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oauth-classifieds API Listing ID ?


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EDIT : I think I misunderstood the utility of this api call, I want to get the classified like https://backpack.tf/api/docs/classifieds_search


I'm trying to use the oauth-classifieds API but always get error 404 for the " /1.0/classifieds/listings/{id}Get listing".

I have my access token, and it work for "https://backpack.tf/api/1.0/classifieds/limits".


I tried many diferrents combination like that :



with "Listing ID" = "item=Wingstick&quality=6&tradable=1&craftable=1&australium=-1&killstreak_tier=0" (copy past of url from the classified page)


My guess is either I don't format "Listing ID" correctly or the API don't work anymore?




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4 hours ago, ʀɛզʊɨɛʍ said:

What the heck is a Wingstick? That's not even a TF2 item. And why is Australium on -1? This thread is so confusing.

Actually a Wingstick is an engineer cosmetic, goes on his belt

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