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Looking for possible custom TF2 in-game player model with custom animations?


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I wasn't quite sure if I should be posting here or here: https://forums.backpack.tf/forum/19-team-fortress-2-discussions/


I was looking for someone to maybe make a custom player model of The Snatcher from A Hat in Time for Spy for use in game with custom animations?

I've seen models with custom animations before like a Saxton Hale model (can't remember where).


(I don't know if this is going to be too hard to make or even possible to make at all but here we go...)


I was gonna try for maybe 3 different models, but I'll see if even 1 is possible before any of that.


One of the models I had in mind was just a normal Snatcher model with no hat on.


What I had in mind is obviously cosmetics and weapons go invisible on model equip.

Idle animation (Spy's standing knife animation?)

Talking animation (revolver standing animation?)

Purple Void thing (spy's box taunt?)

and other stuff I can't think of right now...


I know I should really worry about the model itself first before the rigging obviously.

any help at all would be great.

even point me in the right direction, whatever helps.



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