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Any possibility of making something that puts your backpack in list form and includes prices (either low/average/high end)


Currently i use TF2Toolbox.com, but its a pain in the ass to add Strange parts, and then put a price on everything, so if there was a combination of backpack.tf and tf2toolbox where it would provide a list form of an entire backpack, and also prices....



It should include various options for prices--low/average/high end, and then how you want it to calculate prices....


Really would make listing items for specific prices TONS easier. 




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Should be easy... And I say that because I know shit about programming/coding.

Well, i'll be able to help out in a year or so......But, how hard could it be, team up with tf2toolbox, and just add the price system that bazaar.tf uses to display prices.
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