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  3. flarez

    How to Price Check (unusuals/warpaints/etc)

    too many words zzz tl;dr for classifieds: classifieds search -> for weapons type the weapon, for unapplied paints type in War Paint -> add filter for effect of choice (hot, cool, isotope, energy orb) -> search. for example, i want to look at hot miniguns i just type in minigun and go under effect filter and add hot. and like magic, here it is if i want cool war paints i just perform this sorcery from there you also get to see generic buy orders for ANY weapon/war paint of that effect regardless of the condition its in. you
  4. Mariogeek2

    Low-Tier Unusual Pricing Suggestion

    If you think you could get more for it, you could always list it on a site like Mannco store for more than 9 keys and then just buy the keys once it sells (I've had several instances where I've had an item listed for higher on Marketplace tf or the SCM than the classifieds and it sold). Otherwise, there's no way you're getting more than 9 keys for it until the one on sale at the moment eventually sells. I'd probably list it for 8 keys and then about 2/3 of a key in ref.
  5. (Image credit - Wurlmon) 2021 has barely started and we already have the first major cup; GGtoor Locked and Loaded coming live to twitch.tv/kritzkast during the weekend of January 30th - 31st! This event is being organized by Phoenix Red, the team behind Lockdown Throwdown and Copenhagen Games, and has a prize pool of $600. Join their Discord and sign up your team before January 28th. View the full article
  6. Auroz




    imagine being that greedy that you would refuse a pure offer at full price already


    This tryhard put his item at 4.65 key (about 4 keys and 35 ref), I had only 4 keys 10 ref back then. He declined my first offer so I sold a key to get metal. And when I sent the offer back with the correct price he basically removed the item from the classifieds and put it at 5 keys. Like wtf?

    1. Zeus_Junior


      I feel like i've seen this status update before

  7. swunk

    strange prof spelled machina

    alright guys. thought so. appreciate it
  8. ApothicЯ

    strange prof spelled machina

    Agreed, sold several in the past w/ exorcism for $70 on Marketplace
  9. Lʌyer

    strange prof spelled machina

    Around 40 keys imo , there is one spelled for 45 but with better ks effect and shine
  10. swunk

    strange prof spelled machina

    that was funny. NOT
  11. Zeus_Junior


  12. Amattica

    strange prof spelled machina

    about 2 refined 3 scrap, i can offer 2 refined.
  13. [RCR] The Red Cross

    Low-Tier Unusual Pricing Suggestion

  14. How much would this worth ? Strange Professional Killstreak Machina Item Details Level 5 Sniper Rifle - 142 Kills Killstreaker: Flames Sheen: Deadly Daffodil Origin: Found in Crate Parts Attached Buildings Destroyed (8) ~3.3–3.4 keys Airborne Enemy Kills (19) ~2.2 keys Heavies Killed (14) ~13.77–13.88 ref Spells Halloween Spell: Exorcism
  15. It's going to be -20 on monday here. It's that cold enough for hell to freeze over?
  16. Cash sites? Probably your best bet
  17. Here are some tips to go through before you make another thread asking for a price check. Also check the comments as I am sure other people will contribute. ============================================================================================================================= 1. Use Backpack.tf (effectively) Open the home page Trading -> Classified listings Use the search filters (the more specific, the better) to find your item or Navigate to your backpack Hover the item Visit BOTH stats page and classifieds (stats page will le
  18. Use me, I promise I'll rip you off 10% less than anyone else.
  19. BarelyInaudible

    Strange Assassin Grade Cosmetic Price Suggestions

    prob around 50 ref - 1 key
  20. Yesterday
  21. Just your casual tf2player

    Petition to add the smissmas 2020 items to backpack.tf

    Oh ok, sorry for bothering, im pretty new to this site and trading so yeah, but Thanks!
  22. Lobbyist

    Is it just me or not many users are using Bazaar.tf?

    no clue either. it seems reliable and its been around almost as long as outpost was. actually it seems to have dropped off in usage since first being released. I remember it was pretty popular while outpost was still around but ive only recently come back to trading and see that its not really used anymore. though i do see many people always longing for a outpostesque trading site again on trade server voice chats. the trading community is just very indecisive what they actually want as a platform for well. trading. edit: woops i just realized how old this thread is lol. my bad
  23. Probably around 300-350 keys ~540-640$ ($1.8 a key) 6-700$ ($2 per key). Current buy order of 150 keys on bp.tf. I think 300-350 is OK
  24. Ye, my mistake, meant to say - will not middleman PP trades.
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