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I have a question about marketplace.tf


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When I tried buying items from marketplace.tf it said that ‘ card verification failed’ or something like that, when I looked at my bank account it took $50.79 ( which was the price of the items I was buying) 

but in my orders there was nothing there, so an entire day I was stressing that I got scammed, until I found I needed to verify my billing address. The point is that after verification happens will my original order finally show up in my orders, or will I have to repay for it?

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Are you sure this was the real site?

I believe orders pending verification would still show up in https://marketplace.tf/myorders, might be just some site issue though

You can check in your browser history,


If this is in fact the correct site, you can go through with the verification.

In case you dont go through with the verification the money will be refunded, or you can cancel it manually from that page

As for the order, you won't be charged again.

If there's any further issue you can contact support or join the discord.

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I've never had an order just straight up not show up, when I was buying stuff, but if it's the real site then just go through with the verification, you should recieve your items just fine.

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