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Inventory Price? Please help a noob


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Hello dear players of TF2, although very experienced with CSGO prices I virtually know nothing about TF2 economy,
and my friend will donate to me his inventory (which I will use the funds to invest in the CSGO major and make us both some profit)

I know some websites where people sell items but its too confusing, could you guys give me a rough estimate on the inventory?

Thank you

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Ok if your actually serious about this I value your inventory at somewhere around 25 refined or roughly around 55 cents.


Your best bet it to sell as much of your stuff other than the weapons on backpack.tf for whatever price is offered other than the vaccinator which sells for more on backpack.


and you dump the rest of the weapons to scrap.tf to turn it all into refined metal


Then you can use the refined metal to buy something from backpack.tf to sell on scm to get some funds and maybe afford 2 capsules after the almost inevitable sale of 75% if the fees don’t put you below the 50 cent mark. 

good luck and hope this helps



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