but what's going on

    2. Piterek
    3. Zeus_Junior


      Oh i saw that on TV lol

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