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  2. unstopaBULLY

    I need 24 csgo keys, will trade tf2 keys for em plz 

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  4. https://opskins.com/?loc=shop_view_item&item=445932660
  5. ksolis01

    Got my Sennheiser hd6xx today after a three month wait. This shit is legit good. Fuck beats and bose.

  6. Need 24 csgo keys asap, willing to pay tf2 keys, add me to discuss ratios.
  7. I got UNDEFINED on tradeit.gg what do i do?

    Ask on their website, bp has nothing to do with them.
  8. Selling all of these items for pure or item overpay You will find all of my prices in my backpack right here - https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198139171368 Feel free to drop an offer or add me!
  9. I have a trip coming tomorrow and I want some extra money spare so I'm willing to sell a few items for some extra cash. https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198159112005 There's a couple of unusuals and high tier stranges here, open to all offers.
  10. How many keys do you want atleast?
  11. Budi

    Thoughts on selling a unique bruiser's bandana with spectral spectrum and kills/assists parts for 8 keys?

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    2. ThePickleCat


      I think he meant the parts were separate items, as in the bandanna, kill part, assists part for 8 keys

    3. Budi


      Sorry, that was a typo. Was thinking of my strange law with those. The bandana is just with spectral spectrum and painted. 

    4. ThePickleCat


      8 keys was a fair deal for that

  12. I was trying to trade some of my unwanted hats for some keys and it said UNDEFINED I have been using steam guard and i just hit 7 days help me
  13. Please remove my -rep!!!!

    Hey, apologies for taking so long to respond to everyone’s thoughts and comments on this. Thank you Wayne for taking the time to write such a lengthy reply, and while I may not agree with you on many aspects, I appreciate your honest take on this. Upon reviewing my initial post and other comments I have made above, I now realize that it was without a doubt a misplay to write in such a rude and attacking manner. Now that I have taken the time to review the opinions from others, I have changed my take on this specific issue. I take full responsibility of this matter and recognize that the report is justified. Due to the fact that this is a result-oriented world, I recognize that the intentions behind the so called “impersonations” do not actually matter. However, I would greatly appreciate it if you could all understand as well, that this grave mistake of mine was done in the heat of the moment, fearing a high-tier trader like Wayne would somehow take away the deal I had worked out with my friend. Someone has also noted that if the owner was a real friend, then I should not have worried about the item going into other hands. This point was well made, and the truth is that my relationship with the owner was good, and we respected each other greatly, but he would have undoubtedly taken any offer if it was higher, disregarding any relationships. In the end, no matter what the reasons are, I now understand and sincerely apologize for causing such drama in the community forums. I should have talked to a moderator or Wayne about this. To tell the truth, the reason for my burst of anger comes from two reasons. One, while I did deserve the -rep, I was threatened by Wayne that if I reported the -rep he would take it to the admins. I reported this, as he had no proof, and I gave a detailed review of why I didn’t deserve the -rep. Since I couldn’t report it again, I mistakingly thought that the report was purposefully ignored, instead of declined by a moderator. What infiriated me even more is that upon receiving the -trust, all my +rep which had no proof going along side it was scrapped. The same thing occurred again, when I made this post. I felt as though the admins were purposefully targeting me, and helping Wayne by not removing his trust rating, despite the fact that there has absolutely no proof provided. I now know that my rep was removed as it didn’t have much to do with cash trades, but still. The second reason I was angry was because despite numerous talks with Wayne, and me explaining how it was an honest mistake, he refused to remove he -trust, and eventually removed me most likely due to my polite albeit constant messages urging him to reconsider. Due to the fact that I don’t participate in any cash trade of any kind due to the risk, this single -rep was also a huge blow to me, as I was convinced I would never be able to get any positive rep. This is my honest take on this, and I will not be raising this topic any further. This post will be closed in a day or two as the issue has been resolved, I thank you all for your time and genuine responses. -R3SP4WN
  14. Well this is what I think that happened, This can be true or completely wrong The reason for the drop was because valve shut down every bot farming accounts no more free drops if you just stay in game on tf2. Many users panicked thinking tf2 is dead now and started dumping all their items to bots and these bots started running out of refs and they started selling keys for refs and every bot wanted to sell their keys 1st so they kept dropping and dropping their price. My bot was one among the several other bots that bought a lot of items during that time running out of refined. When things got stable again keys started going back up again and I think its stabilized at 32 ref for the past few weeks About keys going up again (yes it will surely) I dont think its gonna drop below 30 ref ever. Unless something like this happens again.
  15. Happysedits

    3 of my steam friends just got hacked and sent me this be awareUSlBaM3.png

    1. Gren


      No steam conversation that started with "hey bro" has ever ended well. 

  16. I am quite pleasantly surprised how fast keys are dropping in price. But will they ever stop dropping in price and when will it go up again?
  17. Glitched Unusual Maybe?

    Yeah sth like that.
  18. Glitched Unusual Maybe?

    There was an unusal burstchester with invalid particle for the effect. Toxins used to own it, now I think its disappeared
  19. Hey, There! I'm Quickselling/discounting 20 Unusuals. Item/mixed overpay accepted as well. (offers above bp.tf price) I can sell them on marketplace or steam community market if you provide the fee. Unusual Taunt prices = Highest buyer on backpack.tf Unusual Weapon prices = Highest buyer on tf2outpost Hats: Green Energy Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative - 100 keys Misty Skull Defiant Spartan - 70 keys Strange Ghastly Ghosts Jr Ground Control - 75 keys Circling Heart Hot Dogger - 45 keys Circling Heart Powdered Practitioner - 40 keys Sunbeams Helmet Without a Home - 45 keys Cloud 9 Das Ubersternmann - 40 keys Scorching Flames Dread Knot - 34 keys Green Energy Brain-Warming Wear - 25 keys Circling Peace Sign Belgian Detective - 28 keys Eerie Orbiting Fire Milkman - 28 keys Purple Confetti Ground Control - 28 keys Aces High Dr's Dapper Topper - 28 keys Circling Peace Sign A Hat To Kill For - 30 keys Searing Plasma Noble Amassment of Hats - 23 keys Dead President Aviator Assasin - 23 keys Cloud 9 Bomb Beanie - 20 keys Disco Beat Down Voodoo Juju (slight return) - 14 keys Orbiting Fire Whoopee Cap - 13 keys Mega Strike Taunt: The Bunnyhopper - 10 keys Trade link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=144805363&token=JyV-Ueqc Backpack: https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198105071091 Marketplace: https://marketplace.tf/shop/smartieshehe
  20. bought 5 keys, went first.
  21. "Hey all Mr Paladin here" i want to kms when ever i hear that love satan
  22. wtb Buying TF2 backpacks

    BUYING tf2 inventories at discounted & quicksell prices Looking to cash out, quit the game or just trying to get keys quickly? Never hurts to check how much I'll pay backpacks must be a minimum value of 10 keys, interested in the large majority of inventories (trying to avoid bp's value mostly based on outdated unusuals. Feel free to send me a trade offer or leave a comment on my profile & add me. Looking to buy the whole inventory. Not always on these forums but will try to respond ASAP
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