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What happened to the collectors baby face's blaster?


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Personally the blaster is my favorite weapon, so I decided to browse backpack for a collectors edition. I ended up finding that on backpack there were none in 4 years! The only place that I found them was on marketplace, and even then there were only two. I need to know what happened to the item.

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Nothing special happened to them

There were none in 4 years since collector's kits stopped dropping and even the owners of the remaining chemistry kits are too lazy to finish it. The only reason you don't see any in the classified listings are because nobody wants sell them in backpack.tf, but will sell them in marketplace.tf. They did not dissapear, it's just that people are deciding to keep them instead of selling them


edit: https://backpack.tf/classifieds?item=Baby+Face's+Blaster&quality=14&tradable=1&craftable=1&australium=-1

there's one guy who's selling a pro ks + spelled collector's blaster

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