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  2. Sold a ST FN Ghost Town one for about 95+ish a couple weeks ago, super sick warpaint. Also themed rn since it's halloween:p
  3. Keks

    Easy profits part 2? By Poes

    peep the viridescent profit
  4. I would not wait because anything additional you could theoretically get by waiting probably wouldn't justify holding it for two months instead of trading with that capital. And that's if someone does actually pay more for it during december - considering there's the BMOC, Smissmas Saxton and at a similar pricepoint Shoestring Santa which are all a lot more appealing to those who want a christmas themed hat.
  5. Today
  6. Same, been looking into getting an Autumn Shotgun with nice colours, only have a lame brown one at the moment. Might have to settle for MW, because it seems like all the nice (original) Civilian Skins have gone up in price. Makes me wish I nabbed some more FN Dressed to Kill weapons (still working on that though)
  7. Bone Cone Peeper for 610 euros ~437 keys. Funny stuff. - Poes out
  8. Mr365truck

    Ethereal Essence Mister Bones

    wrong place this goes here https://forums.backpack.tf/forum/15-team-fortress-2-item-trading/
  9. autumn is my favorite,it has a rare pink variant and im only slightly obsessed with it
  10. I just bought a Hat off of the market, an all class Steaming Kiss King and I am wondering if I should sell it right now or hope to sell it for more on Christmas?
  11. Ethereal Essence Mister Bones Taking Offers on That Nice All-Class Elite Grade Good Looking Effect Hat Currently Sales : 300+ in mix
  12. Electroshocked is very expensive, even in non-strange. It's basically Thunderbolt Mk.II; if you like the Thunderbolt Sniper Rifle, you'll like Electroshocked. Pairs very well w/ Kill-a-Watt (and to a lesser extent Terror Watt), so there's that too.
  13. Please post proper evidence of the sale if you want it to pass thanks https://backpack.tf/suggestion/6174f4da3847b61572135f5e
  14. awsommv

    Ethereal Essence Mister Bones

    Thats not even 400 and its a max sale yikes...
  15. Nether

    Ethereal Essence Mister Bones

  16. Personally my favorites are Fire Glazed, Ghost Town, Spectrum Splattered, and Helldriver
  17. Nether

    Ethereal Essence Mister Bones

  18. Nether

    Ethereal Essence Mister Bones

    Nah nah guys im not going to sell it for 400 I’m just catch understand how’s is going for 400 or around that suggesters can check the sale in history
  19. Here's a good tier list but of course it's one person's opinion so take everything with a grain of salt.
  20. Zeus_Junior

    Obtaining an API key without a website

    For the backpacktf api just explain what you’ll use it for For the steam api it really doesn’t matter
  21. Hi I collect eeries it is very pogger and you should let me know if you ever want to sell
  22. Miami Element and Jazzy are top, top tier. I think many of the ones from last Halloween are least sought after.
  23. Most expensive, well most high grade 2017 skins. As for best looking, well thats your own personal preference.
  24. AD⚡HD

    Ethereal Essence Mister Bones

    Lets assume the dude at 250 was a quicksell, but then you lost yours for 245 and now that’s the market price. If you had waited for his to sell you might have actually gotten close to 400
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