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First come, First served, quality portraits


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In the spirit of Halloween and Scream fortress, and giving out candy at the door IRL, i'm making these class portraits for you at the following price:

TIP ME WHATEVER YOU WANT (limited to 1 print per person)- (e.g metal, bad war paints, unwanted junk)- (no minimum) first come first served!


Additional prints will be priced as follows:

Single character portrait: 1 key
Class collection (all 9 classes): 4 keys
Single portrait in a drawn style: 5 keys


I do this for a hobby, and I like making people stuff but i also need to not be completely broke! They do take some time so it'll be first come first served for the ones that are essentially free, those that pay will be served first and i'll get round to everybody as soon as i can.

Add me on steam if you're interested, and why wouldn't you be.. the first ones pretty much like.. free... (my timezone is likely different to yours so expect a reply within 9 hours)

The tip whatever you want prints will be on offer until the 9th of October (til next monday).


Love you lots, please make sure you brush your teeth!

All feedback is cherished, as are you.


Screenshot 2023-10-02 215806.png



b lkad.png

Class Collection.png

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