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Santa Bob's Wishlist


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I would REALLY love you to find the #21 team captain and gift it to me (I'm a #21 collector)


tc from tc man, eh?


But I get the feeling that would rack up a high price ;s


The #21 danger would be fine, as well.

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surprise me with something i wouldn't buy myself.

As Examples but not necessarily specificly these things:

Craft number 420 all-class hat

Duped Gifted Nuts Dreadknot

Collector's Gunslinger/Kritzkrieg/Blutsauger

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Collectors Warrior's Spirit (not gifted)


Alternatives (all more expensive):



Team Fortress 2:
- Strange Sapper (not gifted)
- Strange Scotch Saver (not gifted)
- Strange Ullapool Caber (not gifted)
- Strange Construction PDA (not gifted)
- Uncraftable Summer Hat (not gifted)

Dota 2:
- Redwood Claws (not gifted)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

- I don't own CS:GO, so if you want to buy me it, then that'd be great  :lol:



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Sunbeams Modest

Arcana Topi

Sunbeams Hardcounter

Vinage Bills

Overclocked Katyusha

The girl I like to love me

#420 TC signed by you

^Those are above a bud :c


Possible for less than a bud:


-Nuts Modest Pile of Scrap.

-Some low-craft TC Signed by you(#50?)

-Some low-craft Danger Signed by you(Since this is probably cheaper, like #50/#99/etc...since you are ''Heisenberg'' :P)

-Nuts dread knot, may be signed by you and desc'ed like(Best hat gifted by the best person)

-Some rare TF Logo Unusual(Low-tier, but kinda rare, those can be get with 16-17 or less)

-Something that you know I might like, heh <3


You are a really nice person dude, even if you like to troll us sometimes <3







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All I want for christmas-o-ween is to make steady profit from unusual trading in keys so I can gift steam games to my friends.


Well that, and I would love to get a bubbling toque honestly. I wouldn't even sell it, but the only two on the market are bein scrubs.



(The edits are real) I want the toque to be gifted by you, since I'm not going to be selling it, I don't care if the value is disrupted by a gift notice. 


Looking at it now, there's only one bubbling toque on the market and its painted/renamed/described and the seller denied 15 keys a couple months ago. If it isn't possible to get it for less than a bud, I would like a golden KAW engineer's cap (Gifted by you unless the price range would be too much with the added gift wrap)

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The ability to make my friend come on steam so I can buy his #71 headwarmer, or this other friend that has a duped beams tc you could buy :P


edit: Okay fine, but put me at your lowest priority for this thing.. Any craft # headwarmer will work and I'll be sure to return the favor to you

And NBA 2k15 IF i don't have it by Christmas(which I might have, probably going to waste a decent amount of keys buying it if it becomes cheaper)

And if you can, a shit ton of saxtons, which should be pretty cheap by christmas


edit2: Oh hey the first part of my original wish came true. I ended up buying that headwarmer


Thanks for the headwarmer :3


edit 4: Don't need 2k15 anymore

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You're very nice to be doing this for the forums during the holidays  :D


My Christmas/Hanukkah wish would be for a non-gifted Earbud, in which I would use to buy thousands of robot parts with to finally finish my over 50 fabricators and turn them into the killstreak kits they deserve  


My alternate would be a  B.M.O.C., painted white and named something like the "Eagle Head Warmer" 


Thanks again for your huge generosity! 

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professional killstreak rocket launcher kit  :wub:


Either, some earbuds, a low craft hornblower, a low craft fdu, a low craft veil or a low craft antlers

and it has to be gifted by you ^.^


I really dont mind, you choose bobby

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Thank you very much in advance for this. Extremely nice of you to do such wishlist giveaway like this.  ^_^


Not sure if its too much or not. Less than a bud :P


~ Strange Festive Gloves of Running Urgently

~ Strange Festive Sandvich

~ Strange Festive Axtingusiher

~ Strange Festive Crusader's Crossbow

~ Strange Festive Jarate

~ Strange Festive Frontier Justice


Don't need gift  tags, meaning...No, need for making the item gifted. :P

Around 13 - 14 keys worth of stuff. xD If its too much for Santa Bob let me know.stress.gif

I will gladly change this list to something else if this bothers you. 200.gif

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stattrak awp corticera ft (or any other awp, stattrak or not, doesn't really matter) [would be to keep forever]  :D ty so much, bob, for being awesome!!


I'll also have something for you ready as well :3

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Dear santaBob.


I wish for the collectors stout shako. Though that is possible a little high.

Maybe a nuts stout shako or a normal shako gifted by you.


Also, is there anything you want for christmas?

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