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Best Crate?


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Unboxing is done for fun, not profit. Unless you're very lucky or opening a crate as soon as it releases while the hype is there, your average return on opening a crate will be about a dime.


Honestly, if you're new to the game, what you should be doing after buying those two keys to upgrade to premium is after they become tradeable, trade them for metal then:

1) Buy one of each non-reskin weapon in the game as you can then experiment with everything and find loadouts that match your playstyles

2) Get a decent cosmetic loadout for each class, as fashion is important

3) After finding what you like, start upgrading your existing inventory (i.e. get a strange or skinned version of your favorite weapon).


If after, playing the game long enough, you do still want to get into trading, then the proper method is to buy 10-20 keys as starting capital for flipping items (don't attempt to start from scratch/just a few keys as the profit margins and rate are less than wandering around town trying to find dropped pennies).

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Crate #83 is the only crate that could theoretically give you a net profit from unboxing just from how you can recoup a lot of your losses from KS kits and get the equivalent of a bad unusual for some of the Pro KS kits, but even then it's still RNG and I've unboxed 25 of them and only got 1 pro KS kit for the ubersaw.

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33 minutes ago, Scott Bakula said:

your average return on opening a crate will be about a dime


V. Economist claimed that unboxing certain crates actually might be profitable, with #83 being the best:




The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Even if he was right then, that crate had a huge spike of sales on Sep 26 when the video came out: https://marketplace.tf/items/tf2/5735;6;c83  Most of those crates were probably bought by "resellers" but still I guess a lot more people unboxed #83 after the video bringing more Kits to the market.

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