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Backpack.tf Pricing Event 2020!

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Everyone get ready for a new pricing event!    In a pricing event, you will be updating as many hats as possible together with your other team members. It doesn't matter if you're completely

🔥Master Throne Crimson🔥#3122 GMT +3 Juuust 'bout 8-16 Any time, bby 😉 My sleeping schedule is a mess anyway 🤷‍♂️       Gimme SubZeroDestruction tbh

Ahh brilliant, so excited for another pricing event 1) Lemons#6311 2) GMT+1 3) Roughly 2-3 hours 4) Probably before/after I work (before 1PM, After 11PM)


Time Zone: CEDT (UTC+2)

Hours I'll take to suggest: Depends really, minimum 1-2 hours, maybe up to 4-5 hours if the drive to achieve is there

Availability: Honestly all day, mostly doing phone suggestions but I'll be on PC Thursday morning and maybe a couple times more to make a chunk of suggestions.


2 requests: Personally I would like to be in a team with at least one more experience suggester that's better at leading than I am as the last few times I became designated suggester, things didn't quite work out well.

I'm way better as the guy making suggestions than coordinating 🧐

Any person in particular? Not really, Xergoyf, Surs, Crimson, Subzero, Mod LeMons (:P) or Scourge, I'll take being in a team with them :)

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