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Doing SFM Commissions


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I am Doing SFM Commissions!

3 Ref for Profile Pictures

7 Red for posters with minor Poses + Each added character in main shot is +1 Ref (Extras Free)

10 Ref For Detailed Poster with Customed Poses if you wish

15 For High Detailed Poster

(Examples below are Posters Exported Via Image Sequence Instead Exported as a Poster)


This is Minor Poses


This is a Detailed Poster(Minor Lights) 


This is a Highly Detailed Poster(Complex Lights) 



I also suggest you give some love to 'Tis I, The Frenchiest Spy as he got scammed recently.

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3 hours ago, Knightfury69 said:

For some reason detailed poster seems better than highly detailed one.. maybe its just me??

The highly detailed one has complexed lights but yeah it does seem a bit that way. Anyway picture is changed

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