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How do I check how long ago a listing was created?

winter sun

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Pretty much the title. Right now the only way I've found is to click the name of the person who listed the item.

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no way to check when a hat was initially listed, as every time you relist, it resets that counter.


you can:

14 minutes ago, Scott Bakula said:

On the listing, where it says "bumped X ago", click that.

but this only shows since last relist. i personally do not relist my hats ever but some do for some reason.


alternatively, hover over the hat, check history, and see when the owner initially got the hat. This will tell you when they first obtained the hat, and USUALLY when they first listed it, although sometimes people dont list their hats until having owned them for a while, so this isn't foolproof.

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30 minutes ago, kajzer said:

You click on item and then „history”. It shows when that person got this item

this is not the answer for OP's question.re-read it again

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