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Unique Aperture Labs Hard Hat

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Hello, i have question regarding Unique Aperture Labs Hard Hat

Yes, a "yellow" quality item, its relic from past, do anyone seen it besides few years ago?

Where did it go?

Has it been deleted?

If anyone have any information regarding it i would love to hear...

Also i might ask about other "Support Granted glitched items", such as Tradable Lugermorph etc.


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Bob the Unsymmetrical

Unique version of Aperture Labs Hard Hat does not exist, at least according to the wiki and BP stats, since is a promotional item and only genuine exist. 


What do you mean by "Support Granted glitched items"? Dupes?, lugermorphs are tradable afaik

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The only answer is private inventory or it got deleted.


About the other support granted glitch item, i think you should take a look at this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504159631


Some interesting stuff that i found:



^That unusual taunt without effect looks sick af

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