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  3. -Sprocket#3165 -Qld GMT+10 -Anywhere from 1-3 -during about midday
  4. step 1: invent time machine step 2: go back in time to 2013
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  6. Wait, you made 600$ in one month in RL? Then I will tell you one thing, Don't worry about tf2 trading, seriously, You will have higher profits by developing and taking your time in RL economy than starting with 30 (or even more) keys.
  7. metablack20109vr

    Getting back into trading and TF2, need some tips

    after i got scammed i started up with an aussi scatty and i managed to reach my goal which was a golden pan,and some keys and unusuals that i cashed out. Since there is more sellers than buyers,you'll have to take the approach and reach out to other traders,buy quicksells, and requicksell for a bit higher or sell it for full price or even more depending on the unusual. If you have the opportunity to get rare items that are discontinued on tf2 aka no longer unboxable,you sell those for a price higher than bp.tf,depending on the rarity and how many are on the markets. You'll have to spend some time on servers often,i used to come to firepowered and vatican evryday at night to see whats poppin. And here im gonna tell you the truth,what most people do and never say,they target new players that have unusuals or aussies et...,low level profile and a few hours on tf2,they added them and they try to lowball them and shark them,basicaly they try to get the best deal since the guy have no idea. You can also make profit during events,halloweens or christmas since they add new items,hats,effects etc...trust me when there is hype,there is room for huge profit,i made hundreds of keys during halloween of 2016 and realised later after i sold my halloween unusuals that they got priced for shit. Having close high tier trader friends could help you,i had friends with who we lended to each other keys for trades n shit,asked each other about opinion on trades and deals. Some famous traders nowdays have scammers in their friendlist,i dont wanna say names,but a lot of them, trade with them because its like laundering money,a guy scams a hat and decide to cash it out fast,since they cant trade bots,they trade with rich traders since they buy in bulk and get even better deals.this will get you banned on bp eventually. You can use bp premium so you can have auto bump,look for owners for specific hats,people use that feature during events mostlikely to get fresh hats out of the unboxers,some of those guys try to shark and this has been like this since years, Now i just like to play casually with friends,i literally have items anymore and it does feel weird,but i feel like trading is so slow now and the economy is so inflated. I would suggest only get in trading if you truly love the game and have free time,if you're here to make money,it's not really worth it.
  8. Mr Furley

    Cold someone price this unpriced for me

    Yeah I have no free time at the moment, thanks for the reply
  9. 1.Yes, you can´t make as much profit in any other segment 2. Bp.tf is your main site; Important Trade Servers are: Vatican City and Firepowered 3.You can do both 4.Depends if you are skilled in tf2 trading, it can take from a week to a year or more 5.idk, i´d try asking Very high traders on that one 6. If you want a profit more than 0.5 keys? no. (I wouldn´t touch that segment especially after the Crate Depression) 7. Idk, I don´t have any experience in that segment, but Valve has made any newly bought keys from CS:GO untradable, kinda killing the Economy on their part. I´d wait until the market calms down. 8.Again, depends on your Skill and how active you are 9. Yeah, if you focus on the old retired Effects you can make a lot of profit (I don´t have any expirience in price segments above 40 Keys, so take everything with a Grain of Salt)
  10. You can start by buying my quicksells 😏
  11. JayTee


    As of today (15th of December) Plays.tv is shutdown :(


    1. 🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥

      🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥

      Whats that

  12. Discord Username: Ankle Jack# 1788 timezone: China(uct+8) Hours a day: 2-3 hours Time of day active: Morning, night
  13. Diamond jozu

    Cold someone price this unpriced for me

    you could always get on the bp.tf discord or find shuffle spy. He is always out there, helping out everyone as much as he can and asks nothing in return unlike the reply above me
  14. After years long abscence I've decided to come back to TF2 and trading. My motivation? nostalgia, flexing and I want to buy back my dlore, howl and fire serpent without spending much of real cash on it - so yea that's quite a goal and I'm not sure if it's even achievable My idea was to start from the scratch, but seeing that low tier trading has been infested with bots i've decided to buy around 30 keys and start there. I'm looking for some quality tips, even the obvious ones such as where to trade, what to trade, what to avoid, how to identify bad/good deals etc. perhaps links to some handy proven guides. Anything will be very helpful Also here are some questions that I want for sure know the answer to: 1. I'm assuming I should be looking at unu trades mostly? 2. Is backpack tf a place where i will be making most of my profit? what are other places I should be visiting? how important are trade servers? 3. Do I post trades and wait for people to add me or mostly will I be the one adding people? 4. How long does it usually take for a trader to double their inventory if they are starting with ~30 keys? is it days,weeks or months? - I'm motivated and plan to be very active, but if it's going to take unvelivable amount of time just to double my inventory then I need to rething if it's even worth getting back into. I also traded in Rocket League and making profit there was easy as pie - easily $0 to $600+ in a month - not so much since the update. From what I've seen TF2 is the place for trading now 5. What profit monthly can I expect to be making with 300-500 keys worth inventory? - For sure things pick up from there and I'm guessing 300+ keys is where I will be able to scale my operation enough to see consistant profit. How long could it take to reach that stage? 6. Should I be looking at 10k unus? worth the hassle? 7. is it true that CS/TF2 crosstrading can bring a lot of profit? 8. how many trades can I expect to be making in a week with 30 keys in my inv? 9. Also I heard that halloween unusuals are a good place to start is that true?
  15. -Discord username: Zeckatz#3257 -Timezone: GMT+6 -2-12 Hours. (Depends) -All day. Good luck, you people might need it because i'm about to win again.
  16. mokky#0110 Gmt +8 currently on holidays so probs 3-5 hours a day. afternoons 🤔
  17. Just bought a 1 of 1 abysmal archers sterling. I guess you could use compair on my inventory but some of the taunts I traded for it are also unpriced. Whoever submits this if anyone can, I will give you some items for your troubles, just add me and comment on my profile. Thank you thank you
  18. goblin | Ham Mafia |#8663 GMT-4 on vacation so most likely 9 to 10 hrs a night usually up all night
  19. Last week
  20. Captainfluffy

    price check

    tbh i would agree with that looked abit more into the effect and what the others are priced at. i would say around 13-14 in alll honesty seings its still strange
  21. - Chip#8869 - US Central (GMT -6) - Between 3-5 - Mornings from 9-3:30, occasionally midnight as well
  22. Henchman 21

    Henchman 21

    If I pay for an SFM (promotional) thumbnail for an unusual effect, do I have to include the artist as part of the workshop item or no since I paid for the service.

    1. JayTee


      No, but it's nice to 

    2. Diamond jozu

      Diamond jozu

      i mean its not like you made it and it would be nice decency to credit them


    price check

    Highly doubt it is worth more than 12-14 keys to be honest. Better effects go for less than 18.
  24. Kevin the Chicken God

    Kevin the Chicken God


    1. phenompak



  25. han singular

    Question About Duped Items

    Destroy item histories! Seriously.. everything looks the same in game. The idea that someone paid $13,300 for a clean burning tc for personal use and a duped burning tc can't sell for $4,300 blows my mind.
  26. Captainfluffy

    price check

    Its priced at 18 keys. tho it being strange i'd recon will only add like 1-2 keys of value as its quite low tier
  27. - Wrein#0524 -GMT+2 -1-12 hours depending on family / duty -Mid day till late night Can we have WEEB Team ?
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