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not to sure about bitskin but i guess for future purchases i would recommend marketplace.tf (same owners of backpack.tf) so if anything does happen it would be alot easier to get a response.

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37 minutes ago, Pupu said:

You bought untradable unusual from crate depression that was listed to bitskins before trade lock


oh fuck lol if this is the case rip

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You really have to take care when you buy unusuals from bitskins, because you can still find ones from the "Crate Depression", everytime you try to buy an unusual inspect it from the bot's inventory in order to see if it has the tag " (not usable in crafting) " and it s not tradable.

I don't know if it is possible to get your money back, but you can at least try to write a support ticket and hope for the best.

Good Luck!

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