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  2. HaloGAMER0329

    IRS Taxes from SCM?

    Do you know how long the FAQ has been saying that? I would also like to know this
  3. phenompak





    1. Vrakos Anthrakir

      Vrakos Anthrakir

      inb4 he doesn't actually accept trade offers

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  5. Vrakos Anthrakir

    IRS Taxes from SCM?

    would also like to know, I've been keeping track of my SCM stuff for years in an excel spreadsheet to avoid going over the massachusetts 1099-k threshold
  6. ϟTheoϟ

    IRS Taxes from SCM?

    Does anyone know if income taxes must be paid for sales/income generated from the Steam Community Market? I was reading some blogs from a few years back, and I think that Steam used to send documentation over to the IRS. I think that their policy used to be "For those who live in the US however (and exceeding the $20,000 USD threshold), income will be reported to the IRS and taxes will have to be paid as income tax, outside of the Steam Marketplace. You'll get a 1099-K." However, when I look through the Community Market FAQ now, all I see is this: "Previously we required that U.S. citizens and residents provide us with certain information, including name, address and social security number, prior to exceeding 200 separate sales transactions in a calendar year. We have concluded that this information is not required and we will no longer be asking you for this information as part of Community Market participation. We will also not be providing IRS Form 1099’s with respect to sales activity in the Community Market." So, does this mean that US citizens are no longer required to pay income taxes for sales from the SCM? If anyone knows anything about this or has any ideas that would be super helpful, thanks!
  7. Cxxn xB

    Golden Frying Pan Giveaway Results

    Ehhh gotta try next time.
  8. Zeckatz

    Golden Frying Pan Giveaway Results

    Moderators cant participate @Zeus_Junior but i should've won cuz im poor
  9. lieutenantnightly

    ~CLOSED~ Free SFM Posters till July 2nd (320+ Hours) ~CLOSED~

    My SFM Has been really buggy recently, so iv been trying daily to fix broken models and textures and now it does not want to respond or load back up so im reinstalling it so you guys posters (was gonna be all done today/early tommorow) will have to be delayed, by IDK how long since I need to completely reinstall and backup certain things.
  10. ♥Nick♥



  11. Discord Username: IdiNium#8965 Timezone: GMT +8 Able to participate for: around 6-12 hours/day When: at morning and night (maybe up until 0200)
  12. Zeus_Junior

    Golden Frying Pan Giveaway Results

    Bruh i should have won Without joining def rigged
  13. SmashingBrand

    Working on Commissions ( Open)

    Some more I worked on!
  14. sfpt

    tf2 trading

    get into csgo trading its better
  15. creepio

    Golden Frying Pan Giveaway Results

    Some dumb meme I missed over the weekend and had to unbury also Czech Republic
  16. rndmchrs

    Golden Frying Pan Giveaway Results

    I don't get it
  17. rndmchrs

    tf2 trading

    I made 6500+ bucks within a year thanks to tf2 stuff, get your facts straight chief
  18. Vader

    tf2 trading

  19. Very, very sorry for this everyone. Congratulations Michal.
  20. Melusine

    How would you price my SFM?

    There's a lot of cheap, experienced artists so just judging upon the quality and uniqueness, 20-30 ref maybe.
  21. DanielDee

    tf2 trading

    The only sad scene is your $2 backpack. Clearly a trolling alt
  22. Brown

    tf2 trading

    it is what it is
  23. Bob the Unsymmetrical

    About my spell cosmetic price

    I am not a spell trader, so can't answer you. There is a tf2 spell trading discord that can help you if you get any questions related to spells. https://discord.gg/TvU3hb
  24. Connieis

    tf2 trading

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