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  2. Redilet

    Getting back into trading.

    ok i seemed to of phrased it wrong, when i mean my unusual its just the unusual that i also own, same hat and effect, but not the same item.
  3. karma miguel

    karma miguel

    can someone price this please? I don’t plan on selling it.

  4. Valentine

    Val's Blender Commissions (Cheap)

    LSD Flames || Commission || Some Red Shark
  5. ♥Nick♥


    was thinking of offering on this but wasnt sure about it. thoughts? https://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Virtual Viewfinder/Tradable/Craftable/62

    1. Vebster


      not based

    2. ♥Nick♥


      whats that mean?

    3. karma miguel

      karma miguel

      1,000 keys.

      Yeah, okay

  6. Vrakos Anthrakir

    Why does TF2 economy work?

    Ever bought a game on steam? That's not a "real" item either. (I'm presuming you're using "real" to mean physical)
  7. Vrakos Anthrakir

    Getting back into trading.

    Did you.... message the person....?
  8. Soju

    Getting back into trading.

    The seller of your unusual? Are you saying someone has been holding your hat for you or that the hat you listed is taking too long to sell? Cause if a broker has been holding on to your item for 3 months with no update that is concerning...
  9. Ive been trying to get back into trading, and have been waiting for the seller for my unusual to give up, or atleast lower the price, for about 3 months, but for 3 months, the buyer has been bumping the hat every hour or so at the same price, as an inexperienced trade, im not sure what to do in this situation, i dont want to start back up with just 11 or so keys, so help would be greatly appreciated
  10. thecityburns2day


    I don't miss trading too much lol. Got a guy waiting to add me with his profile that says "I DO NOT ACCEPT BLANK FRIEND REQUESTS.LEAVE A TRADE OFFER OR COMMENT OR BE BLOCKED" and they're doing that to me

    1. ♥Nick♥


      trading sucks, a lot of people who buy unusuals want to sell them at 3-5x what they paid and say they are firm

    2. karma miguel

      karma miguel

      I’m honestly just buying stuff I like at this point, getting a nice scout set, then maybe aussies for everyone, and that’s it.

  11. Yesterday
  12. Hello, I've recently got into tf2 a lot & have a few hours on it. I discovered that I could get great stuff like unusuals with trading. I want to get into trading but I don't know where to start. I've seen a couple of videos on how to get started. I know currency like keys & ref & some item qualities. I'm going with a $10.00 usd budget & want to know what I should buy to get me started. No I don't have a premium account yet, so I will take any suggestions from you guys. Thanks in advance!
  13. Dmarket but it takes fees if you want to withdraw your items
  14. Yep 22-30 or even more since festive weapons are very desirable
  15. Abstract

    Why does TF2 economy work?

    It's possible to get real money for virtual items because people are willing to buy them with actual money. Simple as that
  16. Why does TF2 economy work? I've asked myself this question recently, after selling my backpack and finishing trading I have been thinking for few days to find answer, but it still isn't clear for me. Why is that possible to get real money for unreal items? I've got my first unusual Circling Peace Sign Janissary Ketche on July-August 2016, it was valued at 8 keys. since then my trading career started. There were both active and passive times of my trading, but everything my inventory was doing is rising. Then it reached the value of $3,500+. But how? How could
  17. mikey boi

    tf2 keys dropping in price

    Something to do with these new CS:GO sticker capsules, which went from high-price and few available for a month to suddenly tens of thousands available and everyone rushing to try and make some money off the high-price stickers. https://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/730/2020 RMR Legends used for example:
  18. AdMortem

    tf2 keys dropping in price

    i meant on a broader scale where it fluctuates between rougly around 1,90 euros and 2,15 euros
  19. Zeus_Junior

    tf2 keys dropping in price

    They're usually 2.14ish lol
  20. AdMortem

    tf2 keys dropping in price

    seems in a normal price range to me (1,92 euros), the price of keys fluctuates so it should rise in price soon
  21. ___

    My artwork

    Extra points if you can guess what this is for :D
  22. Anybody knows why are the keys suddenly dropping on Steam market? Is it in anyway related to csgo RMR capsules sale?
  23. sheen isnt exactly the greatest but the weapon itself is rare and the spells are the meta so id price it around 22 keys or so, maybe 25 since there are no other sellers (at least not on bp.tf)
  24. hello i have a strange festive stickybomb launcher with pumpkin bombs and exorcism, and i am just wondering a general price for it, even though i do not plan on selling it anytime soon. thank you in advanced! https://backpack.tf/item/632710469 have a great day/night!
  25. Last week
  26. https://backpack.tf/stats/Unusual/Taunt%3A The Trackman's Touchdown/Tradable/Craftable/3047 That's a pretty tight price range for an unusual
  27. ♥Nick♥


    do you have to strangify a seared sorcerer or do you just unbox it strange? Is there a list of what items can be strangified vs unboxed strange?

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    2. ♥Nick♥


      oh god, you can hardly notice that. thanks

    3. mikey boi

      mikey boi

      Strangifiers were from before the time of "cases", so anything that has a rarity quality (mercenary-grade, etc) comes in a strange variant from its case without needing a strangifier.

    4. ♥Nick♥


      I know strangifiers are old. I thought valve decided to use strangifiers from then on but I guess they thought it was stupid to keep doing it that way (which it was).

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