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Apply Suggestion Voting Power to What Items You Can Create Suggestions For


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Shouldn't be difficult to implement. Basically, just apply the "voting power", which restricts users with low rep / low value backpacks from voting on or raising the price of expensive items, to the ability for users to even create suggestions on high-price items.


Just look at the Gpan for why this should get done:



Several troll suggestions so far this month from players with 0 rep and/or $5 peak inventory values, because voting power doesn't matter if the price you're trying to change something high-value to is within your voting power threshold.


Doesn't seem to happen very often, but this is still kind of an oversight in the voting power system that should probably be addressed for the sake of price mods not having to deal with these suggestions anymore. Not like it happens that often or is particularly harmful, but still something that really doesn't need to be possible.

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Yeah idk why that's not a thing. Like why not make it impossible for people to make a suggestion that lowers the item by 50% or more unless their backpack is at least the value of that item.

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