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#4632 Best steam conversations

Posted by lukecandy on 15 March 2013 - 08:02 PM

My profile says that my location is in Afghanistan and when people add me from out post for trades and stuff they are like "Oh, cool, are you from afghanistan?" and I'm just like "yea" and tell them all my stories about my uncle Osama Bin Laden.

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#4613 Best steam conversations

Posted by ∞Ramses on 15 March 2013 - 05:11 PM


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#4683 Best steam conversations

Posted by AwesomeMcCoolName on 16 March 2013 - 11:01 AM

Don't have a screenshot of it, but it was great (in summation):
Him: I'd like to buy 5 Earbuds with Cash
Me: $180 USD sent as gift and you pay any fees which may occur for 5 Buds.
Him: Ok
Him: Sent (Still haven't sent him my Paypal email)

...Scammers are such clever people, aren't they?
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#7949 Confession time

Posted by ✔ P I X E L A T E D ✔ on 02 April 2013 - 09:17 AM

I don't consult my parents when asked for joining Club Penguin.

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#8125 Confession time

Posted by Chief D on 02 April 2013 - 09:11 PM

I enjoy banning people.

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#351657 Forum Rules

Posted by polar on 11 March 2015 - 01:45 PM

My only rule has always been, don't be a dick. I had hoped that would have been straightforward enough....


(1) Don't post any offensive material already mentioned here - http://forums.backpa...for-this-forum/. For a little more detail on, "content that promotes hatred in any kind of society." The use of racial, homophobic, or any kind of discriminatory slur like "faggot" or "nigger" with a negative connotation will not be tolerated in the forums.


(2) Don't insult or harass other users. It doesn't matter if the user is a marked scammer or community admin or even an entire community. It doesn't matter if YOU think it's funny. Think about anything you write from the perspective of a stranger or the person you are harassing. If your comments are offensive to others, don't put it down. This goes for any kind of slander as well - things like xx person is a sharker. Harassing other users without proof is called SLANDER.


This does not mean that we want to restrict freedom of speech. If genuine issues with communities or community members need to be brought to the attention of others, I encourage you to post them. However, you MUST back up your statements with evidence supporting your claims.


(3) Don't use alts.


(4) Don't be a backseat moderator. Instead of contributing to spam or a flame war, use the report function. This includes things like "petition to ban xxx."


(5) If you intend to trade, please follow rules in our trading section - http://forums.backpa...ng-forum-rules/. We won't permanently ban you from the forums if you are banned on the main site. HOWEVER, if you are banned on the main site, you cannot post trades here. Doing so will get you permanently banned from the forums as well. 


(6) Don't post phishing links or unknown / undisclosed software, regardless of intent.


(7) Don't advertise raffle groups. You'll notice I didn't say "all" groups. I think it's okay to drum up some interest in a youtube channel or column or another site. Just don't be obnoxious about it and constantly spam it everywhere. 


(8) Don't be a dick. Look, use common sense. No one wants constant spam, slander, and an all-around toxic environment in the forums. Don't be that guy that everyone hates.


(9) Posting messages anywhere in the forums on a banned users behalf is grounds for a ban for both the poster and the banned user. These will be handled at the discretion of the mod team. If you do something benign, no one is going to say anything. Try to flame bait, and both parties will likely get bans / ban extensions.


(10.) For Forum bans use site appeal.

Post your appeal here - http://backpack.tf/issue- and request that a mod move it to the ban appeals section.


(11.) Do not post content that promotes piracy. This includes asking for and giving advice about piracy and posting links to relevant websites.


(12.) Scammers are not welcome here.


Examples of spam - things that are grounds for hidden posts, posts getting moved to the GB, warnings, and bans.


1. Contentless posts

- Any post that is a direct quote of another with 0 added content. If you agree with someone, just "like" their post. That's what that function is there for. Posting a direct quote without content is unneeded spam.

- Posts like "ok" are contentless. If you have nothing useful to say or contribute, don't post at all.

- Repeating what has already been said adds no value to the conversation. Again, use the "like" button if you are agreeing with others and have no new content to contribute. 

- Don't post on ancient threads (necroposting) if you have nothing of value to contribute. 


In status updates / GB - posting the exact same message / content repeatedly. This is entirely at the discretion of the moderator assessing it. Use your common sense. No one wants to see 10 of the exact same status updates or 10 of the exact same reply in the same status update. 


2. Posting content unrelated to the objective of the original post


3. Posting threads with uninformative or intentionally misleading titles. Posts with uninformative titles may be moved to the GB or edited by a moderator to clarify the intent of the post. Posting intentionally misleading titles will be treated similarly but are also fair game for warning points and bans. 

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#434242 BUYING Team Fortress 2 Foil Cards 7ref each (finally finished after 1 year)

Posted by CourtneyWendysCommercials on 23 July 2015 - 04:31 AM

rip, i just sold foil Sniper, Demo, and Pyro cards on SCM because i couldn't find a foil buyer

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#368922 [User Script] Compare Differences Between Inventory Snapshots and More

Posted by Julia on 02 April 2015 - 12:33 PM

Many are probably already familiar with my project. The purpose of this tool is primarily for speeding up the process of determining sales for Unusual items. I've kept the testing close-knit ever since I started and I've received positive affirmation of its usefulness. With its use I've been able to find sales with amazing speed and accuracy.


What it does is compare differences between two snapshots of the inventory at different times. Comparing items added, removed, and altered between those two points.






  1. Ensure that you have either Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey installed.
  2. Download the script backpack.tf-historical-comparison.user.js.
  3. Confirm that you want to install the script.
  4. The script should now be installed and ready to use.





Complete with several screenshots.


Suggestion Link Formatter


With the use of an extra script, "before and after" links within suggestions can be formatted to include a comparison parameter. This will automatically load the comparisons between both times when clicking either link. The appearance of the links in the suggestion will remain the same as if it weren't installed, but the URL it leads to will be different. This is useful for speedy proof-checking.


Download formatter.user.js to install it.

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#360616 PSA: Trading with bp.tf automatic WILL count towards your trades with scammer...

Posted by polar on 23 March 2015 - 07:27 PM

This is interesting and certainly something I will talk with bp.tf staff about. It still does not help if a user colludes with a scammer to sell an item to him and just lets the bot accept for him though.



I'm going to address several issues here. But before I get to them, I'm going to start with one question. Why do we ban people for trading with scammers? Do we ban people for the sake of banning them? To gradually cut down the number of viable traders in our once flourishing economy? To inconvenience people? No. I'm not sure what steamrep's or outpost's rationales are. But MY rationale for banning people for trading with scammers is to discourage scammers by limiting their ability to offload their hijacked / scammed goods. Automatic doesn't condone this, which is a big difference between that and bots on warehouse, scrap.tf, or any number of other bots. On THOSE bots scammers can unload scammed items for pure easily, but that doesn't happen on automatic. What automatic DOES allow is for people to trade their own hats for pure. A scammer (alt) has to pay pure to get your hats at your b/o. It does not condone offloading of items. And in this way it is NOT the same as bots you might see used on outpost or any of these other sites. 


Now, is it possible that a scammer just wants to trade for something he likes. Yes. And we don't want to condone trading with SR marked users. So the bot doesn't allow trading with SR marked users. The specific scenario where a scammer alt pays someone's b/o in pure is the only situation where a "bad" trade is made. And for your reference, these trades are all logged for the specific item.


This rule basically prevents people from the enormous convenience of instant, automatic trading due to the risk of that rare, specific case. In my opinion, this does the community WAY more harm / inconvenience than it does good in keeping scammers / alts from offloading hijacked items and limiting their incentive and effectiveness. Ultimately, it's your site and you can run it the way you want to. And users can choose to take that risk. What I envision happening is sour, marked people just sending trade offers to screw people over. And if that's the your goal here, then I can't agree with it, but I'll have to accept it to use your site. 

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#320841 Guide for Background Checks

Posted by polar on 27 January 2015 - 08:34 PM

Since there continues to be a confusion about what is and isn't required for background checks, I have decided to make a defined set of guidelines outlining our expectations for background checks. A few things before getting into the details. First, this is not a universal guide. I can only tell you what will and will not get you banned on BACKPACK.TF. This does not apply to other sites. The cutoff in item values for which we expect traders to complete a background check is based on new SteamRep guidelines - 15 keys. For trades under 15 keys in value, we do not require that you complete a background check. Feel free to post any questions or concerns below. 
Our Expectations for Our Users: 
We expect all users to check the following on all trades greater than 15 keys in value - you must check (1) the SteamRep status, (2) the steam community profile of the user, (3) backpack.tf profiles for bans marking them as a scammer or scammer alt. You should NOT trade with someone who is marked on SteamRep and someone who is an "obvious scammer alt." We characterize an obvious alt as someone having all of these three qualities: (1) a steam level of three or less, (2) under 500 hours in tf2, AND (3) three or fewer steam games. If a user meets these three criteria, you are responsible for verifying the history of all items they are offering. You must verify that they have not been hijacked, stolen, or scammed in any way before trading for them. There are some users who are new to tf2. As long as they have not acquired their items through scamming or through trades with another scammer alt, it is safe to trade with them. As always, if in doubt about where your items are coming from, ask for help here in the forums before making the trade. This is particularly important when trading with people with private backpacks. It is okay to trade with them as long as you can verify where your items are coming from. If you cannot verify the item's history, don't complete the trade.


Occasionally a user who is buying high volumes of items from scammers to sell on will be banned as a scammer fence, and it is not acceptable to trade with these users. This will be identified in their ban reason, so read carefully.
We encourage users to use this plug-in and guide - http://forums.backpa...heck-rep-dupes/. The plug-in can be used to identify bans on others sites right on the users backpack.tf profile page.
Our Responsibility to the Community:
While we expect certain responsibilities from our users, we understand that we have certain responsibilities ourselves. Part of these responsibilities is to be transparent with our ban reasons. If a person is banned for scamming and is unsafe to trade with, we will mark it clearly in our ban reason. There are some people banned for other reasons such as spamming or rudeness, but it is still okay to trade with them. A second part of our responsibilities is that we will discourage scamming by banning people who trade with scammers. To this end, we will employ the following set of ban durations -
If a trader unknowingly fails to meet these expectations, bans will be issued as follows:
(1) First offense - 3 days to 1 week depending on the severity of the action
(2) Second offense - 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the severity of the action
(3) Third offense - permanent ban (may be appealed after 6 months)
If a trader knowingly fails to meet these expectations and is found to intentionally trade with scammers, the ban will instantly be a permanent one.

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#496383 Guide for Unusual Price Suggestions

Posted by polar on 03 January 2016 - 10:39 AM

Happy New Years! With the new year, we usher in some much needed changes to the unusual suggestion rules. The idea here is to make things simpler, not more complicated than they already are.


Rules on Overpay


We are getting rid of the 10% overpay rule entirely. Over the last three years there have been many arguments both for and against having this rule in place. I won't go into a full discussion here, but you are welcome to ask about our rationale in the comments below. Our major reasons for the 10% overpay rule are no longer valid, so it's time to remove it entirely.


This does not mean we are getting rid of overpay entirely. We are still trying to capture the pure values of items. This means that a hats value cannot exceed what the seller was willing to sell it for in pure (pure buyout caps are still in place). Paying more than the pure buyout is overpay by definition and is an overpay for convenience.


One last thing. This means that pure sales will be even more heavily weighted compared to unusual sales. Whether the pure sale is low or high, you need a really strong basis for not including it in your range (i.e. if a pure sale is at 100 and two unusuals sales are at 150, don't immediately dismiss the pure sale as the outlier.)


Outliers and Quicksells


This is not a rule change but a clarification because there is a lot of misinformation going on. Outliers are defined by deviation from the mean NOT the time it takes to sell. This does not mean that time to sell is not useful. If a hat sells in an hour for the first offer it gets, do you really think the seller got full value? Probably not. If you look for more sales, including sales by sellers who were patient and waited for a month do you think you would find higher value sales? Probably. But sometimes traders just get lucky. In order to identify if a hat is an outlier, you must compare it to other sales and offers.


A few other common misconceptions:


- A seller had no buyout, so it can't be a quicksell

- A seller sold for unusuals, so it can't be a quicksell

- A seller had no trade, so it can't be a quicksell


Let's think about this logically for a second. There are factors intrinsic and extrinsic to a trade that determine how much a hat can sell for. Extrinsic factors include, among others, how many of that particular hat are on the market. Keep this in mind because this can fluctuate from month to month. A sale one month ago when a hat was 1 of 1 on the market might have gone in one day for 50 keys, but a sale now when the hat is 1 of 5 on the market might have taken 2 weeks to sell for 40 keys. Just because a hat sold in 1 day for 50 keys does not mean that any sale less than that is an outlier.


Intrinsic factors include how well a hat is advertised. A trade that gets bumped 48 times a day is obviously going to get more views than a trade that gets bumped once in 3 days. A hat that sells in 5 days without getting bumped may be as much of an outlier as a hat that gets bumped 5 times in one day and sells in 3 hours.


Further, trades without any buyouts are generally turn offs for a lot of traders who are unsure about what the seller expects, especially when multiple hats are listed. So not having a buyout makes it more likely instead of less likely that the sale may be an outlier compared to other sales.


Whether a hat sells for unusuals or pure has no real factor in whether the sale is an outlier / quicksell. It was up for a fixed amount of time and got a certain number of views. Whether it sold for unusuals or pure doesn't factor in at all into whether it is an outlier. What matters is how it relates to other sales.


Finally, the one that makes the least amount of sense to me - sales off market. If a hat was never advertised, it has the least likely chance of getting full value. If a hat sold in one day on the market, at least it has one day of views. Off market sales don't even have that one day of advertising. These sales are MOST LIKELY to be outliers. These are frequently made by banned users, and buyers are even more likely to stay away from them regardless of their ban reason.




In short, we have just made things simpler by getting rid of our contrived correction for overpay. No more arguments about overpay stacking, reverse overpay, who offered the hats, etc.


Please use common sense. We have our rules in place for a reason - we feel they best represent the values of items as they are in the eyes of traders.


What this means for ongoing suggestions ----


Please don't go back to make corrections on suggestions that have already been accepted. These changes apply only to NEW suggestions. If you have a suggestion that is up currently, you are welcome to resuggest. If we get to an old suggestion, based on the old rules, we will continue to accept them to clear out the backlog.

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#4588 Best steam conversations

Posted by mattje on 15 March 2013 - 01:21 PM


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#3846 Guide to Paypal Trading

Posted by AwesomeMcCoolName on 11 March 2013 - 05:23 PM

Guide to Paypal Trading, and how to NEVER get scammed.
1) Things to Look For

  • A Rep Thread
    • Rep threads show a glimpse into a trader's past and can be helpful in determining the likelihood of a chargeback occurring. 
    • Valid forms of Rep: TF2-Trader, ManncoTrading, SteamTrades, Dota2Traders, Skial, BPTF-Trust, etc... 
    • Profile Rep means nothing, ignore it. 
  • Account Value 
    • Number of games, hours in TF2/D2/CSGO, age of the account
      • Someone with a large number of games and an old account with a lot of hours in-game is less likely to be a scammer.
    • BP value history -- is there a sudden spike? or a gradual increase over months time? or little change at all? (Keep in mind, a lot of key buyers are game flippers -- so their bp's worth comes from steam games).

2) Things to Look Out For

  • Deals that are too good to be true
    • If a deal is too good then the buyer is probably trying to take advantage of your greed.
  • Someone in a rush
    • Someone trying to rush things is looking to catch you off guard, so just walk away.
  • Someone who refuses to use a middleman
    • Someone who isn't willing to use a SteamRep mm (no matter the excuse) isn't worth the trouble. 
  • Chargebacks 
    • Usually occur within one week, however they can occur for up to six months after the trade. 
    • It's advisable to NOT spend the money until after the chargeback window has passed. 
    • If a chargeback does occur there is VERY little chance you'll be able to successfully dispute it -- so you want to take every possible precaution to prevent one from occurring in the first place. 
    • You can be chargedback no matter how the payment was sent (moneypak is the ONLY way to be 100% sure -- see below)
  • Alt Accounts
    • No Reputable trader will ask you to do the trade via an alt, so if they ask you to go through their alt, just say no, and move along. (Note: they might store items on that account, and give the items through it)
  • False Links
    • Make sure the link they sent you is actually them and not someone else. 
    • Get their profile URL YOURSELF, and use it to get their SteamRep profile yourself.
    • Make sure any identifiers in a rep-thread match his profile
  • Phishing Links
    • Read over the link CAREFULLY. Make sure there aren't any misplaced/added/missing characters. 
    • Make sure the links are real. A good way to check, find the website via Google and login; if you're still logged in when you click the link provided, it's real.
    • NEVER download or open any link that ends in .Rar 
    • Be wary of any shortened links (i.e. anything like: goo.gl/etEfsadgsfd)
  • Hijacked Items
    • Check the history of an item you buy to make sure it hasn't been hijacked. It will likely be removed from your backpack and you may get trade banned. Hijacked items are usually quick sold very cheap--so be wary of "deals that are too good to be true".
    • Check the backpack.tf value graph and look for any dramatic changes within the past few days, it could just be someone cashing out/buying items, but theres also a possibility its a scammer, just be cautious. 
  • Fake/Untrustworthy Middlemen
    • Middleman interjection
      • A fake middleman invites you to trade and pretends to be the real middleman you were just talking to. 
      • Always do the trade through steams "invite to trade" since it forces the person to be on your friends list. 
      • Verify with the middleman that you're in a trade with him.
    • Random middleman
      • ONLY use people you can trust. (SR middleman/Community Admins/etc..)
    • Impersonation
      • Use of a secondary account to impersonate a trusted trader.
      • Double-check the profile and SR of BOTH the middleman in chat, AND the place you found the middleman (ex: SR Middleman list)
    • A side note about middlemen, most request that you trade them, they usually don't trade you. 

3) Going through with the trade 

  • Be explicit
    • Clearly state the items and cash involved as well as clearly detailed terms of the trade. (e.g. "$21 USD sent as friends and family, you pay any fees, and your pp account must be verified for my 1 Earbud." 
  • Take things slow 
    • Don't let him rush you along. Make sure have everything you need -- if you're the seller, then make sure you have the money in your paypal account and can see the transaction details before completing the trade. 
  • Take (and SAVE) screenshots of everything 
    • It's very important that you take screenshots of everything as well as take down all of the other person's important information. (SteamRep identifiers, rep-thread/s, details of the trade, transaction ID of the paypal trade, etc...) 
    • Also make sure to screenshot the ENTIRE chat log as well as your trade history after each trade (uncropped). 
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help -- if you're unsure, bring in someone with more experience than you to help out. 

4) Setting up/Using Paypal

  • Creating account--Fill in the form. Make sure to select personal use. Other than that its pretty straightforward
    • Note: If you plan on dealing with moneypak you WILL need to link your Social Security Number. 
  • Sending money--Go to "Send Money">Put in the email, put in the amount>Select "Friends and Family", check to see if the seller wants any notes and if he does then put them in, if not just click send.
  • Receiving Money--Provide the buyer with your email. Make sure he sends it as friends and family (or at least covers the fees if he sends it another way), and then wait until you get the transaction details (to verify that he paid any fees/that he sent it the way you wanted him to). 

5) Other

  • Moneypak--An alternative to Paypal, its a pre-paid card you buy that gets dumped directly into your PP account (can NOT be charged back). Keep in mind, most buyers don't like this option since it puts them at extra risk (extra cost, and they can't charge back even if you don't give them the items) [Moneypak is only available in USA].
    • Your SSN MUST be linked to accept moneypak.
    • This is the ONLY way to guarantee you will not be chargedback (when doing a pp trade)
  • Notes--Worthless, they're only good for your records.
  • Risk Management--Rather than selling ten buds to one person, sell one bud to ten people

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#6408 Best steam conversations

Posted by Brad Pitt on 23 March 2013 - 08:19 PM



Google translate really messed up this guy's request


Here's another one:


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#44229 Collector's Hardy Laurel + Steel Sixpack (Paying for info on the current...

Posted by Fire ̷̨●̷̨° on 22 September 2013 - 08:26 PM



So today 9/22/14 it is officially been one full year since I made this thread searching for the craft #1 Hardy Laurel. I'm am now ending my search for the #1 and instead setting my eyes on the collector's version along with the Steel Sixpack.


Reward: If you are able to find one of the 2 items I'm looking for and correctly direct me to the person who has it I will give you some keys. (This is as long as I didn't already know of it's existence and whereabouts.)


I highly prefer that I get the Chemistry kit uncompleted vs the already completed item. I want to be the one who crafts it. Having a already crafted one reduces the value of the item a great deal in my eyes, it's in your best interest not to craft it.



Hand Drawn Picture I had made:




SFM Picture I had made: ZJvfdJz.jpg




















Due to image limits please CLICK HERE for more Artwork, or just scroll down on the page.


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#356030 Guide for Unusual Price Suggestions

Posted by polar on 17 March 2015 - 12:30 PM



I will merge this into the unusual pricing guide a bit later but feel it's important enough to have its own thread for now. For the record, I don't think this is the end of buds as currency. Due to a limit on the number of keys that can be traded on high tier hats, there will ALWAYS be a need for a higher denomination of currency. The problem is that buds are just so volatile that it's not really fair to have a firm rule to price all hats in buds. Why is that? It opens the door to a huge amount of price manipulation, intentionally or unintentionally, for some hats to be priced when buds are at their highest value compared to when buds are at their lowest value. In the past it didn't matter since buds remained relatively constant in value even over the course of 3 months, the average time it takes to update a hat. But now buds might rise and fall 2-3 times within those 3 months.


Things that won't change:


- We will continue to price hats in the currency they MOST commonly sell. This means that if a hat sells in buds more often than it sells for in keys, it needs to be priced in buds. If it sells in keys, there is no issue with pricing it in keys, no matter the tier of the hat. This is NOT a change from our prior guidelines.


Things that will change:


- What WILL change is our traditional bias towards getting things priced in buds. In the past, when there were 50-50 sales in keys or buds, people usually went with buds. In situations where it is 50-50, I encourage you to go off the more RECENT of the trades but will ultimately leave it to the discretion of the suggester. On hats >2 buds in value, suggesters normally converted the key sale value to buds. It is not necessary to do that. Rather, I encourage you to leave the sales and suggestion in the currency that is actually being used whether it is buds or keys.


- Paypal / SCM trading - if a hat sells for paypal or through the market, you can consider that a sale in "keys." What is the rationale for this? I, and most paypal traders I know, tend to derive bud values from the key value nowadays given the volatility of buds. Keys have the most stable paypal and SCM value, so it is most reliable to take a sale on paypal or through market as a sale in "keys." Trying to figure out the value of buds at the time of the sale in dollars has been nearly impossible for both moderators and suggesters. Key prices have been almost completely stable.


What about NON-PURE trades?


- If a hat sells for items priced in keys, the sale can be valued in keys after the appropriate amount of overpay. This goes for unusual : unusual trades too. If it sells for another unusual priced in keys, it can be valued in keys. If it sells for an unusual priced in buds, it should be valued in buds.

- What about mixed trades? Use common sense. If an unusual sells for a hat priced at 5 buds and items worth ~20 keys, it should be priced in buds as the 5 buds makes up the majority of the trade. If it sells for a hat priced at 50 keys and an item worth 1 buds, it should be priced in keys.

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#575924 Unusual Taunt Pricing Event - Setting up teams

Posted by polar on 04 May 2017 - 07:11 AM

Team Results and Awards for Pricing Event #1

What an amazing event it has been. Over 700 unusuals have been successfully updated and over 1000 suggestions total were made during the 72 hours of the event. A lot of people poured a LOT of time into this event. We are giving everyone who participated (key part of that word being "participate") a participation badge. But that's really the least we can do. Thanks to all of you who participated, thanks to the mod team for helping out, and a huge thanks to Geel, Cares, and Brad for sponsoring and supporting the event. We couldn't have done it without all of you. On to the winners then.... 


ALL teams received donation credit based on points accumulated. We awarded a total of $350 in backpack.tf credit to go along with Geel's extremely generous $450 in marketplace.tf credit. 


With a late comeback while the Busy People team was, well, busy... and winner of the top overall prize --- Team Raven


First Overall Team - Team Raven - 175 Points

Please send me a PM here or in discord with how you would like to divide your $300 marketplace credit. Cares is updating your site user profiles with 3 months of premium credit plus donation credit for points accumulated. 


Second Overall Team - Busy People - 149 points

Please send me a PM here or in discord with how you would like to divide your $100 marketplace credit. Cares is updating your site user profiles with 2 months of premium credit plus donation credit for points accumulated. 


Mod's Choice Team - Team 3 - 55 points

Please send me a PM here or in discord with how you would like to divide your $50 marketplace credit. Cares is updating your site user profiles with 1 month of premium credit plus donation credit for points accumulated. 


MVP of the Event

Happysedits - What an absolutely extraordinary performance during the event. You may have had to resuggest a lot of suggestions, but you gave absolutely everything you had to it, so we would like to give you a little token of our appreciation - 2 months of premium and a unique badge given just to you on your backpack.tf profile. 


Best Team Name - Last But Not Least

They did actually finish last in points, but they certainly weren't "least" by any measure. They submitted high quality suggestions with 38 submitted, only 5 resuggested, and 0 rejected. Quality over quantity. You'll get a trade offer from me for a key each. 


All other teams received donation and premium credit as follows:

3rd Place - 1 month premium, 4th place - 14 days premium, 5th place - 7 days premium, 6th place - 3 days premium (these are all granted per person)

Donation credit granted at a rate of 5 cents per point. 


Rest of the scores:

Third Place - Team Woifjob - 125 points

Fourth Place - Happy Suggestion Team - 108 points

Fifth Place - Schoolboys - 81 points

Sixth Place - Team 3 - 55 points

Seventh Place - The Outdated Squad - 50 points

Eighth Place - Last but not least - 40 points


Thanks again for an amazing event. This will be last major thing I do for the website before I'm stepping down at the end of the month. It's been an awesome time watching all of you grow and mature here!

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#575252 Unusual Taunt Pricing Event - Setting up teams

Posted by polar on 26 April 2017 - 06:42 PM


Saturday - Day 1: Unusual Taunt Suggestion Day

- Tournament starts 1PM GMT on Saturday and runs through Midnight GMT on Monday

- Get in our discord server - https://discord.gg/F7awCxT - for updates, help, FAQs

- Assignments for taunts to price / suggestions to make will be given 15 minutes before the tournament starts


Sunday - Day 2: All-Class Hat Update Day

- Submit a request for hats to price by midnight GMT on Saturday night

- If you do not submit a request, these will be given to you on Sunday

- Assignments for hats to price / suggestions to make will be given at 12:45PM GMT on Sunday


Monday - Day 3: Outdated Hat Update Day

- Credit will be given for pricing any hat last updated more than 1 year ago 

- Submit request for hats to price by midnight GMT on Sunday night

- If you do not submit a request, these will be given to you on Monday

- Assignments for hats to price / suggestions to make will be given at 12:45PM GMT on Monday



Mods will handle all suggestions that were made during the time period of the tournament and assign points to each team based on the point system below. Winners will be announced end of Tuesday or Wednesday and will be given their prizes as time permits for Cares / Geel. 


Point Scoring

Points will only be given to suggestions made by ONE designated person on each team after 1PM GMT / 9AM EST. Points will only be given for completing suggestions for assigned effects to that team (i.e. if you are assigned scorching, you will only receive credit for pricing scorching hats). 


- One point per suggestion accepted. 

- Negative two points per suggestion closed. 

- One bonus point for every suggestion over 100 keys in value. 

- Bonus one point for every 5 suggestions made for a single effect. 

- Zero points for B/O drop suggestions. You can make them. You will not receive points for them. Points only for suggestions based on sales.

- Starting Day 2, mini suggestions converted to formal, published suggestions will be given 1 point as long as the mini is not for an all-class hat (to prevent stepping on another team's toes). This is to encourage putting effort into minis and will help all teams get more points for the same amount of effort. 


Mods reserve the right to not give points / not give negative points based on each suggestion. There may be situations where a mod may say that the suggestion needs to be closed, but points will not be deducted (i.e. tough situations where exact range is unclear). 



- No B/O only drops (you can make them, you won't get points for them). 

- You may update any unusual that is outdated by more than 1 WEEK

- No direct copy-pasting old suggestions. A hat can be updated, even if it was priced a week ago. However, your range cannot be the same and you MUST have new sales since the last suggestion was made. You may copy-paste the other sales from the last suggestion and include in the range, but it cannot be identical. 

- For taunts and all-class hats, start with only sales from the last month. If there are no sales in the last month, then go to sales in the last 2 months. For hats outdated by more than 1 year (and only for these hats), you may select sales up to 3 months old. 

- Do not use taunts to update other taunts or hats unless they are a small part of the trade (less than 50%). These are only to be used as supportive proof in a suggestion.



Tournament Set-Up:


Division 1: Pre-Made Teams

Team with the most number of points will win this division. No mod help will be available for suggestion help. You can still ask logistical questions.


Division 2: Teams Made by the Mods 

Winners will be decided based on a vote among mods. We will be looking for total number of points but also how well the team worked together and take into account things like experience, effort, etc. 


Mods will be available to help all of the teams in Division 2. No assigned mod per group but rather we will be on standby to help as needed. 




Overall first place team based on points will receive $300 in the form of a marketplace.tf gift card, courtesy of Geel. Second place team will receive a $100 gift card. First place team by the mod team vote will receive a $50 gift card. You may divide these up however you want as a team. 


First place team in each division will receive premium credit, the amount of which is tbd. 


All participants will receive donator credit for perks on the site, also tbd. 




Teams will be added below. I will give one key to each person on the team with the best team name (if you come up with one). It will be the best team name in my opinion  :P


Division 1 Teams


Team 1: The Official Ravenholmzombies Fan Club 

HarryG; SpotlightR; Lila; Jarool

Designated Suggester: Spotlight


Team 2: The Special Tea Sippin' Schoolboys

Lemons, Zeus, Umer, Bull

Designated Suggester: Zeus, Umer


Team 3: Woifjob

Erik, Moose, Gent, Master Throne Crimson

Designated Suggester: will change


Team 4: Busy People

Thermal, The Mighty Bob, Alberny, Sin

Designated Suggester: will change


Division 2 Teams

Team 1:  The Outdated Squad

K1ng - http://forums.backpa...ser/21224-k1ng/

Smokey - http://forums.backpa...-j4f-✫∴ᔕɱ〇ҝξ∴✫/

Mastikhor - http://forums.backpa...1204-mastikhor/

The Proclave - http://forums.backpa...201-theprocave/

Master of the Hellish Yard - http://forums.backpa...e-hellish-yard/

Designated Suggester: The Proclave


Team 2: Happy Suggestion Friends

HappysEdits - http://forums.backpa...25-happysedits/

Wokath - http://forums.backpa...r/13409-wokath/

Vittoo - http://forums.backpa...r/28957-vittoo/

Andro - http://forums.backpa...er/21657-andro/

MCBros - http://forums.backpa...36-themcbros99/

Designated Suggester: HappysEdits


Team 3:

Shuffle Spy - http://forums.backpa...uffle-spy-7309/

Virtus Pro - http://forums.backpa...0554-virtuspro/

Barack Obama - http://forums.backpa...7-barack-obama/

Beaser - http://forums.backpa...r/26892-beaser/

Simple - http://forums.backpa...r/10476-simple/

Designated Suggester: Simple, Shuffle Spy


Team 4: Last But Not Least

Xergoyf - http://forums.backpa.../27690-xergoyf/

Apo - http://forums.backpa...user/18315-apo/

ADHD - http://forums.backpa...er/16435-ad⚡hd/

INF SnoopDogge - http://forums.backpa...ogge-i-tradetf/

Designated Suggester: Xergoyf

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#394828 Application: Kevin the Chicken God [GIRL] [TF2]

Posted by Kevin the Chicken God on 09 May 2015 - 08:58 AM

  • Your age: 18
  • Your geographical location: Eastern US
  • How long have you been using backpack.tf: 2.5-3 years
  • Time you are able to devote to moderation on a daily/weekly basis: 30-40 hours depending on how busy I am
  • Why you want to be a moderator?: I no longer contribute to the site a lot with suggestions because there is no longer low hanging fruit for me to get done in 15 mins, but I still really want to help contribute and moderate what goes on within the site
  • Are you currently an admin/mod elsewhere?: nah
  • Past experiences as an admin/mod: none because I've never been one
  • Have you ever been trade banned or tagged as a scammer on steamrep?: nien
  • Include any additional information that could help you: none that I can think of right now
  • Include a link to your backpack.tf profile: http://backpack.tf/u/76561198049834485


I've talked with mods about making an application, and they've said that I can make one soon but I not right now. However, I'm really interested in what the community thinks of this and want to see if I even have a chance, since the time period where I can devote the most time to the site is coming up soon and I don't want to waste it. I'll answer feedback in da comments

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#360424 PSA: Trading with bp.tf automatic WILL count towards your trades with scammer...

Posted by Gent♥ on 23 March 2015 - 04:35 PM

Sirploko, I respect you and what you do, but this is... insane.


Why do we mark people who trade with scammers? Because they were deliberately, or at the very least negligently, assisting the undesirables within our community.

They had the ability to prevent a trade with a scammer and they failed to do so, willingly or otherwise.


With an automatic trade, it is impossible to prevent the trade with the scammer, due to the very design of the system.


This isn't a PSA, this is Outpost denying anyone the ability to use automatic trades to sell items worth over six keys.

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