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hello guys sorry if thats not the right place to post,, but my account got banned im not sure what the reason maybe cuz i comment in someone profile to sell keys and got banned ?? can someone help me on that?or tell me if i will got unban or there is no chance 

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That has been happening a lot recently, steam support should be able to fix it or at least tell you when the community ban expires.
Pretty sure the same thing happened here earlier this week, and they are already unbanned 


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Had the same problem ~20 hours ago for posting a message on some user's profile before adding them. I first started to have errors while opening my or someone else's inventories, and then in ~30 minutes the ban message appeared. Contacted the Support right away, they came back to me in ~8 hours and unblocked the account.
I didn't leave any comments on anyone's profile ever since, but a few minutes ago I started to see errors while opening inventories again... Seems like I'm getting banned one more time. I suspect there could be something wrong with the links on bptf which you use to see the listed item in someone's inventory. Or maybe some anti-fraud automations on Steam's side are set to flag such activity, which is apparently the dumbest thing they could ever do.

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