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What's people's attitude to escrow users here?

Night Sniper

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Hello, I am the user, who has to cope with "escrow", more known as " 15 days trade holds".

Basically, whenever I trade, both side's items are "held" by Steam for 2 weeks and only then given out to respective owners.


Is it possible to find someone on backpack.tf, who is willing to sell and buy items with avsertain overpay on my side? 

Or should I not even bother about trying to trade here and use this site just to check the average price of certain item?

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maybe 2% of the entire community would be willing to make such a trade. 
There are some who would accept a 15 day trade hold trade if you are willing to overpay for the item. 

best solution to fix this is just install steam guard auth in your phone. 

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Thanks, man! Thats actually quite helpful!

On 5/8/2020 at 9:21 PM, A Delicious Cashew said:

You can also look into Steam Desktop Authenticator as long as you have a phone that can receive SMS



But yeah recommend installing it on your phone, no one likes waiting 2 weeks for a trade unless its worth their time


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Im guessing this trade hold is because you dont have mobile steam guard right ? I thought it was only 7 days if you atleast had steam guard on your email.

This 15 days trade hold really screws you over most of the time people want their items instantly and wont wait more than  3 days to get a trade offer accepted let alone 15 days while steam is holding both parties items

Best of luck in your trading tho

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