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add the ability to look for killstreaks kits and more


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i'd like to get a more speccific explanation on how to look with filter tag's in the new classified UI, because i'f got no idea what most of these filter's mean, like killstreak tier's what is that? or target item is that ment for finding kits? or is it just something els.

i am just really confused atm with the new UI

some genenal Info markers would be nice to give new users a heads up on how to use the website more effectively 

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Killstreak tier is self explanatory if you click on it? Just the different tiers of killstreaks. If a user doesn't understand what those options are they probably won't need to be using them.


Target item and output item are the same as on the old site but imo less obstructed/hidden (currently they are these options). Maybe they do need better tooltips but I thought they were self explanatory and easier to use than the old options at least. /shrug


If you want killstreak kits you search for kit. If you want a specific kit you search for kit + target item (+ tier and/or sheen and/or killstreaker).

If you want fabricators you search for fabricator OR you search for output item kit. If you want a specific fabricator you search for fabricator/output:kit + target item (+ optional stuff again).

If you want specific collector chemistry sets you search chemistry set + output item. You cannot search for generic collector chemistry sets since strangifier chemsitry sets also exist and setting collector quality doesn't apply to the chem set because they are all unique.

If you want strangifier chemistry sets you search for chemistry set + output item strangifier. If you want a specific one you search for chemistry set + output item strangifier + target item.

If you want strangifiers you search for strangifier. If you want a specific one you search strangifier + target item.



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