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Confession time

Hatch Rawer Beryl

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4 hours ago, Santa Heavy said:

Lowkey wish I could hang out with some of the old forum people I was cool with irl and I wonder how they're doing sometimes in passing. Miss you guys!


Same, I lowkey wanted to hang out with u when we talked a lot and @puddingkip , not sure I'd meet anyone else, probably @Epicnewb#Revolution{NTOTB} (if anyone remembers him) and @karma miguel when he existed. Oh and maybe that @Zeus_Junior kid but hes a bit weird, @ᴾᴾᴹ Shuffle Spy 7309 is aight too

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I'm only typing here so I can get one post on this new account

nah jk


My parents think I have a girlfriend when I really don't
have a friend named Remi from France, Remi is a masculine name in France
I was travelling one time he asked me to get him a souvenir
I got a cheap bracelet made with his name on it and gave it to him
for years now my parents have been asking "Oh, how's Remi? how is she?"
guess it's because Remi sounds pretty feminine if you're not French
I just went along with it
"oh how old is she"
"she's the same age as me," I said

"oh where's she from"

"France," I say
"do you talk a lot with her?"
"oh yeah, I do," I say
"are you guys close"
"uh huh"
and now there's this whole character that doesn't even exist
and I have to remember all the traits I made up for "Remi"
I remember my parents talking with their friends, and then I overhear my mom say "Alfie has a girlfriend, just doesn't wanna tell us"
and then I was really confused, I just said "Remi" and I were friends but I guess if my parents want to believe that I'm even slightly capable of relationships then I'll let them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
it's been 5 years
mom, dad, can you just forget already omg

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On 2/20/2020 at 6:20 AM, Weedoof said:

nice necro btw 😛

oh shit! XD

I hadn't realized I had necroed

it was at the top and it the thread title was darkened, so I thought it was still pretty active and stuff ;~;


On 3/1/2020 at 2:13 PM, JayTee said:

why not just say Remi is a man

it's far too late for that

idk I just didn't think my parents would ever bring it up again after the first time so I just went with it

and I kept going with it

and I really kept going with it

I was just hoping one day they'd forget

but they never did

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Might as well say something and necro this thread.


Back in 2015/2016 or so I was in a rough patch of life, I ended up falling for some random ideas and said hurtful things.


I posted a copy pasta of anti-furry and brony (? its been like 5 years since this happened) on Scrap.tf and rightfully got banned. After reflecting on what I said and how it was hurtful towards the community. Something in life woke me up and it weighed on my conscious that I was part of the problem and would have to fix my self to find the solution to grow as a better person.


After a while of that, I decided to appeal the ban and it got accepted, I was unbanned by one of the ADMIN for about a day or two. Around this time there was a scandal involving a footrest on there. I ended up posting footrest in one of the chat boxes and got banned once again, Stating that I was wrongfully unbanned.. This was when they decided to do damage control to resolve the issue, meaning banning anyone and everyone who said it.


There is no option to appeal, and I'm fine with that. But decided to come forward and vent about it a bit.


From the rough patch of flunking out of university, to finding a job that I enjoyed for almost four years working in education, making sure that they don't fall for the same mistakes I made. It has helped me grow as a person immensely, Looking back and reflecting at how I acted as a edgy teen, compared to now is quite funny honestly.


Enough with my rant, if someone reads this the point I will get to: You can say fucked up shit and regret it later down the road. Instead of using that energy to spew things at people, you can find a purpose in life that will make you better as a person, and possibly make others better as well within your community.



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