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need some help


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Howdy Everyone!


This how everything started So i went in trading server for trading as i was buying unus with 13 keys someone send me trade offer. he me offered Miami Nights Ol' Geezer (in my backpack) first he asked me do 12 keys and then i  offered him  11 keys. then he said okay i tho if i can go little bit lower i said 10 key and 38 ref. he said okay then i starting adding

38 ref but i don't have enough and i added 33 refs i was typing i don't have  enough ref. then he ready the offer and accept it. then i was like something is not good i starting asking him are u sure? he said ''ye i am sure in voice'' as i accepted the offer  he left server. 


Is there any problem or something i did wrong? 


and here is history of hat https://backpack.tf/item/2473119718


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from what we see you bought a hat for 10 keys and 33 refs tho he wanted 38 refs.


we can go to 2 things.


1.he thought you added 38 refs and wanted to rush the trade

2.he didnt mind getting 33 refs instead of 38.its only 5 refs difference

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well i dont see anything that you should be worried or need help.you bought an item that you wanted.you paid him the price he wanted.he left probably to trade/play or go offline

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