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Santa Bob's Wishlist


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Ho ho ho kids.

It's not even Halloween yet, and I've barely been here for 2 months, but I've been planning this for a few days now and I might as well.

Leave your holiday wish here, and maybe, when Christmas comes, if you've been a good boy/girl/bucket, you'll get your wish.

1. While I'm pretty chill, there is still 3 months until Christmas. There's that much time to get on the naughty list. Be nice.
2. Steamrep marked for scamming, fencing, hijacking, phishing, etc, you're out. Everyone else I'll look at case-by-case.
3. Gifts can be as low as 1 weapon to as high as one bud. Try to keep it reasonable. Gift wrap adds into this cost, I'm not going to make you pay for your own gift.
4. Please try to make clear exactly what you want, gifted or not, named or not, that kind of thing.
5. Make sure it's reasonable to get. The #1 AWP has been missing for 3 years, I can't help you with something like that.
6. Minimum of 30 forum posts. You can get this much in 3 months easily.
7. If you change your wish, please edit your original post. I'll only be going by your wish in your first post in this thread, so please don't make consecutive posts for changes.

8. The deadline for leaving a wish or an edit for a wish is November 20th.

I'm not going to pretend this is going to be cheap. If you want to donate something like giftapults, gift wrap, or tags, feel free to send me a trade offer.


Naughty List:
People on this list have done something bad enough to be exclude from future presents.

- Mapleman10
- TehBoner
- Sugarcube
- EpicNewb

- zefrom

- Auroz

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Actually Blizz SnS. :D


Blame Choccie for recommending this.


And a heart on my profile If I'm not asking for too much <3


EDIT. As the buds prices are going rofl, get me a SnS with effect of your choice. :)


Thank you Bob <3

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#13 Shogun's Shoulder Guard gifted by you, if possible to get below a bud.


If the guy who owns it is actually selling above a bud, I could probably help compensate for the cost or buy it myself, no worries.





Thanks in advance, based Bobsplosion. If you need any help, tell me.

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Kitteh #Everybodys Friend

Your so kind <3333333

A robosandvich would make my christmas, so kind ;-;

I cri with joy if santabob gibs me a robosandvich to ruin me teeth

Also make it gifted by you if you can afford

But srsly, thanks, thats awesome

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How did Gent get on the list already?


As for my item, a Flies Mirror since I still need one for my collection to finish off all low tier Mirrors.  Not many sellers for it.

If it somehow actually goes misc by then or none below a bud, then a Strange Festive Minigun/Knife/Wrench, whichever is cheapest and below a bud if prices dont go up for Xmas (It'll fit the festivities.)

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The Generic Soldier Set: TC, Kringle, and Fancy Dress Uniform (and a Stogie for fun) all gifted by Santa Bob.


Also all level 64, since I collect that.


(and not to be super picky but I'd prefer ones without craft numbers)


But yeah, I'd really appreciate that sort of gift, to remember a great and generous contributor to the community.

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