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  2. 1.Market Place tf has a pretty good reputation unlike Mannco.store 2.You can buy with Paypal 3.No hidden fees 4.There is also a promo code for the free key (When buying from 10 keys 1 key for free)
  3. A fee that doesn’t show on the front page, but when you go and finalise the purchase it adds like 1-2%
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  5. I, myself have used TF2 keys to sell CSGO items in the past
  6. What hidden buyers fees are there?
  7. a 500k increase in the amount of keys for the last 6 months does sound interesting to say the least
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  9. ajdislikesyournamingpolicy

    How many ways do new keys come into existance?

    Sometimes it's fraud. That's a pretty big reason to why keys went kaboom over lockdown. Another reason is other economies interested in using tf2 keys as liquid items, eg csgo and dota.
  10. new players buying keys to get tf2 premium or bc they don't know about the community market prob
  11. You can use paypal on mp.tf that can be also a reason
  12. Marketplace.tf has the uncle code that gives you a free key if you buy 10 keys, and mannco.store has hidden buyers fees
  13. I was just looking around on mannco.store and marketplace.tf and noticed the difference in price between ~1.67$ and 1.9$. The biggest puzzle to me is that the sales of keys on both of these websites are very similar of a daily amount of around ~5000 keys sold each. Is there a specific reason to this or is mannco.store just not as known.
  14. I was looking at the data for keys in backpack.tf and the number of keys is steadily rising over the years. Is this due to a number of people buying it from the mann.co store? If so, I want it quite strange as they could buy it for much cheaper in other places. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.
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  16. Damn bro , how is this possible , Isnt it something like account item transfer or ?
  17. Yo, I'm not exactly accusing you or anything, but I feel the need to ask. Are you botting SCM? lol
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  19. Yeah thanks for confirming it I can confirm it's not unboxed because the item assetid is not the same as the item original id: https://prnt.sc/1606f4k (https://backpack.tf/item/9154456040)
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    I just want milk that tastes like real milk

    1. ǍгᴋᴀɴД ₭ɪлʛ

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      Paul's smart white milk.

    2. Jarool


      and only 2% fat

  21. I like the idea of unboxing a halloween 2018 hat in late june. For $10 you're definitely in the green, but who says 4 keys wouldn't make a valid price suggestion har har
  22. Fear not I am an experienced trader, I've always been Buy Ordering items and selling for profits This Hat seems to have beaten the FN AWP FADE I bought for $20 lol Guess I will have to find people who want to buy hats like these...yay
  23. I am not sure if it's actually unboxed tbh. I found a screenshot in the TF2Autobot discord server, in which that item was bought off SCM for £7.22 today. There's no other Level 50 found in the premium search.
  24. Nice unbox, i agree with otheres it should be priced at around 1000+ keys
  25. Sold galactic for around 1400 in miscs, so id say around that. Just dont get sharked by someone who values an item higher than what it is valued at
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    Potato is on my mind.

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