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  2. Honestly, hardly any site does anymore. Not even PornHub anymore lmao. Dealing with charge-backs is such a headache.
  3. Except they no longer accept paypal so the convenience factor is gone, theres no actual good alternatives yet.
  4. The problem with most of these CSGO sites are that the minimum cart is 50$ and the minimum cashout value is 150$. Back in a day I used to use BitSkins 24/7. I tried buying a 20$ CSGO skin last week on BitSkins again, I got greeted by a message that min.cart is 50$.
  5. Yeah the market is open for anyone who wants to create a genuinely good TF2 cash site. I mean with all the traffic that Marketplace.tf got and the 10% fee, Geel is probably a millionaire. So let's see what happens.
  6. Some of these are only csgo but to name a few possible cash sites: SkinBaron BitSkins Skins.cash ( not player to player ) Skinport Gameflip Cs.deals And i'm almost certain a new site will be created now that mptf is closing, since its such a big competitor
  7. hopefully well be able to an p2p option like buff, buff supports tf2 items, but we'll need a platform more oriented to tf2 and with USD payment options. but as for now and the coming months i guess we just wont have any decent site. mannco.store=has a ton of drama behind it, but it will be the next big site as for now cs.deals=shitty UI. You can't even see the effects in the fuckin site. bitskins= kind of the same shit as cs.deals another big factor is, marketplace has a ton of buyers because they support paypal and none of the cs cash sites are allowed to use it. hopefully 1 of these sites puts their shit together, otherwise we're kinda fucked with having a good cashout site.
  8. MannCo.store has stiffed me before. I got $21.30 from the site for selling my Scorching Flames Brown Bomber. Prices are also intentionally misleading. You'll end up paying $2 for a key that's valued at $1.67, even though MannCo.store specifically states "ONLY" a 5% fee! But what they don't say is the other fees for arbitrary bullshit that piles up to equalling more than Marketplace.tf. They also came from MannCo.trade, which had an even worse reputation for illicit practices. So I hope that MannCo.store isn't the future if TF2 case trades. Also, about my 21 dollar sale, I was ignored completely by support.
  9. mannco.store is the future
  10. you need to convert it using the key prices of the site you are selling on
  11. Melancholy Sky

    SFM Profile Pictures | 1 Key

    Yea ngl; People offer miles better in quality for that price. Your model isn't even cropped out from the green screen correctly, you have a single example & nothing to make your artwork stand out from others. Maybe considering adjusting your prices accordingly while you're still learning if you're hoping to actually get customers & showcase more examples. Consider the following, You can get a profile picture of this quality for merely 1 key more than the price you're charging.
  12. Jessecar

    TF2 Blog UGC League Fall Season 2020

    Prepare yourself! The UGC League Fall Season is about to start! Come join the players that played last season for some competitive TF2 action! Players of all skill levels are welcome to come play in their Highlander, 6v6, 4v4 and Ultiduo leagues! The first week of matches starts Monday, October 5th, and there is no cost to play. The UGC has divisions across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. Players from any of these regions are encouraged to sign up and join the fun! In-game medals will be awarded to players who test their mettle! The UGC has awarded nearly 168,000 medals since 2011! Visit the UGC website and Discord for more information, learn how to play, look for players or to find a team! View the full article
  13. Strange

    Not sure if Duplicate or Not.

    Yeah, weather you own the green or blue one, people will still pay less for it except for a few suggestions like only one in existence
  14. Will most likely move over to another website just because you don't have to worry about chargebacks or getting scammed. If a new one (ran by someone trustworthy) doesn't pop up, cash trading might move to an already-existing website. Possible options: CS.Deals - 1% fee (5% fee for keys) Bitskins - Has been reliable for the last several years in the CS community and infrastructure is already setup there for TF2 MannCo.Store - Next best TF2-dedicated cash marketplace after MP.TF but traders have mixed opinions on its reputation
  15. Hi. When marketplace.tf will be closed, what will happen to money / items trades in tf2? Will they be mainly on bp.tf forum ? Post your thoughts below.
  16. JayTuut


    Dammit Zeus.. 2F1bJHZ.png

  17. SFM Profile Pictures My Steam profile: Echo I'm creating SFM profile pictures for the price of 1 key , If you are interested feel free to add me on steam and provide the details of the class , cosmetics and background you would like. Example artwork Have a good day
  18. Scott Bakula

    Question about TF2 currency in CS:GO items.

    You can list a product for whatever you want. Whether it will sell or not will depend on you and your price. As I said before, you need to do the math when converting value from market to market. $450 Steam Wallet translates into 163 keys/$300 USD. So if you think you can sell for about 200 dollars higher than that, go for it.
  19. Scott Bakula

    Not sure if Duplicate or Not.

    The green just shows when the item ids are in order; you can't really tell which one is the dupe. In any case though, the hat's of a low enough value where the only people that care about it being duped are people who just want to lowball the hell out of you.
  20. Mengh.

    Not sure if Duplicate or Not.

    It's still considered duplicated because of the "Duplicated" tag in the top right-hand corner.
  21. So if I listed the knife on a 3rd party website that had TF2 keys for cheaper, could I say that I'm asking for x amount in PayPal or 280 keys, even though the value is less than the one on the community market?
  22. JayTuut



  23. So I am a click away from accepting an unusual trade, and I noticed something fishy in the history of that item. https://backpack.tf/item/181450555 Although the ID of the current item is green, it's history is duplicated and I am not sure how to classify it. Is it still considered duplicated, or it's the original item?
  24. JayTuut


    mafia 1 got remastered damn

  25. AJ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Question about TF2 currency in CS:GO items.

    Steam community market has an almost different currency to actual cash trading, since Steam funds are not able to be withdrawn, they lose a lot of power. As Scott previously said, factor in the steam fee of +15% to the amount you receive (ie. Divide the selling price by 1.15 and you get the amount of funds you receive) and then you cannot use the typical Paypal Cash ratio of $1.7/1.8 to a key as you are not able to buy keys at that price with Steam Funds. It's dumb because if something is an actually good deal on SCM but you have to put your own money in to get it, it isn't worth it half the time as you could buy keys cheaper with that Cash. If you already have SCM funds or you can sell stuff on market for high prices, then it is. Lots of trader try to find the margins on items that have the best ref/key to cent/dollar ratio on scm so they spend like a key but get $2.5 or so steam funds which is worth it.
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