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trust -rep accusations


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I have been inactive for quite some time, and found 2 -reps on my trust when I checked back. 


I have reported them both, but nothing has been done so far. 

For the first one, by KevCastro, I can show that in my trade history I never traded with him. 

For the second one, theres no possible way that I can think of that I could disprove it, but I'm open to suggestions, and his "strong feeling" that I sold my backpack to a scammer is completely false. His friend must have talked to some impersonator. The burden of proof should be on the one making the claim, as there is no way for me to show that I didn't say something. I am willing to show whatever is needed to get rid of this.

Any suggestions on how to remedy this situation? 

Sorry if making a thread was uncalled for, I am planning on getting back into trading in the near future (idealy) and want to get rid of this before then.

Thanks for the help. 

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I spoke to frost and we cleared it up, so now it's just the first rep that is the issue.

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thanks for the info! 

I guess I will just wait for a moderator or admin to see this and help me out. Thanks again!

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That's really sad. That scammer has been using your name for a long time as far as i know, he tried to scam me a few years ago.

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