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Trading my Unusual for Roblox Items


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You can think whatever you want, but I am moving on :D

I had my fun on TF2 and I wanna try getting some fun at Roblox, including trading. 


Hit me up here if you want to discuss or DM me here. You can also contact me on Steam!

I'll be around here and there, but always daily.


I want to be clear with this: I want a fair trade

My unusual is worth by bp.tf 133 keys which is ~$250-$300, so I want maximum of 4 items worth together the same or close amount.

I do understand Roblox trading so do not offer projected items saying they will sell for that price :D

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Clarification of offers
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I've played some roblox before, but I didn't know it was a feature to trade in game items, is there an actual good market? With rare items and stuff?

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i offer you 1x Torque blue orc face for that unusual, worth 2k robux rn, btw trading its good there, just do your own research.

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