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Standardized info on marked/banned profiles


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Some profiles are unnecessary tedious and time consuming to check. I believe this can be fixed at no extra expense of Mod/Staff's time (or be repaid in other tasks).

Marked profiles already have most of this, but no consistency:

  • Date issued
  • Reason
  • Known Alts
  • DO NOT TRADE Clearly stated where it applies
  • Each info point should have same/fixed placement on all profiles

(* Extra feature request: Issue tracker link)

Example: https://imgur.com/4biItA7

Issue tracker has a lot of user-reports that conclude trade was done before ban. This is a waste of especially Staff's time and resources which could be spent on actual offenses(possibly preventing another scam). Adding 'Date of ban' should if- not eliminate -reduce volume of those reports.


Some examples that IMO everyone can live without:

https://imgur.com/Cv34w0O   2 profiles - suspected of same offense - 1 have DO NOT TRADE

https://backpack.tf/u/76561198822095182   The Babushka

Whatever it includes or looks like, I hope it becomes unnecessary to go past profile page for info you are there for.

Unless coding or something makes this impossible..


Open to hear thoughts on suggestion

(I did not find any threads regarding this before creating, will delete if addressed)


Engrish is not my native language so please disregard possible typos, grammatical errors and/or unconventional syntax  .....think of it as poetry if it helps ╭( ︠ ΘᴥΘ︡  )╮ 

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If an account is banned as a scammer or alt of a scammer, don't trade them. "Do not trade" is added on accounts where it's unclear if you can trade or not, to clarify (eg - scammer fence.) If you note the ban reasons on those accounts you linked, there's a difference. One is banned as a suspected "alt/fence" and the other it simply says "fence" - the mod added "do not trade" to make it clear to users. That you can't trade scammer alts should already be clear to everyone.


As for showing date of ban - it would be nice, but it's not top priority.

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