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How much is a legacy painted Vintage Texas Ten Gallon worth? (its also clean)


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2 hours ago, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee said:

Team spirit but it doesnt show up in item description

Oh so that's what that means. Never seen anybody really care about that. There was a guy who had a legacy painted Max Head that nobody was interested in for months that I think he still has. Another guy had a legacy painted Bill's hat that nobody wanted. From my second-hand experience, either legacy painted items are one of those common oddities that nobody wants or it's a very niche collectable market. I could be wrong though, who knows.

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Legacy items are one of those things that have really random markets, expensive hats like the max/bills have a giant supply leading to less demand, while hats the the gallon have far less in existence.


This is something that you can list for like 5-10 keys and forget about, its not gonna go down in value and if someone actually wants the gallon will pay the price. 

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