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Question about strange vs strange clock attached

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Hi, I jsut have a quick question. Someone was selling a strange specialized killstreak iron bomber which I saw was around 2.5 keys. however, it is one that has the spirit of haloween decoration and strange clock attached. Is this different/ worth less than a stright up strange specialized killstreak iron bomber?



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9 minutes ago, Uncertain said:

The real question is: Are people willing to pay more for the Skinned iron bomber with a strange clock attached? 

yeah thats what im wondering, really dont know. Im guessing not.

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All strange war paints / skins say "strange stat clock attached" on bp.tf - It refers to the fact that all strange skins have an actual kill counter visible on them.


That being said, you'd have to check the Steam Community Market and Marketplace.tf to see if the price of it is worth whatever they're asking.

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The regular strange iron bomber is worth more than the strange skins, possibly to more of a degree than almost any other weapon.


$2.60 for a plain one, and can get a strange pattern for around $1.00

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