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Unusual Effects not appearing [FIXED]

Gibus Oni

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I have a Laugh-O-Lantern King Cardbeard and the effect isn't shown in the loadout and ingame. I tried to find solutions through google but couldn't find any. 

I used custom toonhud and dxlevel 81 but changed to rayshud and dxlevel 90 this didn't fix the issue.

I also changed from using Mastercomfig low preset to medium low preset.

I also have Carlzalph_Particles and UltimateVisualFix.

What seems to be the issue?


[FIXED] Carlzalph_Particles is the cause of the problem

Edited by Gibus Oni
Fixed the issue
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i think this happens on certain chiroptera/poisoned/sbtwc hats too

1 hour ago, Strange said:

Tell me about these issues, I have an Aces High hat and the cards go all over the place


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