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Santa Bob's Wishlist


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Bob, I just want to share this that someday I want to be able to do this kind of thing you're doing. Right now, the least I can do for others and friends is give the rare gift, but always treating others nicely.


Anyways, I would like to ask for a bud, something which I'll sell and use towards being able to get something nice for some of my own closer friends.

(If you're interested in what sorts of things, notably some of the newer strangifiers for weapons, and I'll probably try to think of something special for my closest friend.)


Thanks, really. Outtathepark/10

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Oh wow man, this is a really nice gesture to give back to the community like this; you have my respects man (^-^)b


I guess if I was to ask for something for Christmas, I would really like the collector kits for the wrangler and the sandvich; Not the collectors wrangler or sandvich themselves since I want to make the items have more sentimental value to me by building them up from scratch. Something to work up to and make a goal out of. No need to waste gift wrap on me :P


Even if I get nothing, I thank you regardless for this bob; it's times like this that remind me why I love the tf2 community so much <3


Have a good one now bob :D


Edit: Also, would it be alright if I asked for a Collectors Southern hospitality kit as well? I totally forgot to ask for that alongside the other kits I listed above, so if you are unable to get it, then it is alright. If you can however, then I would greatly appreciate it (^-^)

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Bob, as for my Christmas gift, I would like one a Statrak AWP| DDPAT or Electric Hive or a Statrak Deagle | Crimson Web, Cobalt Disruption, or Hypnotic.

Man, you are the true Santa.  I should return the payment, buying items for everyone? Damn, I wish I was that rich.  


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Santa Bob, I'd like one of a few things for this Christmas:

  • A Collector's Magnificent Mongolian (or the Chemistry Set, if that's too expensive)...
  • Or, a cheap Unusual Large Luchadore that I can wear with the Collector's Mongolian.

Either of those would be pretty nice.

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Revised edition for your new rules.


The #21 Team captain or #21 Danger, if possible.


No reason for you to not gift them.


And if you are sadly unable to get them in #21, maybe lvl 21 variants gifted by you? Closest thing possible.

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As a long time lurker it really warms my heart to see someone being so kind to others, and its nice to see you all being cheery and not being too greedy.

I planned on making this rhyme but then I just ran out of time. So, If I were to get one thing I would hope it to be something painted lime.

A blizzardy storm pyro beanie would be just sublime.

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What I wanted for a long time is a pair of earbuds, not to buy anything with it I just want it to wear as a misc to complete my dream loadout for spy; white ghastlieriest gibus, buds, and white lady killer. Would look very good him and if I got bored with it I'd give it away to my steam group since I can't think of anything else I'd buy with a bud.

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Dear, Santa Bob

For Christmas I would love to have a non-gifted pair of earbuds to put towards my first unusual hat. (Edit: I got my first unusual about 2 weeks ago, but a bud would still be appreciated so that I can upgrade it to my dream hat.)  

- Magirawashi

P.S. This is really wonderful what your doing for this community, Its good to know that there are people like you in this world.

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Hey Bob,


very generous of you to do this.


What would i like?



EDIT: i would actually love a Professional Killstreak Stickybomb Launcher/Grenade Launcher Kit

Aussie Sticky/Grenade

Pro Aussie Sticky/Grenade


EDIT 2: I bought australium gl + sticky, it would be lovely if i could get pro kits for those!


Though im not particularly active in posting, i do view most threads and only post when i have something useful to say.


Whether I am chosen for a gift or not, I have a present for you c:


Thank You very much.


The Dream: http://www.mediafire.com/view/jt8hyvmbg4zv8m9/Last%20SFM%20of%20Retro-Old.jpg (its too expensive)

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