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How I Got Scammed To Figure Out A Scammer's Main (Impulse Post aka He Isnt a Scammer)


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Firstly don't mind the grammar



(EDIT) There is really no conclusion (aka Stefanos is not a scammer) and I did this on impulse I take the fault on trying to report someone without true definitive evidence and so ill be locking this post



Hello Everyone this may be my first post but I got scammed (on purpose to a blatant scammer) to create evidence for the scammer that goes by the name of 

TSC][Stefanos13 (https://backpack.tf/u/76561198033661509)


Don't worry I have evidence.


Sat, 20 Apr 2019 02:31:40 +0000

The day I got scammed, so I don't really have pictures of that day but a random called D. Alex (scammer's username at the time https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197961664353) was looking to "buy" my #9 Pirate Bandana (https://backpack.tf/item/1990367338).

The talk went on for about 20 ish minutes and it went something like this (but longer) "I can pay you paypal for your Pirate Bandana #9" then I was like "nahhh man I don't use paypal" (cause im an underaged teen), then he "convinced" me and I traded it to him and then I labeled him as "Nice? Scammer" to make sure I could keep track with him and his item history.


Few days later I was looking on bazaar.tf then I see this auction for a hat, and yes it was the Pirate Bandana #9.

So I was convinced that it somehow had a connection.

Then I looked for evidence to back up my claim (oh boy I found some).


First I responded with "uwu I wonder how much you bought this for"

Then he responded with "bought it along with other items so i cant say its exact price. It is an amazing find though "

then I typed whatever was on my mind at that point.

When he responded with what he did I knew that he had a connection to the scam I had just experienced.


Here's the evidence ive gathered


shows the history of the #9 Pirate bandana 

and we see the scammer trade it to TSC][Stefanos13

though that doesn't say much now 


I checked the value of the scammer's inv when it was at the highest april 3


it seems like the scammer scamed a guy called Alyx (current name of person who got scammed at the time)

for a bunch of unusuals 

that leads to the scammer actually being a scammer


the items scammed






all of these items exist in private backpacks or dont exist anymore

and RedBull2011 got labeled as a scammer at sometime (I didn't look into that)


That leads to this scammer "scamming" me


at Sat, 20 Apr 2019 02:31:40 +0000

This is where we go back to the quote

"bought it along with other items so i cant say its exact price. It is an amazing find though "

https://bazaar.tf/trade/1641848 (bazaar auction link)960503510_betterTradePhoto.thumb.PNG.116b4989381e970c5c3edc9d44cc6c03.PNG

The history of the pirate bandana shows the pirate bandana going to stefanos13

without any payment back

and further more 


April 19 a spike of some "profit"

and fall of inv value


So the cause of this inv fall is that he gave a bot (https://backpack.tf/u/76561198826766934) keys

https://backpack.tf/item/6707171765 (evidence of key trade)


and traded to his main refined metal

https://backpack.tf/item/7430938814 (evidence of ref trade)


so somehow this scammer and stefanos13 has a connection


Apr 20

I got "scammed for the pirate bandana #9


Apr 28 (the best evidence in my opinion)

https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561197961664353?time=1556496000 (scammer bp at the time)


Apr 30

https://backpack.tf/item/6712684518 (evidence of scammer trading to stefanos13)


this scammer trades a Stormy Storm Burning Beanie

to Stefanos13 for what i see FREE


That Concludes My Findings of mr Stefanos13


thank you for reading this and have a nice day


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oh yeah and ps I didn't put a -rep on his main so he wouldn't suspect me 

I might do it later tho :P


can anyone help me backpack.tf ban this guy?


or worse???

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Eh there's no evidence that he is an alt or evidence of a connection other than the trades and the fact that they are friends on Steam, an explanation to the empty compare links is because the scammer most likely resold the payment instantly or they dealt with cash. Report him for trading with scammers.



Here you can see that he paid for those items, they weren't just sent between accounts. 

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Hey guys, I ‘intentionally’ got scammed so that I can that everyone knows this “BLATANT “scammer is a scammer


I mean, can’t say this Stefanos guy is a scammer. Trading with a ascammer doesn’t automatically make someone an alt of a scammer. D Alex may be a scammer, but I doubt Stefanos is a scammer.

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Wow! After all that years trading i am accused of beeing a scammer . Came here since my friend https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198341961816/  told me about it (cheers Persona) .  Yes indeed i hold that item , did not know though that it was an item obtained via scamming. I have the item on a bazaar.tf auction where i am a legit member (my rep speaks for myself in EVERY single community i am involved in) for years.  As said i bought a whole backpack containing the bandana itself https://imgur.com/EWxWgl7 .  Do you really believe i would even reply to you on my trade if i was the one scammed you? You should do a better search instead of accusing me of beeing a scammer mate .Yes it seems i bought it of a scammer and i feel incredibly stupid about not double checking everything .Thing is that  i have not scammed you or anyone else. On the contrary : i have helped people that got scammed , reported scammers (a lot of them got banned here on bp.tf ) and tried to keep the community clean in general. If you need any help with anything add me to talk about it. No need to castigate me publicly for no reason. 

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Honestly I was just bored and had nothing to do


ill be closing this now 


In other words I couldn't conclude anything

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