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So I do some illustration work and I figured I'd make a thread for anyone who would be interested in having me do a commission. Ill draw loadouts, avatars, (having a SFM render for me to reference helps if you want specifics) event posters and more. All the work I do is inked traditionally and rendered and colored in photoshop. So the end result is visually something more different then the regular vectored / digitally created illustration.


You can checkout my work here: www.instagram.com/myhandsarebleeding/

I also did some LAN posters and was interviewed on kritzkast for my last project for FLAN.TF



Event Poster's are 10 Keys and come with 2 revisions

SFM Full loadout Illustration's are 5 keys

Avatar's are 3 keys


Anything more extensive and complicated will be given an estimate based on the specifics of the project (website stuff, comics, shirts and so forth)


Please leave a post here before adding me, I also require full payments up front for anything 10 keys or under. Anything bigger then that I will do a kill fee (half upfront, the rest after the final revision is approved).

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