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Who is the Best Basketball Player?

ThatOtherChigga #Mack


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  1. 1. Top 5 NBA players of All Time in terms of every (skill, championships, athleticism, etc.)?

  2. 2. Top 3 Modern Basketball Players?

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My opinion:









Right now:

KD (led Thunder with the best record)

Kobe (can't wait for him to return.)

Lebron (he's really great, but he has the support of 2 other All-Stars)

Dwight (he's huge, and can play really good defense)

Chris Paul (dem assists doe)

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Silly people, everyone knows Brian Scalabrine was the best basketball player to ever play. (Ok not really). Kobe is the best.

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Wilt+Bill Russel were only amazing coz they were 7 ft black dudes in a league of +/- 6 ft white guys

All Time: Shaq+MJ (Luv u shaq)

Current: Kevin Love and Kevin Durant coz same name


Kobe has more votes for best all time than he does best modern, lolwut

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Such wow, Yao is not even on the list.

yao isn't that great honestly, but k


chigga watches basketball?!?!?

why is that a surprise

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Kind of an odd topic on a site dedicated to a video game.

Um,  like 95% of threads not under 'Gaming' are dedicated to something not related to gaming

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