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Trying to find prices


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I am looking for a way, on backpack.tf to filter prices of unusual weapons. I swear I have scoured around the site and there just doesn't seem to be a way to find prices or sellers for that matter. If there is or if there is another way to find them. That would be awesome to know.

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Unfortunately, backpacktf has horrible skin support. Best way would be to go to the weapon you want, like Strange Rocket Launcher, and then click the “...” button at the top, showing all the different types that have been priced. You won’t be able to see everything at once like the Unusual item price list does, but this is how it is. 




As for classifieds, you have to make sure that the filters are perfect. Specify the quality (Unusual doesn’t cut it most of the time, either has to be Decorated Weapon or no quality), specify the skin (the capitalization has to be exact too, Spirit of Halloween and Spirit Of Halloween are different, also Damascus & Mahogany doesn’t work because of the ‘&’), specify the weapon (Rocket, Scattergun), and the wear if desired. 

It’s also different with Strange, Decorated Weapon, and Strange Decorated Weapon. 


As a backpacktf suggester that primarily suggests unusual weapons, this is what I’ve had to do for these things. I mean for crying out loud, it took longer than a half a year for Halloween 2018 skins to be put into the backpacktf system. 


With skins, it would be hard for you to just choose one like “Oh okay, I want a Geometrical Teams Minigun Field Tested!” because most people that have an unusual skin tend to hold onto them. Your best bet would be window shopping on Marketplacetf or the Steam Community Market. 

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1 hour ago, Brown said:

Really have no idea why they haven't integrated the marketplace skin search filters to backpack yet. And when they do I pray to God they alphabetize them

Backpack.tf has as many coders as the  TF2 update team

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