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Requesting a price update on an unusual


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Also, despite what it says under my name, I do not have premium rn

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Hey michael! Funny seeing you here. Hope you are well.

Unfortunately I could not find any in-date sales. In fact, I could not find any actual sales under a year old. Seems like these hats don't move too often.


The only item that has moved in the past year is this one, which was just moved to a mannco.store bot and is currently listed for $74.99, or roughly 48 keys taking the current mannco.store key price of $1.56. It's the only one for sale that I can find.


Sorry I could not be of more help!

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i usually view ghosts around the same tier as c heart, buy orders are 41 on heart and sellers at 50


buy orders at 40 on the ghost, so probably 45-50 would be fair, energy is at like 65-70 

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