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Confession time

Hatch Rawer Beryl

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I try to intimidate people into thinking I'm an asshole Outpost trader so I don't get a bunch of adds and feel obligated to drop other things to attend to them.


Makes me feel kinda bad but I make up for it by being really polite and helpful with those who do add me >_>


Oh, also, I have trolling alts.

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I killsteal in League of Legends and don't even apologize.


mate I am willing to sacrifice my life and my whole teams life and even the loose the game for my team in order to kill steal

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I actually grab my friend's girlfriend's ass when he's not there. 


But since my gender is not known in the trading community, don't judge me :P


ps: His gf is hot and has a nice figure.

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Sometimes I like to take my housecat's tail and put it over my lip and pretend I have a huge mustache.


Sometimes I like to put my mustache on my housecat's butt and pretend it has a tail.

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