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  2. gemsticks

    Worst trade offer received?

    oh shit I forgot I could do that
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  4. Scott Bakula

    Worst trade offer received?

    You do realize that you could just post to that topic instead and add to the already existing conversation and bump it back into view, right?
  5. gemsticks

    Motivation for trading?

    to get pocket medics in all seriousness i just trade for fun, there’s something charming just hopping on trade servers
  6. gemsticks

    Worst trade offer received?

    I’ve read the entire thing before, so i made this thread to see other bad trade offers
  7. Zeus_Junior

    Unpopular opinion on something to do with hats?

    Cotton head and salty dog are the best hats in the game
  8. 'Tis I, The Frenchiest Spy

    Submit your first SFM posters or movies!

    Just post your own posters on here!
  9. o_xEternal

    Worst trade offer received?

    Two dumb as fuck scammers sent me a trade for my Aces High Plumber's Pipe, and here's what they offered. I have no screenshots though. Moron 1 - Strange Festivized Scattergun for Aces High Plumber's Pipe. Moron 2 - The literal same fucking thing... Both of them claimed the "Festive" Scattergun was 15 keys... :WaitWhat:
  10. TheGlenCoco

    Need help with backpack.tf automatic.

    That's not automatic, that is just Heartbeat API.
  11. TheGlenCoco

    Steam app not sending message notifications

    I heard there's the new chat UI thingy going to mobile so that should be solved by that.
  12. Rice n Pasta

    Unpopular opinion on something to do with hats?

    Brotherhood of Arms only looks good on scout and sniper. Halloween 2018 unusual effects are over-hyped.
  13. Roi

    Steam app not sending message notifications

    the mobile app has been barely updated, its full of bugs and there is even still old interface, we just need to wait for an app update , if it will ever happen
  14. Beaser

    Steam app not sending message notifications

    There is no other solution other than to pray to gaben that we get notifications more often.
  15. I’m not sure if ir has been answered yet but here’s my question: I’ve unknowingly traded my spelled items for an unpriced unusual with a scammer. The unusual is orbiting fire punk. I’ve only noticed that the trader was banned now, when i found a report. Does it count >15 or how does this work? Thanks in advance
  16. So for awhile now my steam app has not given me notifications when someone messages me on steam. I have the setting in the app turned on as well as on my phones settings. I get the notifications for steam guard and trade confirmations, just not when people message me. Ive tried logging in and out, changing the settings and changing them back, deleting the app (which only got me a 2 day trade hold (fuck) ), and even downloaded the app on my iPad but nothing. I’ve heard a good amount of people have had this problem and wondering if anyone has a solution.
  17. JayTee


    Who's gonna be the one to tell him the truth :(


    1. `Yahiamice


      too soon

  18. Alecto

    Sitting on Unusualifiers

    Nope, I held onto a couple of unusualifiers before this halloween and got halloween effects from them.
  19. 42isTooShort


    1. TronJon


      my favorite one of these crazy bot deals is the one trying to sell just a plain tough stuff muffs for 100 keys https://prnt.sc/m8r1lb

    2. Daddy Alex

      Daddy Alex

      When this affects someone's Marketplace.tf autopricing bot: 

      BP: Strange Bunsen BraveMP: Strange Bunsen Brave (last entry at $252.38; snapshot)


  20. Mokky

    Sitting on Unusualifiers

    Sell them now then buy back a few months before Halloween for cheaper? prices are still going to drop for like 9 more months as more keeps getting unboxed. and there’s still the chance you get a awful effect that’s barely worth more than the unusualfier like flammable bubbles of attraction
  21. Scott Bakula

    Unpopular opinion on something to do with hats?

    Unless it's a Bonk Helm. Those do get the sheen.
  22. Xergoyf

    Sitting on Unusualifiers

    Sure, Halloween effects will be more but you have to wait a long time. If your trying to maximize profit though, you should not wait, as you could apply, sell and reinvest that capital a bunch of times and make much more than you would by applying in 10 months.
  23. Mew2!

    Worst trade offer received?

    heh, plebs. offered one crate for all of my unusuals because "it definitely has a burning team captain" pleb chose the worst case too, the unleash the beast case. The worst cosmetics in the game were all in that case, and the pleb didn't even know that i knew you can't get a team captain out of it.
  24. Yesterday
  25. PsychoticArsonist

    Commission's :)

    Doing Comissions for Tf2 Loadouts I dont just do tf2 I also do other games and movies Prices are: Full body= 2 keys Half body=1 key Just head= 24 ref Any other body parts will be 24 ref Unusual effects are only 5 ref extra My art is usually done within 3-4 days after Add me on steam aswell, feel free to check out my artwork to see what yours will look like Artwork: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1606996851 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1603833111 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jaTPwZJeURlmYZZRe6ZNgoeI5p-Yhfk3/view?usp=drivesdk Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/MrHuloginLives/ Have a nice day and Ill see you till then :D.
  26. Baloo


    so it turns out its a lot harder to buy an item which *could* be used as a component of an IED than originally expected. All I want to do is clean my pool dammit.

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