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[PSA] Unusual Price Update Request Thread

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About 43 Ninjas

Regardless of whether or not this is active, I'm just going to leave this here and see if anyone cares...

Ghastly Ghosts Jr. Burning Bandana

1/3, one's on the market for $120.37, one I can't find history for, and one is mine after being moved 7 times in the past 3 months.


Judging by this, the one on the market has been there for quite a long time...




I bought it for 34 keys pure. The keys aren't in the compare link since I bought them the day of. In a desperate attempt to inflate my backpack value and ego I will say it was in R+ubis backpack for less than 2 days before I bought it, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't matter.



With a genuine pro ks sharpened volcano fragment, a strange festive pro ks flare gun, a strange festive pro ks huntsman, and the cats pajamas for a factory new cool forest fire flame thrower. Needs mini or to be used there idk.




...Lots of spelled stuff? Probably not usable.



40 keys pure.




26 keys pure. Seems low.




Taunts... Ghastly Ghosts Party Trick, Fountain of Delight Second Rate Sorcery, Holy Grail Jumping Jack. Pricing with sellers puts this at 69 keys but they are still taunts.





Not sure what happened here, but either way it was received with the other two hats in the compare link, so 38.5/(110+38.5+68)= 17.8% making this bulk and not usable. Leaving the marketplace link to show it didn't actually sell on marketplace.


Unless minis or reasons to not make minis for the flame thrower and taunts exist to make those sales usable, this puts it at 34-40.


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Burning Flames War Pig Update, all job done. https://backpack.tf/vote/Unusual/War Pig/Tradable/Craftable/13


High level suggestion wooo!

Sale #1:
Sold for $700 USD via Paypal + Strange Catastrophic Companions + Sunbeams Desert Marauder + Circling Heart Tossle + Clean Sunbeams Vintage Merryweather + Sunbeams Bear Necessities + Frostbite Conjurer's Cowl.

No useable sales on Merryweather to value, excluding.

Sale #2:
Sold for Sunbeams Hustler's Hallmark (99, mini provided) + Anti-Freeze Killer Exclusive (727.5, in-date) + Disco Beat Down Anger (59, mini included) + Double Spelled Bruiser's Bandana (15, mini included) + 2 Strange Damage Dealt Parts (10.24, mini provided)

Sunbeams Hustler's Hallmark mini:
https://marketplace.tf/items/146;5;u17 Sold for $170, keys were $1.71 that day, 170/1.71 = ~99
Sold for 49 keys pure + a clean Max's Head (~19k) + Eerie Orbiting Fire Conjurer's Cowl (couldn't find a mini, but current quickbuyers support the 99 key price for the hallmark)

DBD Anger Mini:
https://marketplace.tf/items/518;5;u62;strange Sold for $108.9, keys were $1.85 on that day: ~59 Keys.
Another sale (really messy though, couldn't find a mini on the Brown Bomber):

Bandana mini:
https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198059078220#!/compare/1542067200/1542240000 15 keys, all match

Damage Dealt Parts mini:
https://i.gyazo.com/6b9fe032a17ab2fcef09dcaa45846fce.png (6.23+4.01)/2=5.12, 5.12*2 = 10.24

99 + 727.5 + 59 + 15 +10.24 = 910.74 = ~911

Sale #3: (credits to Barracuda)
Sold for 125 keys + Darkblaze Backwards Ballcap (200, open suggestion) + SBTWC Plumber's Cap

Couldn't find a good mini on the Plumber's cap, excluding.

Comparing all three sales to one another, the third one is a low outlier compared to the first one, which supports the second sale.

Taking 911 keys flat.


Please credit me as TXephy if anyone ends up posting this :)

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Why's there no price for the spooky night luxury lounge taunt atm? Not sure if this is related to this thread but eh.

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