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  2. ♥Nick♥


    its weird how law and order just deleted two main characters after season 3 with no explanation. I liked Paul Robinette.

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  4. Couldn't you just search for all your past posts and edit them? That way no one would even know what you might have said that might have offended someone all that time ago.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I don't care about offending anyone. It was just unnecessary and cringe as hell.
  7. For the past week backpack.tf has been unable to refresh my markeplace.tf inventory, so I have not been able to create new classifieds for the items i have on marketplace. I understand that sometimes it takes some time for backpack to refresh, but my marketplace.tf inventory has always refreshed instantly until a week ago. Any idea on what I can do? I've tried logging out and back into both backpack and marketplace, and have even tried re-depositing my entire marketplace inventory. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Zeus_Junior

    Trading not working

    Seems to be working
  9. Zeus_Junior

    Price check on 2 weapons

    You are a scammer. You are not welcome on the forums. Appeal your ban first
  10. Cool Fez

    Price check on 2 weapons

    I deal with weapons, but take an L uga buga
  11. Program

    Price check on 2 weapons

    Even though he is banned for running from a broker, it still seems unfair to not pc his weapons. I dont deal with weapons, so I cant tell you, but I hope you find an answer.
  12. - B u r n

    Tips for price suggestions?

    this is inefficient, you can just request histories from people with premium
  13. Bob the Unsymmetrical

    Price check on 2 weapons

    Sorry man, a ban is still a ban, no matter how long it has been. Plus, if you have the evidence or proof that you didn't run away with broker items, then appeal it?
  14. Diamond jozu

    Price check on 2 weapons

    that is not evidence.if you want people to stop being 'rude' and calling you a scammer,go and make your appeal and provide uncropped/unedited pictures.you can even ask your victim to help you out
  15. Elcapast

    Price check on 2 weapons

    If you guys wanna be dick about it (Proof I did not scam https://imgur.com/a/lggF44V So there and guess what the ban was 3 years ago so keep being rude ;3
  16. JayTuut


    *Opens up steam* "YOU CAN'T FUCK ON AN EMPTY STOMACH

    1. Vebster



  17. Knightfury69

    Burning flames Officers Ushanka

    100 seems fair for that
  18. creepio

    Price check on 2 weapons

    I can broker them for you
  19. Diamond jozu

    Price check on 2 weapons

    My idea for your prices is that i can give you a holy mackerel fish for your items. its a really good offer for a scammer
  20. Just wondering as bp.tf price is outdated whats the going rate for a clean burning flames officers ushanka? Looking to sell for pure but just wanted to get an idea of how much I should ask. Thanks in advanced
  21. fenfen

    Price check on 2 weapons

    Your VAC ban doesn't help either, yikes.
  22. LaughingLollipop

    Price check on 2 weapons

    So you're banned for being a scammer https://backpack.tf/u/76561198243196922 I don't particularly feel inclined to offer any advice, and I think others should be aware of this before responding.
  23. yea, I've managed a trade on scrap.tf just now so I reckon it's fixed
  24. Hello i am newish to unusual weapons but i have no idea how much these go for any ideas?
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