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  2. Dazed & Confused

    Doing posters and things because someone ripped me off

    Eh, fine I'll do em for a key
  3. Hi, recently I unboxed a cool, field tested mannana peeled war paint. While this is nice and all, I really would rather have a hat, since it isn't strange and i really value a sense of progression, as this motivates me to play. I stuck it on the Rocket Launcher, as I wanted to at least use it and that it would sell best on the launcher, but I can't seem to settle on a good price for it. I've check similar skins, and all give really mixed opinions, going from what is effectively about 15 keys on the community market, to about 35. Obviously this is quite a jump, and I wanted to ask for some Pricing advice, since I don't see myself keeping it. Thanks!
  4. Vrakos Anthrakir

    Questionable Post

    If you've already tried to appeal before, what makes you think this "appeal" is gonna work... this is like being a criminal, and asking for your criminal record to be wiped just because you're sorry
  5. Box Truck

    Doing posters and things because someone ripped me off

    I think you should lower the price, more people will be attracted then.
  6. Scott Bakula

    Questionable Post

    There's this thing called living with the consequences of your actions. You should try it.
  7. pikachu 2013

    did i over pay?

    ok cool im not new to trading, but was unsure, thanks
  8. Toasty_Ghosty

    Questionable Post

    Hello to the 3 people who will be reading this, this is sorta of a ban appeal I guess you could say. I want to say sorry for being a marked scammer and I want to rejoin the community/make a listing on this site. I made an appeal before this one but they just basically told me to F**k off. So I kinda want to be unbanned, thats all.
  9. LeROY

    Unpriced Unusual help

    Buy orders for 11 keys -for any effect. 13-14 would be instant accept if I were selling, but I'd probably try to trade for another hat, might get a key or 2 more in value than selling for pure. EDIT: None for sale atm, so start high(20 or so) and see what happens
  10. Humans did indeed build the pyramids. The aztecs used a lot of simple machines to transport the stones to build their pyramids, and the egyptians likely did the same. But yeah he probably didn't have any actual real powers. also i just realized this entire post might be a jojo reference
  11. Hey man, I haven't played MvM in a really long while either, should definitely do it again at some point though! I don't have any router logs available right now, but I will definitely look into it! I had 16Mb/s for like a month, didn't notice anything in that period because I wasn't playing any games and in pretty much all other online activities the drops aren't noticable except when you are looking for them. It is fibre now, I honestly don't know what it used to be, but definitely wasn't fibre. Honestly don't know whether it's FTP or FTC (does FTP stand for File Transfer Protocol in this case or is this something else? What does FTC mean?). The line to my house should be pure copper. Ethernet works flawlessly, only WiFi is affected (forgot to mention this in the op), I really don't have the option to use it though. In the past few days I did manage to figure out the issue in more detail: The drops in connection all stem from packet loss between the router and my computer, there's 100% packet loss when the drops occur, for a few seconds when the USB WiFi dongle is used and shorter and rarer when the network card is used.
  12. Dizzy Wolfe

    Unpriced Unusual help

    I've been playing TF2 on and off for a few years and never really got into the trading scene, but i just unboxed my first unusual a few days ago. It's a Nuts and Bolts Classy Capper, 1 of 6 if I understand the site correctly, and I'd appreciate some advice on what I can reasonably get for it. Thank you in advance for any help.
  13. Danny | QB Backpacks/Spell

    did i over pay?

    3 keys looks fine going off current sellers
  14. pikachu 2013

    did i over pay?

    i wont be mad, just wondering if i over payed i bought this die job killer exclusive and payed 3 keys for it, just wondering how much it would be worth, and if i over payed, or got it at a good price
  15. Mole


    What are y'all's favorite internet science people?
    Such as Michael, Vsauce here


    1. Horsestepping


      Jack Chick

  16. Hamsterdam, thought that was obvious
  17. ihavenoredeemingqualities

    Skull study price check

  18. Scott Bakula

    Skull study price check

    Probably around 30 refined or so.
  19. ihavenoredeemingqualities

    Skull study price check

    what do you gamers think the price would be for a factory new skull study sticky lawnchair?
  20. Ohaimark

    Paypal & Key Prices

    I bought a unusual recently and been wanting to do a suggestion for it. Although within the trade I included $100usd + 6 dollar tax. My question is what are keys priced at on Paypal? Is there a general set-point of a price on keys on paypal? During the trade the 100 dollars was 56 keys and I got to that price from looking at what keys are being sold at on marketplace.tf at $1.80usd x 56 = $100.08usd. We both agreed on the price.
  21. xxBonsai99xx


    They couldn't even be bothered trying to hide that they are a scammer lmao.


    1. ksolis01


      Is the frontier fake?

  22. Long story short, lost 7 keys. Anyway, I'm doing some posters for 1 key and profile pictures for 20 ref. You can see some examples here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/bcolours25/images/
  23. unstopaBULLY

    Scorching Bread Head just got scammed

    You only care because you weren't able to buy the bread head for the price you wanted.
  24. Aethez

    Free Autopricer

    That is atually true i'd guess the people using them could cache the price and then if there is a big price changed then just ignore it and keep going with the cached ones. If they think I would do that.
  25. Hello Steam Friend . Hope all is well in the world of MVM. Been months since i played. Do you have any router logs you can post aswell? Similar to say, 03:28:38, 24 Mar. NTP synchronization success 03:28:25, 24 Mar. NTP synchronization start 03:22:36, 24 Mar. CWMP: HDM socket closed successfully. 03:22:36, 24 Mar. CWMP: HTTP authentication success from pbthdm.x.x.x 03:22:35, 24 Mar. CWMP: HDM socket opened successfully. 03:22:35, 24 Mar. CWMP: Set Parameter by TR069 Success. 03:22:35, 24 Mar. CWMP: HDM socket closed successfully. 03:22:35, 24 Mar. CWMP: HTTP authentication success from pbthdm.x.x.x 03:22:35, 24 Mar. CWMP: HDM socket opened successfully. 03:22:34, 24 Mar. CWMP: session completed successfully 03:22:34, 24 Mar. CWMP: HDM socket closed successfully. 03:22:34, 24 Mar. CWMP: HTTP authentication success from pbthdm.x.x.x 03:22:34, 24 Mar. CWMP: HDM socket opened successfully. 03:22:33, 24 Mar. CWMP: HDM socket opened successfully. 03:22:31, 24 Mar. CWMP: Server URL: https://pbthdm.x.x.x; Connecting as user: ACS username 03:22:31, 24 Mar. CWMP: Session start now, server: pbthdm.x.x.x, Event code: 03:22:30, 24 Mar. CWMP: Initializing transaction for event code 2 PERIODIC 03:05:07, 24 Mar. DoS(UDP Loopback): IN=ppp1 OUT= MAC= SRC=xxx.xxx.52.26 DST=xx.xxx.xxx.xxx LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=242 ID=9524 PROTO=UDP SPT=55240 DPT=19 LEN=20 MARK=0x8000000 03:00:18, 24 Mar. DoS(UDP Loopback): IN=ppp1 OUT= MAC= SRC=xxx.xxx.52.26 DST=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=242 ID=56659 PROTO=UDP SPT=55240 DPT=7 LEN=20 MARK=0x8000000 02:49:19, 24 Mar. Device Disconnected:,xxxxxxxxx, amazon-8a15582e9 02:49:12, 24 Mar. 5G Client diassociate from xxxxxxx (IP= RSSI=-77 , Rate=81 Mbps 02:48:07, 24 Mar. Device Connected:, xxxxxxx amazon-8a15582e9 Also does your router have a help desk page detailing information similar to the following: 5. VDSL uptime: 3 days, 04:37:52 6. Data Rate: 9995 / 39998 7. Maximum Data Rate: 28381 / 81760 8. Noise Margin: 18.9 / 18.2 9. Line Attenuation: 5.4 / 8.0 10. Signal Attenuation: 0.0 / 0.0 11. Data sent/received: 1.2 GB / 27.5 GB Also how long ago and how long for did you have 16 mb/s? Was this a fibre connection? or standard? FTP , FTC? FTP Hyrbrid?The only reason i ask is because i have had a similar issue in the past where i was fine on standard broadband but as soon as i switched to fibre it became very unstable and would ramp down repeatedly up until the point where the up time for the router would never be more than a few minutes or even hours. Turns out it was because the line from the cabinet to my house was very dodgey in places. Copper to alluminium and back to copper again which would confuse the router via permanently fluctuating gains/noise etc. If you are getting noise/gain/attenuation on the line it would also be more visible via wiifii due to the router having to transmit the drops via the air. Have you tried power line adapters. As my pc is quite some distance away from my router i use DLink Powerline adapters instead of the crappy wiifii dongles
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