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Updated SFM commission guide!


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Here's an updated SFM commission page!

As you might know, I have been doing  SFM artwork commissions for quite some time. I hope to be making lots of your TF2 loadouts into awesome posters, and to provoke your artsy brains.

Give me your loadout, team colour, any unusual effects, pose and any other desired aspects and with my 600+ hours of SFM experience and ever-growing creative mind, I will bring it to life!

Below I have provided a price list and some of my work.


Commission and price guide.



How long until my poster is ready?

The poster will usually be ready in under 24hours, if you commision me during the daytime i will have gotten it to you before late evening.

What if I dont like the poster you make me?

That is absolutely fine, if you have problems with it 100% tell me, I have no problem sorting it out. 

I do not have enough for a poster, but I really want one, can we work this out?

Yes, I accept any items that i can sell for around the same price as the artwork. You can always pay me later also.

What programs do you use?

I use SFM and Adobe photoshop 2020. 

Can I keep you added after a commission?

Please do! Feel free to request again anytime also!


Here is my steam account link, please, have a look at more of my work!

Keep in mind the prices displayed are negotiable and anything around the value requested is accepted.

Please add/contact me if you would be interested.

Looking forward to be hearing from you! 😀

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