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Backpack.tf Unusual Pricing Event Teams and Information!

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Hello again, and welcome! It's that time again, we're ready for another pricing event where we band together in teams to get as many unusual items updated as possible with great prizes at the end! Scroll down for more detailed information!


It is important that you join the discord server so that you can be allocated to your team and communicate with them about your suggestions!


Teams - you can still sign up in this thread. We will allow sign ups up until the beginning of the event. Anyone who doesn't join the discord by the start will be removed. Teams may be shuffled to account for this.


Team 1








Team 2




The Mann Himself




Team 3

Master Throne Crimson

Eazy Peazy Squeezy Lemons

Styro the Dog

4 : 36/cerebellum


festive captain lord nigel


Team 4


The Procave


Meta Breakers



Team 5

Burny happysedits


Retro Explocivo

Mr. Mundy



Team 6








Team 7


Shuffle Spy





Suggestion Helpers

Kazooie (Gent)

ツ JoXu ツ


Zeus Junior




The event will begin on 7PM GMT on Sunday 24th December and finish on 7PM GMT on Thursday 28th December. Each team will then be allocated effects to suggest on, with a new focus each day.:


  • Day 1 - 24th-25th - Common low tiers: any generation 1-3 unusual less than 25 keys in value with 15+ in existence plus some oddities such as particular halloween items - we will provide a list when the event begins
  • Day 2 - 25th-26th - 1+ year outdated hats
  • Day 3 - 26th-27th - Taunts
  • Day 4 - 27th-28th - Event clean up: you can suggest any item from days 1-3, regardless of if it was your groups
  • Day 5 - 28th-29th - Mod time to handle remaining suggestions and complete counts
  • The cut off for making suggestions is 7PM on Thursday the 28th December


Point Scoring


  • 1 point for every accepted suggestion 
  • 1 point for every full-suggestion mini accepted
  • -5 points for every suggestion closed by moderators
  • 0 points for BO drop suggestions - you can make them but you will not receive points for them




  • Each team needs to choose one person to suggest, and only the designated suggester for each team can post event suggestions
  • Every suggestion made must be identified as an event suggestion or mini in the first line to make it easier for mods to count them up at the end
  • No B/O only drops (you can make them, you won't get points for them)
  • No points for suggestions on in-date hats
  • You can make suggestions outside of your assigned effects if you need them for minis ONLY IF there is no suggestion up for it from the team who owns that effect
  • If you make a suggestion as a mini, you need to identify what event suggestion it is a mini for clearly in the first line or it won't be counted
  • Work together as a team. We have a lot of new suggesters joining us for this event. Any teams found to be excluding them may be disqualified
  • We will have "suggestion helpers" on the discord for the first time, who are experienced suggesters volunteering to help out all teams rather than participating directly themselves




  • $1 marketplace credit per point for each team
  • Mod's choice for teamwork - $150 marketplace credit shared between your team
  • Mod's choice for quality of suggestions - $150 marketplace credit shared between your team
  • Event MVP - $50 marketplace.tf credit and MVP event badge on your profile for the individual mods feel were the most helpful in leading and teaching new suggesters


In addition, all individuals participating will receive 1 month of free premium and a special badge on your profile on the main site. Users we determine have not contributed to their teams at all may be excluded, so it's important to conduct your discussions on our discord so mods can see who is doing what.


Useful threads for new suggesters:


Guide for unusual price suggestions: 


How to use the compare function:



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Ready for a 2nd time at this, hopefully I can help more than the first time!



Edit: so are we supposed to not be able to message in the discord?

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4 minutes ago, INF SnooppDogge I trade.tf said:

Ready for a 2nd time at this, hopefully I can help more than the first time!



Edit: so are we supposed to not be able to message in the discord?


Click the link in #landing to register your steam account with your discord account. Once you do that, you should have access to all of the other text channels.

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