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Can a user get banned for not honouring their buy order?


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There was a user who had a buy order for Massed Flies Tough Stuff Muffs for 15.5 keys, I even added them and they CONFIRMED IN CHAT that they were buying for 15.5 keys.

The user then refused to honour the trade agreement as well as the buy order, declining my trade and blocking me from all further communication.


User: https://steamcommunity.com/id/marozai123/


Evidence: https://postimg.cc/gallery/txwLkWv


Can I get the user banned for what they have done?  Can I at least get my money back?  I never would have bought that unusual if they hadn't put that buy order up.


I'm really, really angry and would like some clarification on this. I also posted this in another thread, tbh not sure where I should post this.

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Idk if he can be banned, but I'd say you could leave -rep on his bp profile: https://backpack.tf/trust/76561198088901900


Just provide evidence that he backed out of a deal with a buy order posted and after an agreement, leaving you out to dry. 


You can't get money back or anything, but through leaving negative rep, people will be deterred from dealing with him in the future.

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Sorry that this happened to you!


It's worth noting that the item history : (https://backpack.tf/item/7957344343) is pretty suspicious given it was traded by Koresh (who had the buyorder on for that much) yesterday. Also worth checking the seller's profile to find out they have ~6 hours in tf2, probably price manipulation with faking buyorder to make the item get sold faster, this is a bannable offense. You should provide proof on either their profile, or just go to https://backpack.tf/issues and create an issue about the guy.

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