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Is it weird to sell old crates for money?


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Someone usually collects them however niche they might be. But every so often youtubers like to unbox every crate existing for the fun of it and its a good way to get rid of a couple. I think personally they aren't hard to shift you just have to be wary of scammers when it comes to unmoderated money = item trades. Try on bazaar.tf, maybe marketplace, just have a little look around.



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17 minutes ago, F2P Σίγμα said:

yes it's very very weird to sell old crates for money, vast majority of people give them away for free

don't listen to them, some crates are worth more than a low tier unusual

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On 11/19/2021 at 11:49 PM, RockSolidWood said:

In fact I might know a couple people who might be interested. You can add me if you like.



Added you

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