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unoriginal question: how do I get back into trading


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Let me start this off by saying that I am not new to trading. Crazy, I know. I used to seriously trade about 2-3 years ago, and I did decently well, but I was literally 12 years of age, and well, stupid decisions were made. Now I've gotten back to a point where I have some keys to spare: 27, but I could have around 35 if I sold some stuff. I'd just like to know what a good place to start off again would be.


I know, unusual trading is an answer, but idk what hats or effects to buy in my price range that will sell well. Again, it's been 2-ish years since I've last seriously dealt with any unusual. Any help here would be appreciated

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here's some things i normally ran by before/mistakes that i made so you don't


  • unusuals from before tiered crates (merc grade, commando grade, etc) tended to be more consistent in speed to sell in the lower prices for me
  • if you are spending all your keys on one unusual, make sure you are the only seller to avoid being undercut by a bot/dick
  • if you make a verbal agreement and break it, it is not against bp.tf rules (thanks liars). however, if you put up a classified for a pure amount and they offer it and you decline, it IS against bp.tf rules (items dont count)
  • if you are buying an unusual for pure, always ask for a discount beforehand, 3/4 of the time it worked for me, but don't get greedy (for example, discounting 5k off of a 35k hat is probably cutting it close, but it's usually cool to ask for ~3 in that price range)
  • bots these days WILL undercut you by a couple of ref and even so, will be faster and most people will pick those, so as mentioned before, don't buy a hat with bot sellers
  • spells will add value to a hat only if they fit it, otherwise it's pointless asking 10 keys more for footprints (for example, chromatic on a miami nights/disco beat down unusual is good, violet violent footprints on a scorching tyrants is not)

if you need more general help with finding some stuff i can give you a hand, this is just some stuff i got off the top of my head 👌

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