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I bought an unusual,but at what costs? (Scammed,Twice,Sadly)


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P.S: Look,i won't deny that this is also my fault,but goddamn it put me into stress even more knowing that i will having an exam next week


two days ago,i was frustatedly stressed out knowing that i didn't craved for unusuals,even i don't even want to own one,but since i had anxiety equal to an crack addict,i went through the pain of spending money for valve and selling my items to fullfill my addiction


Today,It's fine,i sell my unusual taunts (Charged Arcane Russian Arm Race,and Fountain of Delight Boston Breakdance ),and managed to sell the Russian Arm Race one with lower price with what i expected,but it's fine,it's enough for me to bought an keys from local seller,it hurts me as an broke ass college students,but it's fine,i'm taking the risks


But i need that other taunts too,i've tried countless trade servers,offering my trade,lowering my prices to the point it was the lowest in the market,but it was futile,but that until i've met this fuck on UGC.Minecraft Trade server






Dude,actually trading me with this 3 of these unique hat (Batter's Helmet) for my unusual taunts,which he insisted to check it on BP,which indeed had 1+ key value,equal which kinda equals as he also demanded some hats for me,i'm not focusing with the thing that will tricked me and immediately confirmed my trade as it'll be,and i thought we're done,honest and stuff,until i want to extort the items i traded for keys and the quicksell,until i noticed something.


"Uh oh...,Is this the uncraftable one"


It is,look,i can take the loss if i'm going to be honest,but i'm playing this game for taunts,i despise unusuals in the first place,but me being the most mentally deficient person on earth,kinda makes me felt like shit after this and probably leaving the economy,so yeah,i got the unusuals,it looks clean as i expected,but at what costs?...



Scammer Mf.png

There ya go.png

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Also,if someone could tell when are the items traded branched from this person (since immediately got banned),i wish you could give me assistance for it,also donation is welcome if you wish


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just graduate college, get a new job, buy the taunts 4 years later, It'll still be there. then realize the game is a waste of time then move on with your life by selling the taunts at a loss. 

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