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Need help finding a Western themed unusual.


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Western Wear

Texas Ten Gallon

Sheriff's Stetson if you can afford to add a few more keys

Modest Pile of Hat (There's one for sale at 17 keys)

Backbiter's Billycock

Chieftain's Challenge

Big Chief

Ol' Geezer

Frontier Djustice

Wide-Brimmed Bandito

Smokey Sombrero

Soviet Gentleman


These would personally be my first pick if I had to choose a Western themed hat


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you have yee'd my last haw, and imma have to say that it's really frustrating you don't realize the "hat with no name", the most iconic western-yeehaw-cowboy hat in tf2.

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western wear or timeless topper is your best bet. timless topper you can get some nice steampunk western looks going too

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