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how does the 0.11 refined work


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34 minutes ago, ertuiton said:

so my question is that how the hell do i buy anything with 0.11 and not a whole refined pls help i am new 

1 ref is equal to... 1 ref. How do you make 1 ref?

3 reclaimed metal. How do you make a 1 reclaimed metal?

3 scrap metal. (9 scrap metal makes 3 reclaimed, which makes 1 refined)


3x3 = 9. 1 scrap is 11% of 1 refined, or 0.11

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1 minute ago, TheTexanTiger said:

I don't want to be rude, but have you ever played tf2 before?

Not everyone who has played TF2 has gotten into the trading aspect of things.

OP literally says hes new.

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Based on the date that he started playing TF2 (December 14th 2019) to today (March 2nd 2023) and the amount of hours he has in tf2, 375, he plays tf2 for an average

~1150 seconds per day, or 19.16 minutes

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I think the best way to learn this is:

1 Refined metal is made out of 3 Reclaimed metals
1 Reclaimed metal is made out of 3 Scrap metals

1 Scrap metal is made out of 2 Random Craftable Weapons


Each scrap is worth 0.11 refined (weapons are viewed as 0.05 each usually)
Each reclaimed is worth 0.33 refined (because it is 3 times one scrap metal)

Making 1 refined worth 9 scraps because 0.11 ref x 9 = 0,99 (do not mind the 0.99 to 1 diference)


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An easy way to remember that's built in to the game is utilizing the 'crafting' tab. It tells you each conversion and allows you to make them. After you use it a while you'll remember the conversions


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so basically a a scrap is 0.11 of a ref


scrap = 0.11 ref


scrap = 1/3 of a reclaimed


reclaimed = 1/3 of a refined



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